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1. Starting your topic with either WTB/FS/FT.
To help better understand what you want to do in the long run, will save people some time. Start your topic with either:

WTB: - Want To Buy
FS: - For Sale
FT: - For Trade

'WTB: beatmaniaIIDX Happy Sky PS2'
'FS: beatmaniaIIDX PS2 games '

2. Pictures and info!
Please post a picture and give appropriate information including price and location before making your post if you're selling or trading. It just makes things easier.

3. No off-site sales or auctions
The Buy/Sell/Trade thread is meant for the community on this forum to buy/sell/trade within the community. It is not a thread for people to promote off-site sales or auctions. If you choose to sell or auction your stuff on a public site elsewhere, that's your decision. Do not spam those things back into this thread. There's a specific function for the thread and linking to your auctions is not that function.

4. No need to whine or get off-topic
Everyone involved is just either looking to buy, sell, or trade something. If someone wants a certain amount of money for an item, whether it is worth that amount of money will be determined by the person willing to pay for it. There's no need to guilt people for selling things they got for free, or making a big fuss out of perceived overcharging. It's a free market.

5. Normal forum rules apply
This thread isn't any different from any other thread in terms of general moderation. This means the stuff that's banned elsewhere is also banned here.
We at bemanistyle'n shit.
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