Interesting Little Things in DDR

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Post #2481 · Posted at 2023-03-17 07:51:08am 1.1 years ago

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So I played DDR 1stMIX for the past 2 weeks for a video series. And I found 3 interesting things I discovered there.

1.) The 2-player system is a little funky. Yes, you can play Couples and Versus for an entire session, and it is possible to play Couples by having both players start the game at different times. Versus can also be playable if the second player presses "Start" at the "Ready" screen of a song, but that only lasts for 1 stage before it reverts to Couples the following stages.
Here's a video demonstration:

2.) I believe in miracles, one of the bonus tracks for 2ndReMIX, has the least stage-specific animations that can be played with a total of 6 animations out of 12. The song can only be played on the 1st and 2nd stage, no Final or Extra Stage. (that is 2 stages out of 4, multiplied by the 3 different character sets and animations)
Video as proof:

That's less than even the three PARANOiA songs and TRIP MACHINE, which are possible to play in the "1st stage" complete with its animations if you play Doubles on Hard Mode while only on 1 player or if you press Left on Easy Mode to load the Hard Mode songs there. Those songs aren't available to play on the 2nd stage, so those four songs can play 9 out of 12 animations in the game.

3.) Afro and Lady's 2nd stage animations are the only ones that aren't a perfect loop, because of one part: the "butterfly fill" section. In the first loop, the butterflies are yellow-brown, but in the next loop, they're blue.
First loop:
Second loop:
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Post #2482 · Posted at 2023-04-19 05:27:47pm 1.1 years ago

Offline Fibonacci42175
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Probably already been covered, but still one of my favorite factoids since it revolves around the ULTRAMIX/UNIVERSE series, my first CS DDR games.

Did you know that Senses by JT.1UP and its remix, the Kaiju Remix, have the exact same charts? Both songs are editied the same way, so you could layer them and they would line up and be in sync with one another. As such, the old charts were just duplicated over to the remix when UNIVERSE 3 was released.

Despite this, the two songs technically do NOT share the same MAX COMBOS. All the Xbox games sans UNIVERSE 3 have jumps count as 2 Combo instead of 1 like in current AC, and Kaiju Remix only appeared in UNIVERSE 3.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nb1SOf8zSYc

Post #2483 · Posted at 2023-04-19 06:11:26pm 1.1 years ago

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I didn't know that about Senses' charts but I'm not even a little surprised the people who put Memories' charts on Rescue Me and just replaced Dynamite Rave's music like they did would do such a thing.
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Post #2484 · Posted at 2023-04-19 08:39:43pm 1.1 years ago

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they also did that with one of the ULTRAMIX DLC revival charts, i don't remember which one. they just plastered an entirely different chart onto its Challenge (or maybe a set of charts instead, if it's one of the Challenge-only remixes) and it doesn't work at all. nd i don't mean, like, how they accidentally put CANDY STAR's charts in with CANDY♥. this one was deliberately done. it had to have been.

Post #2485 · Posted at 2023-04-19 10:24:22pm 1.1 years ago

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You are thinking of Kind Lady (interlude) - charts directly copied from DROP THE BOMB remix

Post #2486 · Posted at 2023-04-27 03:49:34pm 1 year ago

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A fun little trivia:

1, 2 Step's Beginner chart currently has the lowest note count in a Consumer Software version.

Mess With My Emotions's Beginner chart currently has the lowest note count in an Arcade Cabinet version.

Both songs debuted in the same game (DanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY).

I can't take credit for discovering this fact. I was watching yuisin's YouTube video (depicted below) and made the connection there.

Edit: Fixed error by switching "Arcade Cabinet" and "Consumer Software" to its correct and appropriate sentence, a mistake that I initially overlooked.

Post #2487 · Posted at 2023-05-24 05:01:01pm 1 year ago

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Found out that Euromix and Euromix 2 can be played in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland & The United Kingdom.
That's quite a lot of COUNTRIES in Europe and they have all taken part in the ESC (except Australia), but how can it still be played in the UK while we're out of the EU?
That Warning comes up during the attract mode & during boot mode, but in Japan, America, Asia & Australia this lasted up to the latest DDR games, but in Europe this warning isn't displayed in the later games. Why is this?

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Post #2489 · Posted at 2023-05-24 11:55:05pm 1 year ago

Offline eataninja
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how can it still be played in the UK while we're out of the EU?

You mean your local Euromix 2 machine didn't spontaneously combust after Brexit?

Post #2490 · Posted at 2023-11-26 02:47:54am 6 months ago

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Post #2491 · Posted at 2024-01-31 03:35:55pm 3.8 months ago

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Post #2492 · Posted at 2024-03-28 07:29:42pm 1.9 months ago

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one of the A20+ licenses, Roki, is sung by none other than Shinji Ikari's VA, Megumi Ogata! ofc, this version of Roki is a cover, but it's cool to see Shinji singing in a DDR license lol
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