Sapporo: DDRX ~Survival Dance~ 6/5/2010

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So it looks like there's going to be a tournament up in Hokkaido on the Saturday the 5th of June and I'm officially inviting anyone to come. (As in if you say you are coming, I'll tell the people running the tournament and we can make arrangements for hotels and stuff.)

It's in Sakaemachi, which is just outside of Sapporo which is the main city in Hokkaido, of course. From Chitose airport it's about a 45 minute train ride to Sapporo and then another 15 minute train ride from Sapporo to Sakaemachi.

I'm working on a guestlist right now, and it's extremely short because literally four competitive players have RSVP'd. If you want to come up, please let me know so we can get reservations worked out sooner than later. (Short notice and whatnot)

Hope to see everyone soon! =)


Here's a link to the Japanese copy of the rules.

There's no official English translation yet, but what Aaron wrote out in the following message is verified as correct:

Quote: "seishinbyou"

* Players will play in pairs. If there are an odd number of participants, a staff will act as a "dummy" player

* All options and modifiers are freely selectable by the players

* The winner will be determined by the points system defined for this tournament below:

** At registration, players will assign a multiplier from the set (x3,x2,x1,x1,x1) to each of "Marvelous", "Perfect", "Great", "Good", "Almost". This will be the basis for scoring
*** x3 can not be applied to "almost"

** Miss = x-1, OK = x2 are fixed values

* For the first 3 "battles", players (in pairs of two) will each play one of the songs they are to pick at registration time. However, if the same song is picked by both players, the same song will not be played again, and the winner of the song the first time will proceed to the next stage

* The types of songs that must be chosen at registration time are below:

(Note: they say "course" for all these, but I think you just pick a song)
* 1st round (Level 6 song)
*** High speed song
*** Low speed song

(Note: I'm not sure if by "note" they mean number of steps. You might want to ask)
* 2nd round (Level 8 song)
*** Song with few notes
*** Song with many notes

* 3rd round (Level 10 song)
*** Awkward rhythm song
*** Song with BPM changes

Main event (final round(s)):

* 3 people will pick and 3 songs/official stepcharts each (arranged in a 3-song course)

* Xmixes, Sunkiss Drop and the same songs used again can not be used

* If one player's song is the same as the last person's song, that can not be played again except on another difficulty

* For songs at a higher level, bonus points will be awarded as follows:

** Level 13 or under : 0 points bonus
** Level 14 : 10 points
** Level 15 : 25 points
** Level 16 : 40 points
** Level 17 : 60 points
** Level 18 : 100 points

* The player with the highest points based on their initial selection of scoring system (see top of this document) and bonus for their 3 song set will win.

* (recommendation) go for a song with lots of notes that is easy to step/time

* Usage of "cut" on a high level song will void your bonus (to stop you from picking Dead End Groove on Cut everything but 1/4 steps or something and still trying to get the bonus)

* Mini Battle Tournament (Step Champ) *

This is just a bonus tournament held after the main event. Based off the series of silly mini games found in the "Bishi Bashi" series. Main Events include:

* Great/Good/Almost attack
* Looking over shoulder play (???)
* Stomping in frustration (???)
* Butterfly Arrow Play
* Edit Data
* One Step Play (???)
* Paper Guide Play
* 1 person, 1 panel play

So yeah, it's weird shit. But it should be fun.

coming up:
directions to the event
possible flight details/schedules
attendance list (Japanese and foreign, if necessary)
possibility of streaming? Justin.TV maybe?
some shit

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"Full Stream Ahead!"
Aww, I would love to go. They seriously need some of these in the U.S.
Thanks so much for the banner Lord Toon! And for the icon Dan!

Post #3 · Posted at 2010-05-19 02:58:03am 13.7 years ago

Offline discovigilante
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MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/mahounofuusen
Mm, there are plenty of tourneys in the US, just not that many small local ones like this. You can check boards like DDR Freak and Aaron in Japan for tournament listings and pray that there are some in your area.
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