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Post #121 · Posted at 2018-10-28 01:25:02am 8 months ago

Offline AnonyWolf
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It appears Christmas has come early. DMAxel sims are always a treat. Many blessings.

Post #122 · Posted at 2019-01-02 09:47:17pm 5.8 months ago

Offline DMAxel
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Last updated: 2019-01-02 09:47pm
Thanks for the kind words ;)

Theme taken from an old ZIv Contest week - all of these artists have appeared in DDR in some way or another.

11/18/2018: Minor updates:
Damage Per Second
/ Maozon (updated jacket)
FEEL ALIVE / ELEMENTAS feat. NAGISA (updated audio, resynced)
Link / Clean Tears feat. Youna (updated audio, resynced)
Lionheart / Masayoshi Minoshima (updated audio, resynced)
Streak / ARM (IOSYS) (updated audio, resynced)
THE CANNONBALLER / L.E.D. feat. YURiCa/花たん (added video)

And this update brings the final request from the last request period (I still have a handful of accepted songs left, though).
Next update is the last one with accepted songs of the category! All other songs will be moved to THE FINAL IMPACT append.

12/14/2018: Minor update:
/ xi (updated Heavy and Challenge, changed CD Title)

Next update soon (I hope).

Next update is the last one (of the category).

12/24/2018 Update

New Song:
MAXiMiZED OVERKiLL / iNFECTiON underground

Collab with Damox! And the end of this category. Thanks everybody for these two years!

As I said before, there's going to be a new category soon, named THE FINAL IMPACT append (quite original name huh?), as this category became way too big. The following accepted songs that I still have to do will be moved there (listed in no particular order):

AREA 51 / 96
AΩ / BlackY
Be Rock U (1998 burst style) / NAOKI
Crafty Savior / HuΣeR
Drunk Crunk Franken / t+pazolite
Extra Mode / USAO
Field: Kaerezu no Chi / 黒魔
Herring roe / Jimmy Weckl
Journey / 猫叉Master
Light Prayer / school food punishment
Lo-Fi-M / yaseta
Pet Peeve / Hirayasu Matsudo
Say my lovE / JJ GROOVE
SQUEEZE / Oriental ST8
Tulip / LiPPS
Voynich:Manuscript / かゆき
ゲラゲラポーのうた / キング・クリームソーダ
もっと、HOT!がモットー! / Chubbiness
言ノ葉カルマ / そらる・ろん×れるりり

A new thread will be created once I'm close to start the new category next year. See you there.

Hope you all had happy holidays!

01/02/2019: Minor updates:
Beat of getting entangled
/ Shoichiro Hirata (updated graphics and video)
Got more raves? / E.G.G. (slightly updated Light, Standard and Heavy, re-rated Light 6→9, Standard 12→13, Heavy 15→16, added video)
Gott / Hommarju (re-rated Challenge 17→18)
MAXiMiZED OVERKiLL / iNFECTiON underground (re-rated Beginner 7→8, Light 10→11, Standard 14→15, Heavy 18→19, Challenge 19→20)
ラリリレル、リリロ、リラロ / 黒魔 feat. ななひら (new graphics)

Re-ratings courtesy of Peterrw9000. Many thanks!

Post #123 · Posted at 2019-01-03 01:49:38am 5.8 months ago

Online Silver Spirit
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Quote: DMAxel
Light Prayer / school food punishment
Pet Peeve / Hirayasu Matsudo
Oh wow, I remember requesting these! Looking forward to seeing how they turn out Smile
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