[ACTIVE?] DDRMAX-Extreme Videos Recreation Project 2013-2017

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Last updated: 2017-07-03 02:42pm
DDRMax-Extreme Visuals in HD

Ran by Cuzco & midone

Download the pack here. Download version V.2.1 here. Download V.2.2 here. There are 122/131/599 videos available for download.

Warning; Pack V.2.2 is 93.3 MB. Download at your own risk.

The point of this product is to re-animate the Max-Extreme ERA Background Videos in HD (1920x1080 at 60 fps). Currently, you see 800x450 at 30 fps, which is moderately high quality while having small file sizes. These videos are compatible with beware's 2013 pack. The movies were tested and work in Stepmania 3.9 and 5 perfectly. Once this project is out of the beta stage, The 1920x1080 60 fps .mp4s will officially be released.

Available for download are; arrows1, arrows2, bear3, bear4, boy3a, bubble2, candy1, chain1, cirlce1, circle2, circle3, circle4, circle5, circle7, circle8, circle11, cross2, cube7, cube11, cube12, cyber1, cyber2, disco2, disco3, disco4, disco5, egg6, fabric1, feather1, fireworks6, groove1, heart1, heart2, heart3, heart4, heart10, heart12, hexagon1, kaliedoscope1, kaliedoscope4, kaliedoscope5, kaliedoscope7, kaliedoscope8, kaliedoscope10, kaliedoscope12, kaliedoscope14, kaliedoscope16, kangaroo1, kl1, lens1, letters1, light2, light7, light10, light11, lines2, lines3, mood1a, night1, pentagon1, pills3, rainbow1, rainbow2, ring2, ring3, ring5, ring6, ring8, ring9, ring12, rotation1, rotation2, rotation3, rotation4, scissors1, sirens1, smoke1, sphere2, spikes4, spikes7, square1, square5, star1, star2, star6, star7, star9, symbols2, symbols3, symbols4, text1, text2, text3, text6, text7, text12, text13, text14, text18, text23, text24, text25, text26, text27, text28, text29, text30, text31, timer1, tunnel2, tunnel4, tunnel5, tunnel6, tunnel7, tunnel8, tunnel9, tunnel11, tunnel16, virus1, wheel2, wheel3, wheel6, and wheel7.

The upcoming update in 2017 (V.3) will have; All of the movies above + aliens1, attack1, bracelet1, circle6, circle9, circle13, cones1, cross1, crystal1, cube2, cube3, cube5, cube8, cube14, cyber3, disco1, disco6, dots1, dots2, egg1, egg2, egg3, egg4, egg5, egg7, egg8, egg9, ferriswheel1, fire1, fireworks2, girl2a, green1, heart9, helix1, kaliedoscope2, kaliedoscope11, kaliedoscope13, kaliedoscope15, kaliedoscope17, kaliedoscope19, kaliedoscope20, kaliedoscope21, light3, lines1, lines7, max2, moon1, numbers2, numbers3, pentagon3, phone1, piano3, pills1, pills2, planet1, planet2, ribbon1, ribbon2.5, ring7, ring10, robot14a, robot17, rotation5, seaweed1, snow6, space1, space2, sphere1, sphere5, sphere6, spiral3 [!], spiral4, square3, square4, stairs1, star3, star10, sun3, text4, text5, text10, text15, text20, text32, text33, text34, text35, tunnel1, tunnel18, tunnel19, twinbee1, wave1, wave3, wheel1, wheel2, wheel4, and wheel5. It will be split into 5 parts.

Requests backlog

'Go on, baby!' background animations
Conductors1, Dance1, Dance2,
14% done
0%-0% done
80%-0%-0% done

More details;

The codec I use is DivX 6.9.2. The settings for all of the videos have the rate control at 1-pass, 8 on the 10-scale speed-quality meter, and bitrate: 2500 kbps.

Anime Studio Pro 7.0 is the main 2D animation program. Blender 2.67b is the main 3D animation, Vegas Movie Studio HD 11.0 is used for other effects and (in some cases) animation, and Paint.NET is used for drawn elements and to get the colors of some movies.

All of the avi movies are rounded at a multiple of 80 frames. Any movies in beware's pack that goes at a higher speed (including frame rate) is mirrored on the Cuzco 2014 pack (example: bear4 goes at 42.530 frames on beware 2013 and Cuzco 2014). However, there are a few movies that, in reality, have been extended further than 80 frames (120 frames in particular).

You may notice that in V.2-2.2, some of the videos look stretched and others do not. I did this to supposedly balance between users with a 4:3 resolution (like 640x480) and users with a 16:9 resolution (like 800x450). In reality, though, this effect doesn't work how I want it to; V.3 will have two releases, one for 4:3 and another for 16:9, and I will eventually fix all of the stretched movies.

At 800x450, most of the movies are kept at a range of 600 KB - 2 MB. Going over 2.5MB is not recommended for 80 frame movies (tunnel16 is worrying), but okay for 160/ping pong movies (pingpong movies would get steep at 3.5MB). If a movie goes over 5MB (in beware's 2013 pack, Dance3 is the biggest file at 3.39 MB), it will have to have lower quality (unless it's a really long video, like square5).

Accuracy cannot be guaranteed, this is a simple "stretch my graphic skills" product from a teenager with a moderate animation skill. I genuinely try as much as I can, though, I hope you enjoy it!

Zenius -I- Vanisher details

A video can be "requested". Let's say someone asked about circle8, and I would state how hard/easy it looks, then try to do it. For very complex movies, it may take a very long time. Otherwise, the requested movies should be in the next update.

Info about the videos can be found in the zip's readme.

Some reverse counterparts of videos that aren't in beware's pack are introduced. For example, in wheel2 in beware's pack, the big center gear goes counterclockwise as seen in PARANOiA SURVIVOR (and the MAX verson), however, the official source and wheel2's appearance in PARANOiA ETERNAL, the big gear goes clockwise. Therefore, a wheel2r is in the pack, so this is a slight compromise from beware's pack.

These videos are not in beware's pack, but they should be.

timer1r; This is used in PARANOiA ETERNAL. It and wheel2 lack a reverse counterpart that is detected in the song (Look very closely, example: The squares goes clockwise in beware's wheel2, which was presumably captured from PARANOiA SURVIVOR (MAX), but they go counterclockwise in the song. Compare PARANOiA SURVIVOR MAX to PARANOiA ETERNAL).

wheel2r; This is used in PARANOiA ETERNAL. It and timer lack a reverse counterpart that is detected in the song. Evidence is said above. Compare PARANOiA SURVIVOR MAX to PARANOiA ETERNAL).

Feel free to use these movies, but please give credit. Special thanks to beware, AeronPeryton, and pkgingo for the official videos. Also thanks to silenttype01 for his bemani font collection needed for videos like groove1.


9/26/2013; Experiment, progress on Tunnel5 begins

9/28/2013; Pentagon1 is made, starting the pack.

9/30/2013; With Tunnel5, Rotation2, and Cross2 joining the mix, the first Blender movie (Kaleidoscope12) is made.

9/31/2013 - 10/25/2013; More and more visualizations are created and added.

10/25/2013; Pack officially begins, with 36 full animated movies (bear4, bubble2, circle5, circle7, circle11, cube11, fabric1, feather1, hexagon1, kaliedoscope1, kaliedoscope7, kaliedoscope8, kaliedoscope12, lens1, light7, pentagon1, ring6, ring9, rotation2, rotation4, smoke1, square1, star2, star6, text25, text26, text28, text29, tunnel5, tunnel6, tunnel7, tunnel9, tunnel11, wheel3, and wheel7) and reverse counterparts (bear4r, bubble2r, circle7r, fabric1, fabric2r, feather1r, kaliedoscope12r, pentagon1r, ring6r, ring9r, some1r, square1r, star2r, tunnel6r, tunnel7r, tunnel9r, tunnel11r, and wheel7r) that are in beware's pack were added. The original frame size is 800x450.

