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Post #21 · Posted at 2017-02-24 04:51:13pm 7.3 years ago

Offline dsd-teamuk
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Quote: Quickman
In Lincolnshire. Fairly mediocre collection of machines down here, a EXTREME, EuroMIX1, EuroMIX2 and Fusion.

where abouts are they ? also where is the Extreme machine :-)
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Post #22 · Posted at 2023-08-14 03:41:20am 10.4 months ago

Offline troutfishing
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i know this thread is extremely old now, but i'm so happy that after so long leicestershire finally has something in the way of dance cabs. even though stepmaniax at the meridian is always suffering some issue whenever i get the chance to go there, it's great to have it nearby.
i was also excited to find out about the piu cab in the city centre - now it's added to the arcade database i hope to see some other people there :D

it's just really nice to have it right on your doorstep instead of needing to go all the way to one of the arcade clubs just to play some dance games. hopefully more people around the area (veterans and not) take the opportunity to get back into the groove ^_^ !!!
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Post #23 · Posted at 2023-08-14 07:39:56am 10.4 months ago

Offline Dancefreak
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There's quite a few of us and actually we prefer to play on the Stepmania in Nottingham after they changed the one in Leicester back to £1 a song. Despite them saying they'd look into it after having 2 weeks of people pumping dozens of credits into it every day then all of them immediately stopping after changing the price.

Had no idea about the pump it up cab though, I'll let the others know. It's great to see!

Post #24 · Posted at 2023-08-14 08:53:08am 10.4 months ago

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The PIU's RIGHT next to the station, too. We love to see it.
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Post #25 · Posted at 2023-08-15 10:48:40am 10.4 months ago

Offline StaticFish
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Last updated: 2023-08-15 06:17pm
Oh that's amazing Smile.
I am absolutely dreadful at PIU but I do want to try and get better on the game and I have been looking for somewhere to go.
Once my foot is 100% I will definitely have to go visit.

I currently have a slight addiction to the SMX in Nottingham, and I work in Nottingham, so I play there a lot.

Thanks for the info Smile
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