What are your favorite Ultramix exclusive songs?

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Post #1 · Posted at 2016-11-01 04:00:36am 7.6 years ago

Offline maxpowr90
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By this I mean songs that have not appeared in any DDR AC release so anything else is fair play.

For my top 5 in no particular order:

Love is Dreaminess - L.E.D.-G vs. GUHROOVY fw/ Asuka
Exotic Ethnic (Or-If-Is Mix) - RevenG
Go! (Mahalo Mix) - DM Ashura
Giudecca - D.J.Setup
MGS2 mission R - L.E.D.

Post #2 · Posted at 2016-11-01 04:24:52am 7.6 years ago

Offline Silver Spirit
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Last updated: 2016-11-01 04:26am
GHOST REVIVAL (Brownboy Mix) and THE STRONG JAEGER (UFO! Remix) spring immediately to mind. Also WILD RUSH (PCM REMIX)'s full set of charts. I also wanted to see a lot of the crossovers from ULTRAMIX 1 hit arcades, like BATTLE BREAKS.

Post #3 · Posted at 2016-11-01 04:34:53am 7.6 years ago

Offline stylek226
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"Bemani Remix Hunter."
Don't forget Kind Lady (interlude), CELEBRATE NITE EURO TRANCE STYLE, and HIGHER next morning mix has full charts as well.

What I like in the Ultramix series is pretty much all the songs and its DLCs. My favorite song though is Hash the Sun. I've been trying to find the album ACID BEACH, but ended up nowhere.

Post #4 · Posted at 2016-11-01 05:06:10am 7.6 years ago

Offline Sigrev2
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Finally... This is what I've been waiting for...

Post #5 · Posted at 2016-11-01 05:37:55am 7.6 years ago

Offline fygar939
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"BEMANI Sound Team ¥"PON¥"
I really dug Looking For You by Boyjazz from Ultramix 2. MGS2 Mission R is also up there even though that also popped up in Festival, so can't call that an Ultramix exclusive.

Post #6 · Posted at 2016-11-01 05:50:18am 7.6 years ago

Offline Astroman129
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Last updated: 2016-11-01 05:50am
ULTRAMIX: Castles In The Sky
ULTRAMIX 2: Standing Still In Time
ULTRAMIX 3: instinctively Where's Your Head At, but probably something else, idk EDIT: OH STAKEOUT
ULTRAMIX 4: Cannibale

Post #7 · Posted at 2016-11-01 06:15:55am 7.6 years ago

Offline Cytex
Cytex Avatar Member
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Back Fire, Audiophilosophy, MOMENT 40, Desire (Comet Remix) and Stompin at the Gotham (which has an amazing challenge chart) are some songs that immediately come to mind. Plus all the great bemani songs.

Post #8 · Posted at 2016-11-01 12:07:02pm 7.6 years ago

Offline Quickman
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"five minute white boy challenge"
Ready Steady Go, hands down my favourite in the series.
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Approximately nobody asked for this song to be included. Least popular decision by the Japanese since Nintendo released the Wii U.

Post #9 · Posted at 2016-11-01 12:24:43pm 7.6 years ago

Offline Spirit of Nightmare
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Oh, I got a plenty of them.

Ultramix 2
Disabled the FLAW

Ultramix 3
Delta 32

Ultramix 4
Race Against Time
Insaner (L.E.D.'s Punishment Mix)
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Post #10 · Posted at 2016-11-01 01:13:51pm 7.6 years ago

Offline Oni-91
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Limiting it to five so I don't go overboard:

Outer Limits (Akira Ishihara remix)
Battle Breaks
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Post #11 · Posted at 2016-11-01 01:23:08pm 7.6 years ago

Offline SomethingRandom
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Last updated: 2016-11-03 03:49am
Sana Mollente No Ente (BLT remix)
Do That Thang
in my eyes
Dual Love
the whole ULTRAMIX sub-series is (mostly) just gold.
i'm looking at you zonk and macho gang, those songs get fucked right in the pieholes

Post #12 · Posted at 2019-04-18 09:33:38pm 5.1 years ago

Offline TheKarateKid
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Post #13 · Posted at 2019-04-19 01:41:04am 5.1 years ago

Offline hamsand210-final
hamsand210-final Avatar Member
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"that's crazy"
I'll just name 4 songs from each game because there's so much.

Ultramix 1: Sana mollete ne ente BLT style, castles in the sky, ready steady go, battle breaks
Ultramix 2: G2, toe jam, burn for you, ride on the light
Ultramix 3: Bassile, Delta 32, love me do acolytes remix, love this feelin' zonk remix
Ultramix 4: Tooryanse, Insaner LED punishment mix, diverse city, grandolin

(Also requesting that this thread turns into favorite ultramix AND universe exclusive songs.)
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Post #14 · Posted at 2019-04-19 03:33:04am 5.1 years ago

Offline pm41224
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I only have the first three games, so...

