Parts Unknown Thread

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Post #1 · Posted at 2014-03-14 11:58:17pm 8.8 years ago

Offline Sigrev2
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A place to come discuss the elusive Parts Unknown. Will likely be turned into a standard professional wrestling discussion thread if enough people post.

Post #2 · Posted at 2014-03-15 01:08:07am 8.8 years ago

Offline RGTM
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Post #3 · Posted at 2014-03-15 01:25:19am 8.8 years ago

Offline PureBlue
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Post #4 · Posted at 2014-03-15 01:36:31am 8.8 years ago

Offline chewi
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I'm a time-travelling alien. You may know me as a "living Barbie".

Post #5 · Posted at 2014-03-15 10:02:52am 8.8 years ago

Offline hooky
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Post #6 · Posted at 2014-03-15 10:22:05am 8.8 years ago

Offline RevAddict5
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Post #7 · Posted at 2018-04-01 03:34:27am 4.8 years ago

Offline CATS
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*cough* There are a couple of PIU Prime 2 machines in New Zealand *cough*
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