10/26/2013; Added movies cube7 (cube7a, cube7ar, cube7r), heart1 (heart1r), and heart12 (heart12r). Adjusted kaliedoscope7 and tunnel5. Pentagon1 was given more contrast. Also rerendered ring9, which had an insane size (2 MB.)

10/28/2013; Fixed cube11 to be more straight and linear, the first cube11 was too smooth. Added movies circle4, ring8, spikes4, text12, and text13. Also added star2a and star2b (they were missing). The original sizes, 800x450 isn't working. Reduced all to 700x394, quality is slightly tinkered with with some videos over 1MB (that are 160 frames).

10/29/2013; Text26 was at the normal speed, 30 fps, but in beware's pack, it goes at 40.392fps, so it was re-rended in that framerate.

10/30/2013; Added movies heart2 (heart2r), ring2, spikes7.

10/31/2013; Added movies circle3, timer1 (timer1r), virus1 (virus1r). Also added missing movies ring2r and text12r.

11/01/2013; Pack BETA V.1 is released on Zenius -I- vanisher with 50 full motion movies (not counting reverse counterparts/subclips). Added movies circle8, text2, and text30, planned for BETA V.1.1.

11/02/2013; Added movies star1 (star1r) and heart3. Fixed text12.

11/04/2013; Added movies heart3a (it was missing) and wheel6. Fixed kaliedoscope12 (v2).

11/05/2013; Added movies. kangaroo1 (kangaroo1a, kangaroo1r).

11/07/2013; Fixed pentagon1 (v2).

11/09/2013; Added movies kaliedoscope5 and rotation3.

11/10/2013; Added movie circle2.

11/11/2013; Pack BETA v.1.1 is released on Zenius -I- vanisher with 13 full motion movies (10 entirely new, 3 fixes).

12/16/2013; All of the videos are re-compressed with a new codec that's so much better. Pack BETA V.2 is released on Zenius -I- vanisher with 80 full motion movies. (18 entirely new, the rest re-compressed and some fixed) List of movies; arrows1, bear3 (and bear3r), bear4 (and bear4r), bubble2 (and bubble2r), circle2, circle3, circle4, circle5, circle7 (and circle7r), circle8, circle11, cross2, cube7 (and cube7a, cube7ar, and cube7r), cube11, disco2, disco3 (and disco3r), disco4, fabric1 (and fabric1r, and a fan-made version that smoothly loops due to an annoyance with certain scripts, fabric2), feather1 (and feather1r), heart1 (and heart1r), heart2 (and heart2r), heart3 (and heart3a), heart10 (and heart10r), heart12 (and heart12r), hexagon1, kaliedoscope1, kaliedoscope4, kaliedoscope5, kaliedoscope7, kaliedoscope8, kaliedoscope10, kaliedoscope12 (and kaliedoscope12r), kaliedoscope14, kangaroo1 (and kangaroo1a and kangaroo1r), lens1, light2 (and light2-fast, friendly for playrates faster than 200% (example; Groove, Max2/EXTREME) that won't work in Stepmania, and light2r), light7, mood1a, pentagon1 (and pentagon1r), pills3 (and pills3r), ring2 (and ring2r), (ring6 and ring6r are absent), ring8, ring9, rotation1, rotation2, rotation3, rotation4, smoke1 (and smoke1r), spikes4, spikes7, square1 (and square1r), star1 (and star1r), star2 (and star2a, star2b, and star2r), star6, star7, text2, text3, text12 (and text12r), text13, text23, text24, text25, text26, text27, text28, text29, text30, timer1 (and timer1r), tunnel2, tunnel4, tunnel5, tunnel6 (and tunnel6r), tunnel7 (and tunnel7r), tunnel9 (and tunnel9r, was that movie created accidentally since tunnel9 was originally the blue pipe tunnel movie (tunnel12 now)?), tunnel11 (and tunnel11r), virus1 (and virus1r), wheel3, wheel6, and wheel7 (and wheel7r).

5/20/2014; Pack BETA v.2.1 finally released with 18 full motion movies, with; Candy1, Cross2, Cyber1, Cyber2, Disco2, Disco3, Disco5, Egg6, Fabric1 (and fabric1r), Kaliedoscope1, Kaliedoscope4, Kaliedoscope8, Kaliedoscope16, Letters1, Ring6 (and ring6r), Sphere2, Text18, Wheel2, features raw textures of some 3D movies for free and alternate versions.

9/30/2014; Added movie groove1.

10/01/2014; Added movies Boy3, Boy3a, and Boy4.

10/02/2014; Added movie tunnel16.

10/03/2014; Added movies Pentagon1 (v.3), fireworks6, Tunnel8, text1, ring12, ring12a, Smoke1 (v.2), and tunnel17 (also known as; circle1, circle1a, circle1b, circle1c, circle1d, circle1r, circlesh, light10, light10r, light11, and light11r).

10/04/2014; Added movies Rainbow1, Rainbow2, Kl1, Ring3, and Scissors1 (and pentagon1r).

10/05/2014; Added movie Circle11 (v2).

10/08/2014; Added movies Symbols2 (symbols2r), Symbols3, and Symbols4.

10/11/2014; Fixed text18. Added movies heat1 (heat1a, heat1b, heat1br, heat1r), tunnel6 (tunnel6r), and tunnel7 (tunnel7r).

10/12/2014; Added movies Arrows2, Lines2.

10/15/2014; Added movies Night1, Hexagon1, Square1 (v2) (Square1r). Fixed Circle11, Pentagon1 (pentagon1r), Text13, Rotation1, and Kaliedoscope8.

10/16/2014; Added movie Kaliedoscope7 (v3).

10/18/2014; Added movie ring5. Fixed kl1's framespeed.

10/19/2014; Fixed ring8 and added text31.

10/21/2014; Fixed Cyber1 (v2), Disco3 (disco3r) (v2) Heart10 (heart10r) (v2), Heart2 (heart2r) (v2).

10/23/2014; Added beast movie square5 and at least 11 subclips (a, ar, b, br, c, cr, d, dr, e, er, r).

10/24/2014; Added movies text14, spikes1. Fixed spikes7 and text12.

10/27/2014; Added movie sirens1.

10/28/2014; Added movies chains1 and lines3.

10/29/2014; Added movies text6 and text7. Tweaked Cube11 and Virus1 (virus1r).

10/30/2014; Added movie cube12 (cube12a, b, and r). Pack BETA V.2.2 is released with 52 full motion movies (32 entirely new), with; arrows2, boy3a (made of boy3 and boy4), chain1, tunnel17 (made of circle1, circle1a, circle1b, circle1c, circle1d, circle1r, circlesh, light10, light10r, light11, and light11r), cube11, cube12 (and cube12a, cube12b, and cube12r), cyber1, disco3 (and disco3r), fireworks6, groove1, heart2 (and heart2r), heart10 (and heart10r), heat1 (and heat1a, heat1b, heat1br, heat1r), hexagon1, kaliedoscope7, kaliedoscope8, kl1, lines2, lines3, night1, pentagon1 (and pentagon1r), rainbow1, rainbow2, ring3 (and ring3r), ring5, ring8 (and text31), ring12 (and ring12a), rotation1, scissors1r (and scissors1), sirens1, smoke1 (and smoke1r), spikes1, spikes7, square1 (and square1r), square5 (and square5a, square5ar, square5b, square5br, square5c, square5cr, square5d, square5dr, square5e, square5er, and square5r), star9, symbols2 (and symbols2r), symbols3, symbols4, text1, text6, text7, text12 (and text12r), text13, text14 (and text14a), text18, tunnel6 (and tunnel6r), tunnel7 (and tunnel7r), tunnel8, tunnel16, and virus1 (and virus1r). Added movies circle9 and text5 for future release V.3.

