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Post #1 · Posted at 2015-04-09 02:03:44pm 5.2 years ago

Offline xnintendox
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I know there's Z-I-v's Simfile Tournament of Immortals 5 going on, but a friend of mine suggested that I'd share this here if anyone's interested in joining in.

I understand not everyone may have a Facebook, so I'm willing to accept submissions posted in this thread and will also provide rules/guidelines here. If you do have a Facebook, here's the link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1171823389510592/1171832849509646/


I’ve been secretly working on a Pump It Up Prime for 4-panel pad pack for months now, but I thought I’d make this open to many communities worldwide as I personally love seeing what other talented, creative people can come up with. Not to mention it’d be sweet to make this a community pack as well.

Participants will be required to record and/or upload their own stepcharts until further notice. No one is limited to the amount of videos and stepcharts that can be created. Please post your submissions on this event page. Any unrelated and/or inappropriate content posted will be deleted without any given notice.

Duration: 9 April 2015 until 31 May 2015.

There will be a carefully selected group of five judges that will review any submissions made. Winning charts that will be planned to be added in the final version of the pack will be ultimately decided by the judges altogether. The winners will also be fully credited for their submitted work.

Anyone is more than welcome to give each other constructive criticism of any sort.

Available songs:
▶ D_AAN - Achluoias
▶ Crayon Pop - Bar Bar Bar
▶ Gentle Stick - Hestia
▶ Outsider - Loner
▶ cranky - Matador
▶ 3R2 - Milky Way Galaxy
▶ MAX - Requiem
▶ SynthWulf - Ragnarok
▶ Matduke - Rock the House
▶ S.I.D-Sound - Selfishness
▶ SHK - Super Fantasy
▶ T-Ara - Sugar Free

Download link to .sm templates and .oggs for each song:
(Use WinRAR or BandiZIP to extract the files.)

Available modes / Level range:
(I have purposely not provided any charts for these songs for obvious reasons.)
Singles: all modes and level ranges are free
Doubles: all modes and level ranges are free

~The old scale will be used instead of the DDR X rating scale.~

StepMania builds allowed:
▶ 3.9 or 3.9b
▶ 3.95/OpenITG
▶ StepMania 5

Have fun!
~V. Kim

Post #2 · Posted at 2015-04-09 02:27:00pm 5.2 years ago

CLOUDIO Avatar Member
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Last updated: 2015-04-09 02:30pm
Quote: xnintendox
Available songs:
▶ cranky - Matador
Haha just after I done one for TOI5's Round 1 XD

Kinda got my interest. Is that songlist fixed or not? Cause I got more in my files....

EDIT: Okay, so that's what available for this. Can we instead step other songs than these?
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Post #3 · Posted at 2015-04-09 07:27:28pm 5.2 years ago

Offline Pandemonium X
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I got WIP steps for two of the songs on here. I can finish them up and put them into this. Also if someone would like to fill in for the doubles charts, that would be nice. Tongue
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