Call Me Maybe (Comp VIII submission review)

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Post #1 · Posted at 2017-01-24 09:11:15pm 6 years ago

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-b12 already is very questionable ambiguity, I get that the way your facing SHOULDN'T make it a problem but it's the only time this happens in this section and just seems weird.
-b20 not understanding why you switched to vocals here instead of staying with the drums the whole time.
-b32 missed jump consistency
-b36.5 don't think what you were going for with these hold lengths was necessary
-m11-13 nix those mines; really pointless and not worth accenting
-m14 same issue with hold lengths as earlier
-note at b57.5 and b59?
-m16 I'm having a really hard time understanding what this section is trying to follow (I won't lie it's super cluttered in the music though)
-if we're gonna be accurate b70.5 and b71 should also be jacks; frankly I would just nix them entirely were it up to me
-you stop accenting the synths in the background at b78 why? I get that you're being consistent with earlier but you end up just being inconsistent in the process. Boxy patterns are also kinda plain and meh to use.
-m22 I don't see much reason you can't accent those vocals there with little island steps or even just regular hold
-m23~31 same problem with mines, pointless and unneeded. b92.75/100.75 feels like you put in crossovers just for the sake of having crossovers. Same with b95.5's jack but if you must keep it probably should put one on b99.5 too.
-b109~b110 why is this empty? the drums are clearly still going there.
-b111 is completely wrong rhythms there; should be 32nds starting at b111.25 and ending at b112
-notes at b114.25/114.75/115.25? Those are 32nds again in that passage not 24ths.
-I really hate that the background synths were completely ignored from m31-34 because they have a ton of potential to step there.
-notes at b133.5 and b134
-m35-38 has the same problems I mentioned before
-notes at b150.5/150.75??? (seriously why are these completely missed)
-m39-m41ish is a shining example of why these hold lengths do not work in this file; very confusing and easy to misread. This whole section should just be following the drums. b164.5 goes to nothing. missed notes at b166.5/b166.75
-m43-50 whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy at all these sweet world gallops? They literally go to nothing and are anchored haphazrdly and just feel awful to play. mines pointless etc.

As much as I hate this song it legit does have some potential in it and frankly this chart doesn't bring it out much at all, plus it's so riddled with issues I would need to see addressed before even considering taking back my stance of ranking this second to last in the comp.

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Post #2 · Posted at 2017-01-24 09:31:16pm 6 years ago

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Literally what is the file being spoken about here, would've been useful to show dude
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Post #3 · Posted at 2017-01-24 10:12:53pm 6 years ago

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"[Art by LilyBreez]"

Chart on the right.

Post #4 · Posted at 2017-01-24 10:59:17pm 6 years ago

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Last updated: 2017-01-24 11:26pm
Rofl. I made you play this again <3. One more victory for me!

Didn't expect a full review though, but I do appreciate it (how many years ago did I write this?). Would have been nice to get this at the time other than comments of "Ewww, Call Me Maybe. I hate it." or "The chart was ok until the 48th gallops happened".

Though I will admit a PM may have been more appropriate than a full thread. Inconsistencies may have been put into place at the time due to repeated comments on previous files about not using new rhythms and making the chart boring and repetitive. Sweet World Gallops were changed like a year ago into 64ths, and I *swear* I hear a difference in the synth playing in the background (I have brought this up every time rikame brought this disaster of a file up) which is what I was following.

Don't think I have an ego and believe I deserved to win. I knew for a fact that it wasn't going to do too well. I just didn't appreciate the fact that the effort I had put forth on that site to involve myself and try to be a part of the community was essentially ignored or written off. It's why I hang out here instead - I'm at least "somewhat" accepted even though I regularly have to explain why I followed a rhythm or included certain patterns when others could have been utilized just as easily. I'm nearing the end of my simfile writing days anyways, it really doesn't interest me like it used to - especially since I honestly feel like in a lot of cases I'm an outcast and my specific style of charting just doesn't go over too well with a lot of folks.

In the end, I appreciate everything that is done to be inclusive and accepting of new steppers or veterans who lost their way. Z-i-V is my favorite site in this regard - I see new members being accepted and brought into the fold openly all the time and it warms my old heart. Never change, guys.
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