10/31/2014; Added movies dots2. Fixed circle5 and arrows1.

11/01/2014; Added movie animals1.

11/02/2014; Fixed wheel7. Added movie wheel3 (v2).

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Do you have previews? I want to see what they look like before downloading.

Post #3 · Posted at 2013-11-02 07:03:39am 7.9 years ago

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Last updated: 2013-11-02 08:23am
I put a video together with most of them. It will be uploaded soon enough.

Edit: The link was changed. This video was accidentally uploaded on my main account (SammyShinx) and wasn't safe, so I moved it so SammyMusicVideos.

Post #4 · Posted at 2013-11-02 07:25:19am 7.9 years ago

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Very nice. I like them a lot!

Post #5 · Posted at 2013-11-02 07:29:26am 7.9 years ago

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Haha, thanks. Big Grin The one I'm most proud of is virus1.

Post #6 · Posted at 2013-11-02 08:26:09am 7.9 years ago

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I wasn't sure if you would be back. I am rooting for you to continue to innovate Stepmania.

Post #7 · Posted at 2013-11-02 08:27:38am 7.9 years ago

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Last updated: 2013-11-02 08:28am
Thanks. The videos are fully compatible. I did a brief test with Extreme's SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW (the only script that can be made ATM) and they work.

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I like it. But, are those compatible with Stepmania 5?

Post #9 · Posted at 2013-12-07 09:17:30am 7.8 years ago

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Last updated: 2018-05-08 03:03am
I don't know. I don't have Stepmania 5, I've always been used to 3.9.

2018: Yes, they are. Don't worry.

I remember when I had Stepmania 4, when I had the beware 2005 videos, the background videos glitched (they were fuzzy) and after one full loop, they stopped working altogether.


Here is an example of a BG movie made with blender, disco1. All you need to do is learn how to do these two tutorials and everything you need to know to use blender falls into place. The image sequence texture feature is the key to creating the CGI DDRMAX2 movies.

I haven't posted anything for a while, but I wasn't standing still (for most of the days, anyway). I have now completed one full BGscript, STAY, since Kaliedoscope5 and Rotation3 are newly introduced in V.1.1. Here is a video of the 5 videos the song uses in action in StepMania (with beware's extreme simulation).

Pack V.1.1 has been released. Download it here. It's not so many videos, only 13, but at least it's something.

There are 10 new videos. Circle2, Circle8, Heart3, Kaliedoscope5, Kangaroo1, Rotation3, Star1, Text2, Text30, ad Wheel6.

There are also 3 more videos, Kaliedoscope12, Pentagon1, and Text12. If you downloaded V.1, please replace those with the new ones. Animation errors are fixed (Kaliedoscope12 looks so much better now).

Any reverse counterparts or subclips in beware's pack are included, of course.

I have a bunch of work in progress movies right now, and I want at least 1/3rd/half of these to be in V.1.2.
Here's what I know on the top of my head;

Cube3; This is the light-up cubes.

Cube10-Text21-Cube6-Text19a; The aquamarine cubes movie.

Cube12; This one was supposed to be in the pack, but due to "reflection" glitches, it is not. I didn't have time to re-render it, so it didn't make it, but it surely will in V.1.2

Disco1 (Blender); The disco thingy with kissable firework... thingies. It's an interesting one.

Disco2; The turntable gears.

Fabric1-Kaliedoscope8 (Blender); I'm improving the texture on these movies.

Kaliedoscope10 (Blender); The hexagon prism kaliedoscope.

Kaliedoscope11 (Blender); The rotating kaleidoscope cylinders.

Kaliedoscope13 (Blender); The rotating kaleidoscope rings.

Letters1; Letters that change rapidly.

Light2; The light cube related to cube3. Halfway there.

Light11-Circle10-Light10; Light tunnel.

Pills3 (Blender); The blue wavy striped pills. I need to improve the texture and add the remaining pill groups.

Spikes1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12; More spikes movies. These ones fall into place after you get the two rotations done, and at least half of these should be in the next pack.

Spiral1; The glowing spirals.

Square4; The blue blocks.

Square5; Long movie, colorful squares.

Text9; Infamous incorrect grammar text "are you enjoy?".

Text11; The purple "ORIGINAL STEP" text.

Text31; Rings8 with the text "Do you feel dizzy?". I'm still figuring out a way to get the text to work.

Tunnel1 (Blender); Pink pixel bubbles.

Tunnel2 (Blender); The void tunnel. The texture isn't being mapped properly and I can't see what it really looks like. :/

TV1; The dancing TVs.

Wheel2; Gears, related to Timer1. I made, as an easter egg, the gears as a pattern of a T-Shirt of an anthropomorphic Shinx character. But that background is still an open issue.

Fabric2 is deprecated. I made it because of an annoyance with Fabric1, that didn't smoothly loop (example: IT'S RAINING MEN), so I created Fabric2, a version of Fabric1 that smoothly loops (320 frames, the black lines rotate 1440 degrees while the texture pingpongs), but it's causing confusion. If I did this with Fabric1, Fabric1r wouldn't work correctly and more confusion would be caused, so Fabric2 is done with. Fabric1 will be a pingpong movie (in V.1.2, of course) and will be similar in natue to tunnel2. I am still including Fabric2 in the pack, though, but it should be avoided entirely.

My main goal, since they are my personal favorites, is to make all 87 of the CGI DDRMAX2 movies in the DDRMAX2 licenses. They personally have potential to them, it's such a shame Konami prefers supernova dancers and dance stages, and other "more DDR" stuff than these. :/ But yeah, it will be an accomplishment if I get all, but of course I won't stop until I get all 600, unless I get bored of it.

Anyway, I have 61 more to go, along with some fixes to ones I'm not pleased with (lecoughTunnel5...). I posted a .txt file stating how I could make those, but some are very hard (example: kaliedoscope14, spiral2, ribbon2, fireworks4, etc.).

Download it here. I want 5-10 of these movies to be in pack V.1.2. It also covers some easter eggs.

I've downloaded another compressor that seems to compress videos (slightly) more efficiently.

I've ran text13 (2.87 MB... no. just no.) through it, and it's so much better, at 1.74 MB. That's smaller than the official text13.

I'm currently experimenting with other videos with steep sizes, and, if I'm convinced the new compressor is better, I will release BETA V.2 early. The former compressor was Xvid MPEG-4 Codec, the latter is DivX 6.9.2 Codec.

Edit: Not very good. The contrast is lossy. :/ That won't work.

Edit: Another issue; I ran kaliedoscope8 through it and I can't get it to render at 32.323. It's as if there is a limit... It can only be at 30 fps, but I can't do this because it would create the same problem that make videos like amoeba4 and ribbon2 look wrong (dropped frames), and, to respect beware, I want this pack to be fully compatible with his 2013/2005 pack, and rendering videos at the full 80/160/320 frames at 30fps would break compatibility. DivX 6.9.2 is a no go.

After many renders with some videos, I've determined that around 90% of movies made with Blender (Kaliedoscope12, Pills3, Rotation1, Virus1, etc.) are going to be at least 1 MB if I want the quality of videos to be good (no fuzzyness, good contrast, etc.). There are probably (estimated) 50 movies in the Max2 License era that will be made in Blender, so it shouldn't be much of a burden.

