DDR A20 PLUS Beta Simfiles Thread

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Post #981 · Posted at 2021-01-13 08:17:50am 1 week ago

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Last updated: 2021-01-13 01:41pm

[NEW!] SP-Beginner Light Standard Heavy charts for "Run The Show" from TAKUNYAN & O4ma.

EDIT: Here's the jacket for the song. https://ibb.co/G5QFGX4

Post #982 · Posted at 2021-01-14 09:29:43am 6.1 days ago

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Run The Show (DP charts): https://youtu.be/MzAiC0mAL5o
Vertigo (SP charts): https://youtu.be/bQYCV0wx9-w
Vertigo (DP charts): https://youtu.be/6Oh5codTOx8

play by me
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Post #983 · Posted at 2021-01-14 08:05:31pm 5.7 days ago

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Quote: ToxDalt
SEMI-CLEAN AUDIO FOR 世界の果てに約束の凱歌を -DDR Extended Megamix-
Just took out most announcer soundbytes but the crowd sound effects are still there. Still considered a line out audio.
Full clean audio: grab it from IIDX mobile instead (ULTIMATE users only), in the Music Player section.
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Post #984 · Posted at 2021-01-15 02:36:38am 5.4 days ago

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Last updated: 2021-01-15 02:38am
Looking for the following gameplay videos:

イノセントバイブル / Innocent bible

ハラショー!おにぎりサーカス団☆ / Khorosho! Onigiri circus dan

Never See You Again
Rave Accelerator
Twinkle Wonderland
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