ULTRAMIX 2: Burn For You, i feel... (T.O.Y. Reix), ZERO-ONE, fly through the night, In My Eyes (Midihead Remix), Standing Still In Time, Superstar (Nevarakka Mix), Wherever You Are, After all (Svenson & Gielen Remix Edit)
ULTRAMIX 3: CONTACT (Turmoil Mix), The Imperial Carnival, Stakeout (Ultra:mix), Moment 40, Sunflower Girl, Right On Time, I Am Gothic (2003 Single), Love Me Do (The Acolyte's remix)

Post #15 · Posted at 2019-04-20 03:55:40am 5.1 years ago

Offline Diziyyuki
Diziyyuki Avatar Member
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ULTRAMIX: Castles In The Sky, The Earth Light, SOMETHING WONDERFUL
ULTRAMIX 2: Rubberneckin' (Paul Oakenfold Remix), Standing Still In Time, Close Your Eyes, Catch It!
ULTRAMIX 3: Bath of Least Resistance, I Just Wanna Live, Superstylin', Come With Me (Raindancer), Conflict (Turmoil Mix), Midnight Frankenstein, Raise Your Hands, Colors (Midihead's Sapphire Mix), Sunflower Girl. Insaner,
ULTRAMIX 4: Big Up (Binghi Ghost Remix), Dual Love, Arms (Alpha Omega Mix), Electric Air, Free (Liberation Mix), I Can Feel It, The Drain, Insaner (L.E.D.'s Punishment Mix), bit mania,

Post #16 · Posted at 2019-04-20 04:34:45am 5.1 years ago

Offline L33tAliceIp
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Desire (Comet Mix)
Electric Air
Castles in the Sky
Sunflower Girl
Love Me Do (The Acolyte's remix)
Burn For You

Post #17 · Posted at 2019-04-25 03:25:51am 5.1 years ago

Offline DDR_Oshawott
DDR_Oshawott Avatar Member
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Last updated: 2019-04-26 02:21am
Ultramix: Castles in the Sky, Infinite Prayer, Insertion GMK mix, Ready Steady Go, MGS2 Mission R, In My Eyes, Outer Limits, Nemesis, Mind Parasite (I know this made an Arcade appearance, but the only CS appearance was in Ultramix 1.).

Ultramix 2: Every A Different Drum song, Life is a Game, Play my Game, most of the IIDX songs in there, Hack, Real, R5, Guilty, Backfire, J&M Get Busy.

Ultramix 3: (Oh boy this is gonna be a long list.)Alphabet Acrobatics, Bath of Least Resistance, Hateful. I Just Wanna Live, Virtual Insanity, Bassile, both Come With Me's, Conflict, I am gothic ,I'm on a STAKEOUT, The cult of Gnosyllis, both Rumble Roses songs, Why, Balalaika J&S Mix, Brilliant R.E.D (I know it was added into SN, but American PS2 players never got it and Ultramix 3 had Lady and Honey boxing.),Colors Midihead Sapphire Mix, Insaner, Moment 40, AKUMAJO DRACULA MEDLEY, Giudecca, Music To Your Head, Right On Time, Ghost Revival Brownboy Mix, Bass on the Side, E-Motion Romantic Style, The Strong Jaeger UFO! Remix, Evolution, Outer Limits Remix, 250 BPM J&S Mix, Love Me Do The Acolyte's Mix.

Ultramix 4: I Got It Like That, Forever Young, Levitation Nation, Listen To Your Heart, Masters of the Universe, Music Revolution, No Good, Arms, Dual Love, Free, Get Away, GO! Mahalo Mix, Grandolin, More Serotonin (Sounds like Music from Extreme US), Race Against Time, Skulk Konami Mix, The Drain, Beat Slow Down, Celebrate Nite Like It' 99 mix, Cosmic Hammer, Desire, Insaner L.E.D Punishment, (Sounds like a J&S or L.E.D remix of 888.) Senses, (I'm sorry, I like how this song sounds but the chart sucks.) Sigrev2, (Guys let me introduce you to Tesla Coil before Universe 3.) Tooryanse, ZETSUBOUTEKIDA!, Back-To-Back, Bit Mania, Chocolate Philosophy, Classic Party, Broken My Heart Remix, Audiophilosophy, Pacemaker, Dreaming.
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Post #18 · Posted at 2019-04-25 11:02:44pm 5.1 years ago

Offline forcednature
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""Captain uwu""
Jack and Mark Get Busy!
fly through the night
INFINITE PRAYER (HOW is this not in arcade DDR? It even was on FESTIVAL)

Meanwhile, we have fucking Monkey Punk and Quickening in arcade DDR. Baffling.

Post #19 · Posted at 2019-04-26 01:45:58pm 5.1 years ago

Offline SquashiniKun
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"Mario Pissing"
Top 5 here we fuckin' go.
Ultramix 1: Castles In The Sky, Shiny Disco Balls, Sana Mollete Ne Ente BLT STYLE, MGS2 mission R, & INFINITE PRAYER floating flock style
Ultramix 2: Route 80s, 19, November, Love Is Dreaminess, Catch It!, & G2
Ultramix 3: Sunflower Girl, Giudecca, Rainbow Flyer, Music To Your Head, & E-Motion Romantic Style
Ultramix 4: CHOCOLATE PHILOSOPHY, bit mania, CLASSIC PARTY triathlon, Sockem, CELEBRATE NITE Like It's '99 Mix.
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