With that said, Pack V.1.2 will be out next saturday (November 23rd and not 20, November D:). I want to finish as many WIP movies as possible. I got Pills3 off the list (it's process was spread out over a month because of other movies) as well as Kaliedoscope10, which only took 9 days, and now I've backflagged Square4 and Light2 (this pesky movie is still being worked on after 45 days. Here is what I have so far (on the very top of my head);

Cube3; Not even started. :/ Only the tracing base was inserted.

Cube10-Text21-Cube6-Text19a; Still only on Cube6 slightly.

Cube12; An open issue, the reflection needs to work.

Disco1 (Blender); Many stuff to go.

Disco2; The turntable gears. So much to go...

Kaliedoscope11 (Blender); 1/8th of the texture is done.

Kaliedoscope13 (Blender); Like 1/12th of the texture is done. I cannot promise I can complete it on time.

Letters1; All that's left is the very faint letters in the background that go backwards.

Light2; Halfway there.

Light11-Circle10-Light10; Still working on the tunnel sections placement.

Smoke1; Not so much progress. Still re-tracing...

Spiral1; The texture. This might not be out on V.1.2, but will be on V.1.3.

Square4; The first half, minus two blocks, is done. At least Square2A should definitely be in Pack V.12

Square5; Half of it is done.

Symbols3; I've got the wheel down, still working on the rapid-changing center symbol and the color scheme.

Text9; The "are you enjoy?" text blocks are done.

Text11; The equalizer is still being worked on.

Text31; I'm still figuring out a way to get the text to work.

Tunnel1 (Blender); Pink pixel bubbles. The placement of the bubbles will be time consuming... But hopefully it shouldn't be a problem.

Tunnel2 (Blender); The void tunnel. The texture isn't being mapped properly and I can't see what it really looks like. :/

TV1; Really, I only got a single foot down. :/ Lol, I'm saying ":/" so many times.

Wheel2; The background is still an open issue.

So yeah. Also, you are free to request movies and I will see if I can make the movie in the upcoming pack version.

One more thing, and then this will be the last notification before the next release. In Pack V.2, the quality of ALL of the movies will be set to 6 (currently it is randomized, from 5 to 5.5 to 5.73 (oh yes) 6, 6.23 (my birthday), 6.66 (i went there), 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, and so on. the maximum is 11.). So movies may become bigger significantly, unless I can find a better codec. Logically, it should be accepted the movies will be bigger since they are 700x394 in 480p, which is natural, though I DO want to get the sizes as close to beware's 2013 pack.

Yup. Turns out that the Divx 6.9.2 works after all. I was testing different codecs on virus1, and found an efficient way to use the codec. I successfully rendered virus1 with the quality of the original. At 700 KB. I rendered all of my current videos into .wmv format (which is the gift you guys will receive, since they are the full HD versions) which slightly compresses them. I'm going to re-render all of the videos at the current settings, and if I'm satisfied, pack V.2 might be released early after all. I ran a brand new video, bear3, through the compressor and that framerate restriction has been worked around.


Yep. I'm convinced. Cube11 has been rendered and is 751 KB, which is smaller than the original Cube11 and the Cube11 in Pack V.1. And it was rendered at 800x450. Bubble2, a ridiculously huge movie, was also ran through and is also much better. Same with text13 (some quality has been lost, though...).

I'm re-rendering all of movies in these settings, pack V.1.2 will be released December 10th.

Edit: No, I'm not impressed. I'm ASTOUNDED. I rendered Cube11 at 60fps, and this is unbelievable; You'd expect the file to be 1 MB-2 MB, but it's 836 KB! How did I not figure this out earlier? But I can't get it higher than 60 fps. Kaliedoscope8 will have dropped frames. On top of that, it's quite big at 60fps... So they are still 30fps/their original framerate. But still, I'm impressed with Divx 6.9.2 much more than I thought.

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"The Queen has arrived"

Last updated: 2013-12-07 09:28pm
Yo, Cuzco, you think you can give a hand at iidx videos? I think that step could help you out on learning some new techniques.
I know you're trying to recreate these and all, but they feel so outdated in graphic value that it would be neat to try to move on, develop a different approach, and do what is currently being thrown out there.

Just throwing it out there. Don't eat me.
Keep it up.

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Last updated: 2013-12-08 04:48am
To be honest, I never played IIDX, only DDR. I can ask for it for christmas to see how it plays.

The reason why I like these movies so much is because I got DDR EXTREME for christmas in 2008, and, being a child, the movies somewhat distracted me. They looked so...unique. My favorite ones were the DROP OUT FROM NONSTOP MEGAMIX movies, which led me to liking the rest of those kind of movies (the DDRMAX2 license area).

IIDX videos seem more complex, and more...visualizationy. Dunno how I could pull those ones off.

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"The Queen has arrived"
Practice practice practice...

You got time on your hands. You got inspiration.

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Last updated: 2014-04-11 07:45am
(Update March 17th, at the bottom...)

I want to do the DDRMAX-EXTREME movies because they are more simpler (like all of the DDRMAX text movies, the EXTREME Background animation movies, etc.). It's also teaching me how to use blender for the first time.


Out of nowhere, I made this brand new visualization that I thought I'd never make for months. Kaleidoscope14. This is because I didn't include the little pixel thingys, but the visualization still looks great. I have 36 out of 87 (51 left) Max2 license movies done. Who knows when I'll get all 87 of them looking as beautiful as the originals?

So my stragedy here; Make a low quality (somewhat simplistic, only a few key areas) version of the textures, map them into blender, then slowly improve them. That's the key to making them.

My textures are known for being flat and vectorized, which makes my visualizations stand out from the originals, which have feathery and blendy textures.

Pack V.2 has been released. Download it here.

As said in an earlier post, I downloaded a new codec that I originally wasn't satisfied with, but after being impressed that 3D movies (usually the biggest with the old codec) can be rendered under 800 KB at 60fps with the original size (800x450) and 360p, which is what I aim for (maybe 480p), so all of the videos were re-rendered (with their frame-rate being adjusted accordingly, like bear3, bear4, text26, kaliedoscope8, etc.), so Pack V.2 is released early.

Some new masterpieces with Blender are introduced (Kaliedoscope8, Kaliedoscope14, Disco3, Disco4, Tunnel4, so on...), as well as a little more movies that go with others.

Ring6 is missing from the pack. I aimed for an improvement with it (I also tinkered it's "buddies", Wheel7 and Ring9 (I'm still figuring out how to get that pesky rounded sphere Star3 uses...)), which was to change the perspective, and 12 rings, not 8. But the original has 3 rings pass the camera, not 2 or 4, so I went for 240 frames. I rendered it, but it took too long and would finish slightly after I've had gone to sleep at the time. This dented the only HD copy, so I couldn't use it in the mass .wmv rendering (I standardize on rendering the .mov/image sequence to .wmv, then render the .wmv to .avi). I got very caught up in tons of movies and I wanted to squeeze one more movie in the pack after getting Tunnel4 finished, and remembered this movie, so I went for using a group layer with all 12 rings that rotates 90 degrees, which would fix the 240 frames to 160, and I rendered it, waited 2 hours, and all I got was a glitched movie with only 1 frame, so I just threw together Heart4 instead.

Here is a list of all of the work in progress movies I have (that I can recall), and I'm aiming for at least 1/3rd (preferably half) of these to be in Pack V.2.1.

Arrows2; Still working on the arrows (then the text).

Bracelet1; This movie is pretty tricky... Let's just say I still need to work on it for a good while.

Candy1 (Blender); Still working on all of those egg shapes, then that center kaleidoscope thing (the texture is mapped on 3 eggs at a time).

Chain1 (Blender); Working on the chains in general.

Cube10-Text21-Cube6-Text19a; Still only on Cube6 slightly. (Hasn't been worked on for at least a month...)

Cube12; Rendering issues. The Cube12b part fails to to wrong layering. (Hasn't been worked on for at least a month...)

Disco1 (Blender); Because the armature only affects objects that aren't already parented, I'm redoing this entire movie (or at least the jukebox thingy). Not yet...

Geometry1; Time consuming crystals... I took a shortcut with it's mirrored version, Kaliedoscope5, by making 10 crystals, duplicating them twice (changing their position with a group layer and changing their colors) and duplicating all "30" and making them bigger to stretch to the background. But I'm actually making the 20-30 crystals by scratch (plus an easter egg RevAddict5's username) this time, so it will take a while.

Girl1; With an interesting character, I'm working on the character animation (I got everything else down).

Kaliedoscope1 (Blender); Tweaking the texture.

Kaliedoscope3 (Blender); I've sketched the kaleidoscope, now the texture of the cylinders. But that background texture is oh my... And it's the same as Spiral1, but extended, but it's obscured, so I can't trace it, so yeah... The background will be slightly smaller. :/

Kaliedoscope11 (Blender); 1/8th of the texture is done. (Hasn't been worked on for at least a month...)

Kaliedoscope13 (Blender); Like 1/12th of the texture is done. (Hasn't been worked on for at least a month...)

Letters1; Rendering issues. I have completed this movie, but any frames that are a multiple of 4 won't render, resulting in dropped frames, so I have to do them manually (there is 40, it will take some time.).

Light11-Circle10-Light10; All that's left is the 0101 numbers and the lasers.

Ring6; Rendering issues. Per above.

Ring12; Slightly

Ring13; Halfway through the zooming rings.

Smoke1; Not so much progress. Still re-tracing...

Spiral1; The texture. (Hasn't been worked on for at least a month...)

Square4; The first half, minus two blocks, is done. At least Square2A should definitely be in Pack V.2.1. (Hasn't been worked on for at least a month...)

Square5; Half of it is done. (Hasn't been worked on for at least a month...)

Symbols3; I've got the wheel down, still working on the rapid-changing center symbol and the color scheme. (Hasn't been worked on for at least a month...)

Text9; The "are you enjoy?" text blocks are done. (Hasn't been worked on for at least a month...)

Text11; The equalizer is still being worked on. (Hasn't been worked on for at least a month...)

Text31; I'm still figuring out a way to get the text to work. (Hasn't been worked on for at least a month...)

Tunnel1 (Blender); Pink pixel bubbles. The placement of the bubbles will be time consuming... But hopefully it shouldn't be a problem.

Tunnel5; I really want to improve this, and I have made a straight tunnel, but the armature, on the other hand... dear god. Glitches. Glitches everywhere.

Tunnel8; Still working on the circles, and then it will be finished.

Wheel2; The background is still an open issue. (Hasn't been worked on for at least a month...)

I have some of the movies that haven't been worked on for over a month + the movies that have rendering issues + Tunnel5, Wheel2 (screw it, I'll make the background entirely by how I see it), Tunnel1, Smoke1, Light7, Cross2, Square4, and Square5 scheduled. First, I stayed up very late, so sleep.

It's not all of them, but I'm not in the mood to make a video with all 82 of them. Later, though.

A new note about the videos.

Since I strangely like forward videos much than pingpong ones (I prefer to use pingpong on any movie at my choice, not be limited to some rough looping ones that are forced pingpong like Amoeba1), some videos play forward instead of pingpong. There are two types of these videos. Such movies have a counterpart with a "pp" at the end (example; Kaliedoscope4pp) if you want to preserve the pingpong movies (stash the non-pingpong ones somewhere else and remove the pp from the pingpong ones).

Type 1; Kaliedoscope4, Cross2, and Candy1 are snapped to play forward at 80 (160 in 60 fps) frames. This is entirely symetrical with the original videos, so if, say, a Kaliedoscope4r was introduced in beware's pack, the non-pre-pingpong one is still symetrical with the original pre-pingpong one.

Type 2; Kaliedoscope8 is 160 (320 in 60 fps) frames long without playing pingpong. Fabric1's (the video with the same texture) raw source is as well, but is instead "Fabric2" due to confusion. Such videos should only be used for scripts that use my videos and not the official ones, because if a (example) Kaliedoscope8r was introduced, it wouldn't play pingpong in 80 frames, but rather be in similar nature of Amoeba4's usage in HYSTERIA and END OF THE CENTURY (rough transitions between forward in reverse), which would look wrong. The problem could be solved in Kaliedoscope8r was actually the second half of Kaliedoscope8, but then that would block the actual Kaliedoscope8r at 160 frames, and it would have to be under a different name, and it's very confusing, so it is preferred to use the 80 frames pingpong version for BG scripts for these videos.

I have decided to continue this project. I stopped this because I needed to focus on another animation project I have that I prioritize in the most, for the much larger fan-base on it, but right now, I don't have enough voice lines to make any scenes (I still need lines for 11 characters), so that can't happen. And I'm bored, so yeah. I will work on this every Monday and Tuesday. It's unusual, but that's how my nature is. Anyway... pack V.2.1 will be released on the 15th of May in the Jungle of Nool, in the heat of the day, in the cool of the pool.... I want to make the CGI DDRMAX2 movies for a music video for one of the DDRMAX2 licenses in this high-tech future world containing loads of 3D graphic cameos. :P


Hi guys. This is my newest masterpiece, I haven't really TRIED to go deep into the product, but I managed to pull this one off. You'll definitely be seeing it in pack V.2.1. :P So yeah, I have NEARLY all of the cyber movies down (Disco2, Disco3, Cyber1, Cyber2). Only Disco1 is left (but that one has LOTS and LOTS of complexity, and armature issies).

Just as well, I've found out something; .mp4 renders are much easier to playback and (slightly) smaller than .wmv, which is what I'm doing for HD 1920x1080 60 fps videos from now on. So I'll have to go through the pain of re-compressing each video, but once I do, I'll release the super-HD pack of videos.

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This shows some serious improvement in some of the videos such as bear4.avi This release ought to keep us entertained for awhile.

Post #15 · Posted at 2014-04-24 11:46:15pm 7.4 years ago

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Last updated: 2014-04-24 11:46pm
Thank you. :3 I can easily mimic those kind of 2D videos (3D ones are a bit more...noticably different). They somewhat can get boring, though... Which is why I like to try my hand at complex ones like this.


And I still didn't finish it after 6 months... c': I want my mommy...

But seriously, this is all that I have of that. You at least get to see an idea of that video.


The thing I can't get most of all are the "holes" in the bubbles. And the pixels don't have lines moving from them, they just change color flatly. Those are things I MUST get down. But other than that, the movie would look accurate. What I did for the texture was just made multiple shades of pink everywhere with like 12 changing combinations and tried as much as possible not to have any of the original 144 squares touching each other. Here's the texture itself;

http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/a99d/qxqqyyjocccejw9fg.jpg Feel free to steal it if you don't want me being the most coolest one in the DDR visualizations re-making territory and want to start competition and use it as a guide for your own Tunnel1.

Only 15 colors are actually used (that change accordingly). I actually had to run the pixels as a single image, render it in Sony Vegas as a .mov file, and then put it in Anime Studio (I use it to make every single texture on these type of movies) and export a video with the .mov file x9. This texture was hugely frustrating.

Also, just for the occasion;



Let's check up on my main goal, making these types of movies (my favorite ones). Tongue


http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/bubble2.jpg DONE; Easy peasy lemon squeezy. I made this movie in 2012, and I've been able to preserve it since. The only thing I want to improve are outlines on the bubbles, but this is one of the preserved memories from 2012 that I wanna keep and preserve, like Heart2 (I'll never update it, LOL).

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/candy1.jpg DONE; The texture seemed like one of the most HARDEST EVER things, but when I looked at one of the eggs... "Hey, is...THAT KALIEDOSCOPE12'S TEXTURE?! O_O" And just like that, I successfully made this movie. There are 10 eggs rotating on an axis (randomized) that is cloned 10 times (100 candy eggs) for variety while preserving time. The center part is 6 eggs applied in edit mode in Blender to map the texture on all 6 of them.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/circle11.jpg DONE; Another ridiculously easy one.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/cross2.jpg RE-DONE; This movie is so much better when I re-enhanced it in Blender 3D. Also, the texture is SO MUCH SO MUCH HUGELY better.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/cube11.jpg DONE; Pretty easy. The texture only took an hour, the only update needed from this one was the cube movements and better lighting. Only a minor update.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/cyber1.jpg DONE; Making this was easy, the placement of the orbit rings and "supporters" was easy. Then the TVs. I made a beveled square, then cut a hole in the side to fit the screen on, and applies past elements from Disco3 accordingly. Then I used my own eyes to figure out what were on the 3 screens in Anime Studio (having some fun with them, see below), and then the entire thing looked great. The only issue is the blue-green light is MIRRORED, it doesn't go in one simple direction, but the video is fine as it is. (And it didn't take very long to render either!)

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/cyber2.jpg DONE; This is in continuity of the old CuzcotheBlocky 2012 videos pack, which was unfinished (only the CYBER, BEAT (pixels), and ELECTRONIC signs were made) and is somewhat in the style of it (while still looking accurate). Masking is used everywhere. I typed 19 strips of a bunch of random stringed letters (with some easter eggs) that repeat twice for all of those cyan alien marking things (I wasn't in the mood to figure out those, lol). CYBER and BEAT both use a blue pixel texture that has a light background with some dark pixels in front, ELECTRONIC and TRANCE use a scanning gradient that changes colors from cyan to green, and MUSIC and BEAT have a blue background with a bunch of white blocks floating. A lot of moving textures, and made entirely in Anime Studio.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/disco2.jpg DONE; A personal favorite, this is the disco turntable movie used in LIVING IN AMERICA. This one's process was VERY long, going back to September, where the very earliest movies (that have since been updated at some point in V.1.0-V.1.2) were made, but it is a proud accomplishment. Mainly because it takes Anime Studio's 3D capabilities to tall heights and is 100% Blender free (nice challenge). Squash and stretch animation was used for the gears, and gradients were used for the outlines. The trick here is while non-3D shapes are flat, outlines are always visible, even if the shape isn't visible (too flat) at all. Shape effects can also be used for strokes, thus creating the cyber effect. Many other techniques were used, but I don't want to cluttter this with all of the stuff used.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/disco3.jpg DONE; I, somehow, not knowing my own power, made it within 5 hours and stayed up all the way to the morning making sure it looks great. The only thing that COULD be improved is the lighting on the pixel-textured stuff, but that's it. It looks fine otherwise.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/disco4.jpg DONE; With a slight boost from the old CuzcotheBlocky 2012 videos, I made this wonderful movie with this key; Reflections everywhere. Also the mirrored texture. Looks fantastic.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/fabric1.jpg DONE; Making the texture was easier than it seemed. Which also tied Kaliedoscope8 with it, considering both have the same texture.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/feather1.jpg DONE; The texture was carefully traced in a mask, then mirrored, and the feathers were added accordingly. There are 24 layers of the pattern.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/heart1.jpg DONE; It was made with one pink heart, then that heart was mirrored and turned yellow, and then 8 copies of the hearts were made, off-sync by 20 frames, creating the effect.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/heart10.jpg DONE; This movie used textures from Kaliedoscope12 + Tunnel1 (not yet in the pack). A heart .obj was downloaded and everything was put together in Blender.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/kaliedoscope1.jpg RE-DONE; Somewhat easy. This movie had a perilious journey, it needed an update, but the frames got lost due to other frames clashing with them. I finally fixed it in V.2.1, so expect an update to this movie there.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/kaliedoscope4.jpg DONE; After making the kaleidoscope, I let myself naturally figure out the texture, and then wham. Awesomeness.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/kaliedoscope5.jpg DONE; At first: "Oh my god, I will never make this movie ever! D:" HOWEVER, decompiling it reveals it is simply a different inverted black and white version of geometry1 mirrored 9 times, thus the effect (planned) for geometry1 was used, and with Sony Vegas, created a mirrored and appealing effect.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/kaliedoscope8.jpg DONE; With help from parents (not my parents, but BLENDER parents) to move and rotate the eggs without interrupting their movement, I made the kaleidoscopes with ease.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/kaliedoscope10.jpg DONE; It's similar to Candy1; I suspected they used the same texture, and when I learned Candy1 used Kaliedoscope12's texture, I knew THAT had to be used in this one, too (and I was correct). Easy.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/kaliedoscope12.jpg DONE; Updated numerous times. The texture was at first very simplistic, then improved slightly, and then made 80% accurate (which is being kept). Very perilious.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/kaliedoscope14.jpg DONE; Even though the texture isn't an complex as the original, somehow, when I thought I'd never make it, I decided to experiment, and a power struck me that made the texture AWESOME. Seems pretty easier without all of the mini-masks.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/lens1.jpg DONE; Somewhat easy. I actually made a gradient in Paint.NET and masked it into a single len, and then, you know, made a ring of them and rotated them. (I might tweak this movie to be loopable smoothly.)

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/light2.jpg DONE; This movie's process was spread out over a month and a half. Something I noticed is that there are lights that are in symetrical places with each other, but not always, but at some point, I decided that the not matching points aren't noticable and just took the back panel and cloned it for the vertical and horizontal panels, rotating and flipping then as needed, because I wanted to finish the whole thing already.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/pentagon1.jpg DONE; Same as Circle11.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/pills3.jpg DONE; Not too hard, but was spread out from nearly a month (then the texture was improved during then). There are 14 sets of 5 pills that spin on a hidden axis (each pill delayed 2 frames after the other) that are positioned, rotated, and flipped accordingly, and the timing was changed earlier/later using Blender's Graph Editor, which selects all keyframes of all selected objects and, by grabbing them and moving in the X position, changes their timing. (Z position changes the intensity of the keyframes.)

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/rotation1.jpg DONE; The same process for Pills3 was used. It was made in under 24 hours (22).

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/rotation2.jpg DONE; A group of 18 lines that rotate (each line rotating 3 frames after the previous one) was made and duplicated 5 times, being positioned accordingly to the original rotation2.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/rotation3.jpg DONE; Same as rotation2 (with different line placements and hue corection)

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/rotation4.jpg DONE; Same as rotation2 (with a different perspective and hue correction).

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/square1.jpg DONE; Same as Circle11 and Pentagon1.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/star2.jpg DONE; Making this was easier than I thought, and looks VERY accurate (save for one minor animation error, but it passes).

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/tunnel2.jpg DONE; I had to look VERY carefully to notice it, but it's not a spiral as I always thought, it's a bunch of skewed triangles made out of prisms and spheres. I used Sony Vegas's noise texture that can be animated (Sony Vegas can only animate things slightly, limited to 10 video tracks...), and exported it as a .png sequence (for transparency), and then made the helix. Camera shifting was used (about Y: -1) for this movie. It's only a BETA movie, though, it should improve in V.2.1. I need those laser things as well.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/tunnel4.jpg DONE; (changes into Prinical Luna [from Class of 3000] outfit) FANTASTIC. (Takes outfit off) It took a while to look entirely by eye the balls texture (the prism textures are basically blue pixels) to get the swirly pattern just right. Each object is a child of an icosphere and cloned 3 times and rotated 120 degress more than the other (with the prism being animatedm moving between the balls). Each triangle goes from back to past the camera every 192 frames (5 pass every time, and there are 6 visible). The camera also rotates and shifts up and down, with the lighting attached to it. Another great movie.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/tunnel6.jpg DONE; Same as Circle11, Pentagon1, and Square1.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/tunnel7.jpg DONE; Same as Circle11, Pentagon1, Square1, and Tunnel6.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/tunnel9.jpg DONE; Same as Circle11, Pentagon1, Square1, Tunnel6, and Tunnel7 (once again), though the elements are always rightside up while each circle rotates, kind of like a ferris wheel.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/virus1.jpg DONE; Very perilious. It was made in blender, and the masked transparency tool was used for the materials. I made the virus balls and triangle pieces in Anime Studio. The particles are a separate file, as a transparent .png sequence. And it rendered just before I had to go to bed before November 1st, 2013, just in time for the pack's grand opening.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/wheel3.jpg DONE; Easy. I made 3 tire things and made them rotate through the hue spectrum, and then updated the movie for reflections.


http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/kaliedoscope7.jpg SCHEDULED FOR IMPROVEMENTS; The textures I used for this one in 2013 will soon be dis-continued. Making the objects was easy, then I re-enhanced the background, and soon, the ball textures.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/light7.jpg SCHEDULED FOR IMPROVEMENTS; Yeah, because I don't think the CuzcotheBlocky 2012 one is that great (but I don't want to stray from it), so I'll try to keep as much details as I can.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/smoke1.jpg SCHEDULED FOR IMPROVEMENTS; I'm not happy with the original one, and I am re-improving it. Currently halfway, I think. Trust me, it will be satisfying, I re-made Cross2 in 3 hours (and it surprisingly didn't take very long to render! Wow!) and was finally satisfied with the movie.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/star7.jpg SCHEDULED FOR IMPROVEMENTS; Yeah, I made it, but to be honest, I dislike it. :/ Maybe I shouldn't have made it in Anime Studio, even without taking ANYTHING from my CuzcotheBlocky videos 2012 pack.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/tunnel5.jpg SCHEDULED FOR IMPROVEMENTS; I'm not satisfied with the original attempt. I DID make it in Blender, but the hardest part is getting the tunnel deformed and warped and "Rolie Polie Olie"-isque as the other. I tried using an armature, but... GLITCHES. (Why can't Blender process more vertices accurately at a time? D: )


http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/amoeba4.jpg IN PROGRESS; I've came up with a silly way to make this movie; It's entirely 2D, and I trace other all 80 frames of the blobs (meaning it won't be loopable), and the orb thingy in the background, and then run it through YouTube's slow-motion thingy with a VERY high quality, download the movie, and then speed it up so it runs at the same speed as the original, since I want to go for the challenge of making all of the movies 60 fps. I only have, like, 1%, though it seems like a good start.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/bracelet1.jpg IN PROGRESS; Sort of working on it. I got one/two entire bracelet ring(s) done, I believe. It's going to take a while to get ALL of the bracelets, but there should only be, like, 14-16. So 6/7 more.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/chain1.jpg IN PROGRESS; I'm probably halfway-1/3rd there. I've just improved the texture MASSIVELY in Cross2 V.2, so I need to update that, and then once I get all 3 color schemes of that, and all of the moving chains, it will be finished. This has a 50-50 chance of being in V.2.1.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/cube3.jpg IN PROGRESS; This one seems pretty easy (easier than Bracelet1) but somehow a bit time consuming. However, it should have a higher chance than Bracelet1 on being in the next release.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/disco1.jpg IN PROGRESS; This, and Tunnel1, have been in "development hell" for 6 months. I'm halfway through this one, but the armature on the jukebox thingy glitched, and I have to do it manually, which is kind of time consuming. :/ After that, I have to make the firework thingies, and I don't know how to do those, so yeah... A definite challenge.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/egg5.jpg IN PROGRESS; This one looks easy, all that's needed is the texture, which is obscured, but I might be able to figure it out.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/geometry1.jpg IN PROGRESS; I'm working on each of the crystals. It's pretty easy, and hopefully will make it in the pack. (BTW, with some randomization, RevAddict5's username is spelled in the crystals.)

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/kaliedoscope3.jpg IN PROGRESS; I got the opening rings down. The texture is pretty easy, but this movie relies on Spiral1's completion, which is pretty hard.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/kaliedoscope11.jpg IN PROGRESS; UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH gosh. The texture is, like, one of the most hardest things I've ever faced. I'm only 1/6th there after 5 months! Sad Not quite for a good while, unfortunately, unless the power that made me make Disco3 very awesome strikes again.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/kaliedoscope13.jpg IN PROGRESS; Another "OH MY GOD THIS ONE IS FRUSTRATING AGGH" one. I always hated re-creating the texture, even in CuzcotheBlocky videos 2012. I'm only, like, 1/12th there!

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/kaliedoscope15.jpg IN PROGRESS; I CAN definitely make this one, it's possible, only 1 texture is used (though it's pretty hard). I'm sure the end result will be (changes into Prinical Luna [from Class of 3000] outfit) fantastic. (Takes outfit off)

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/ribbon1.jpg IN PROGRESS; Hm... This could be made. I cannot promise it will be in V.1.2, though it might if I'm lucky. After using the same technique for feather1 (unwrapping the texture and tracing it with each stripe/line as a single vector), I have to make the ribbon, which is a bunch of randomizes polygons, like Crystal1/Geometry1/Kaliedoscope5, and the positions scattered. It might be possible...

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/ribbon2.jpg IN PROGRESS; CAN'T...MAKE...ALL...OF THOSE DOTS...TOO...MANY...TO...BE MADE...!!!!!! AGH!!!!!!!!

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/rotation5.jpg IN PROGRESS; Hm... The texture will look deformed slightly, but other than that, should be accurate with some careful "x-ray vision" through obscurations.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/sphere2.jpg IN PROGRESS; Cross1 and Sphere2 rely on each other to be made. If one gets completed, the other will be. But that's pretty hard. See Cross1's description above. UPDATE: I've found out the trick to the floor; It's really the same non-mirrored triangular texture with order 16 symmetry, and a very pushy square, ring, and weird blobs between the latter two. I can DEFINITELY make it, and then I'll be 1 step closer to making one of my favorite movies (since I can remix it with it's nature).

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/spiral1.jpg IN PROGRESS; Ugh, this one will also take a while. I'm still working on the texture (which, turns out, is EXTREMELY jiggly, due to making sure I trace every single frame for accuracy), but if anything, it will result in Kaliedoscope3's completion 1st.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/tunnel1.jpg IN PROGRESS; Another one that hasn't been finished after 6 entire months. I STILL need to get off of my lazy ass and finally finish THIS one. BTW, I'm not satisfied with the texture. And on the bubbles, I can't get it mapped correctly, and I don't know how the original animator of the original Tunnel1 did it.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/tunnel8.jpg IN PROGRESS; Very interesting, indeed. The thing I'm really trying to pull off are the circular parts. After that, it will be complete.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/tunnel14.jpg IN PROGRESS; Again, large placements, and gettting the texture right. Hard.


http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/amoeba1.jpg NOTHING; The texture seems pretty easy enough, but the most peculiar feature is... the blobs themselves. Like the other amoeba movies, I just can't make the blobs THAT accurate, and I want to get all of the movies (maybe not a few ON PURPOSE, like Disco2) as accurate as I possibly can. So... you might not expect this for a while.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/amoeba2.jpg NOTHING; This one is PRETTY hard as well. Everything about the movie, the textures and objects. However, within VERY careful inspection, I've discovered there are only 2 different blobs copied and placed differently. So the blobs may not be that hard.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/amoeba3.jpg NOTHING; Same as Amoeba1. However, the texture seems simple and might help me get the pixel texture on Tunnel1 looking great.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/cross1.jpg NOTHING; For one, I need to figure out how to make the textures and what shape the interior is, and the pulsing crosses (and how to map the texutre on them) and it's very confusing. Probably not for a while (but you never know, even I don't).

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/crystal1.jpg NOTHING; I can DEFINITELY do this one, but the colors ARE kind of time consuming. However, I'm trying to aim this one in V.2.1.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/cube5.jpg NOTHING; A VERY time-consuming one. Like, I'd have to position all of the cubes correctly (some even hidden), and who knows about the texture? Not for a while. :/

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/egg1.jpg NOTHING; Well, I have the background texture, at least, but the ones on the eggs... That's a different story (especially the peculiar side ones). :/

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/egg2.jpg NOTHING; The thing I'm concerned about is the... interesting... pixels. They seem to have the eggs (raw video with no background) inside them while changing saturation and lumosity.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/egg3.jpg NOTHING; This use the same technique as Egg2; The pixels have the raw objects while changing saturation and lumosity, but the eggs have a texture that I'm still trying to figure out.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/egg4.jpg NOTHING; And let's meet another one that's very complex. I will need to complete Kaliedoscope11+Kaliedoscope14 to make this (my god, Kaliedoscope11 is harder than I thought! D: ), and figure out those green and purple eggs. Not for a good while... Sad

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/fire1.jpg NOTHING; While I find it boring, I WANT to make it, but getting the flames down is kind of hard (but it's only 1 ring, so not too hard).

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/fireworks4.jpg NOTHING; That...interior texture... If you think you can make it, post your result on this thread (or PM me it) and I will be so impressed. Honest.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/kaliedoscope2.jpg NOTHING; A tricky one... I have to figure out how to get the "blades" to extend while the texture isn't affected... And the textures need tracing.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/lava1.jpg NOTHING; Oddly enough, I show a lack of interest for this one. But it looks as easy as Kaliedoscope11, it shouldn't be TOO difficult. And it's interesting... having eggs that change the lava from red and yellow to green and black.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/light3.jpg NOTHING; A bit more harder, especially considering Bracelet1's nature. :/

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/light4.jpg NOTHING; Oh my. Very busy and complex. Doesn't look very hard, though it may take long to get all of the lights. I've NEVER attempted to re-create this movie.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/pills1.jpg NOTHING; Wow, look at how busy THIS one is. It will take a while, though I'm sure the texture is Tunnel1's pixel texture, with a hue correction to blue.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/pills2.jpg NOTHING; Pills1 from a closer perspective... and the texture hue corrected to vermillion.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/seaweed1.jpg NOTHING; Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope nope. This one is just...too much stuff to be made. :/

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/sphere1.jpg NOTHING; Oh. I did a test, and the texture isn't being mapped correctly, so that's a problem. Also, the floor texture is very complex. This one should wait.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/spiral2.jpg NOTHING; I hate this one so much. I made a test and...ew. ._. Not for a very long while. (I may even have to ASK Konami for the textures or something.)

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/spiral3.jpg NOTHING; Oh my... This one has a lot of complexity as well. I will have to make outlines that have moving gaps in them in cycles, though I want to avoid masking, as that might crash Anime Studio. But, really, that's not my biggest concern. What my biggest concern is the file size. It's very big, no matter how you look at it. In beware's 2013 pack, it is 2.37 MB. Very big. Even in pkgingo and AeronPeryton's arcade rips, which divides all movies into 80 frames, it is the largest, at 1.81 MB. So this one should wait too. :/

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/stairs1.jpg NOTHING; This one seems pretty hard, but once I get 1 staircase down, the others fall in place. It's like Fire1.

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/waterfall1.jpg NOTHING; Another one I'm not very interested in, strangely. This one... is interesting. I will need to figure out how to pull this one off the water, and then it will fall into place. Hopefully, I dunno. :/

http://ddr.bircd.org/vidthumbs/wheel1.jpg NOTHING; This one is complex. I need to map the pixel texture on the blades so they don't go on the sides, but the top, bottom, and points of the blades. I want to appreciate this movie more, and re-creating it might give it that boost, but I dunno.

So with that, I'm already halfway through, with 43/87. Only another half left, and then I will be satisfied. Completely. And then it will help me get more experience for making other movies, like Star3 or Ring4, so making these abstract animations REALLY help me try my hand at the animation career, for backgrounds and other stuff. (I have my own way of making animated characters, see this; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELSaw7xCi1I ) I've managed to figure out tricks for Candy1 and Kaliedoscope5, so I'll probably ALWAYS find a way to make all 87. Also, I would like to remind anyone looking at this thread; If you want a video to be in the pack sooner, you can ask for it. Let's say someone asked about circle8, and I would state how hard/easy it looks, then try to do it. For very complex movies, it may take a very long time. Otherwise, the requested movies should be in the next update. You can even request a set of movies (example; For a song) and I will attempt to fulfill the list of movies used in the song as much as possible.


My newest masterpiece. I made the texture with very VERY careful examination (especially the circle blob), then the (slightly inaccurate) wavy 70's like texture on the spheres, then I figured out the balls are really in a checkerboard pattern and not randomly placed. So making this was slightly easier than I thought. Kon's name appears on the floor because...

Quote: Kon
AAA#913 - NOTHING GONNA STOP. Drifts once it gets to the bouncing balls background and gets back on sync once it gets to the closing arrows.

"Bouncing Balls" is actually a pretty nice name and makes sense, so I followed him. The balls bouncing on Kon's name represents him getting a hard time getting an AAA when this movie is reached due to the song drifting. Lol.

Anyway, Cross1 is definitely being in pack V.2.1 as well, since both textures are shared on both movies, on the background or objects.

Post #16 · Posted at 2014-05-02 08:27:30am 7.4 years ago

Offline Byo_Kizuki
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Post #17 · Posted at 2014-05-21 04:01:18am 7.4 years ago

Offline CuzcoBlocko
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It is time.


I assure you guys, releasing the next pack WON'T take 5 months. It will take about 2 weeks.

So yeah, it's only 18 videos after 5 months? I'd like to remind you guys I didn't work on the pack at all during January 2014-March 2014 to enforce effort on another animation project. And I had some slight laziness. To make up for it, I inserted some more stuff; I actually decided to make 640x640 movies of all 20 textures I made (18 are official). Also, as I said, there are some movies that are longer than they are in the normal group of movies, or movies that are clipped to 80 frames looping instead of pingpong. So, accordingly, "Alternates" and "Textures" folders were placed in the pack. If you have any questions, just tell me.

Post #18 · Posted at 2014-05-21 05:36:30am 7.4 years ago

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So 2.1 must add to version 2. Do I need any earlier versions?

Post #19 · Posted at 2014-05-21 05:40:42am 7.4 years ago

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No. V.2 is the earliest you need. As I said, V.1 and V.1.1 has 700x394, but with a new so-much-better codec, I updated every single video to be 800x450 in V.2. You do not need versions before that (unless you want to look at my earliest work).

Post #20 · Posted at 2014-05-21 05:42:34am 7.4 years ago

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Thought so. I have only kept version 2.
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