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OK so since I've been playing around with creating simfiles more and more and making some good progress I've decided to jump on the bandwagon of my own simfile thread, and perhaps soon my own simfile section here in Z-I-V.

To start with, lets say I have a HUGE imagination and have thought up all kinds of ideas for simfiles and packs that I'd love to do and maybe one day I'll be able to put a few together. I like to look at what Konami do and try to emulate that style but add some touches of my own. I must shamefully say that some of my favourite parts of simfile creation isn't creating the steps because I love to make well synced LRC files for all the sims they apply to, cut and sync videos which are preferably official and clean, and less so but still quite a lot cutting the mp3 to a workable DDR length.
My weakest area is most likely the creation of graphics. I often don't even bother making a BG as it is needless when I include a video. I play around with ideas for graphics and try to keep a clean and neat style with stylish but readable song titles and clear artist names.

My main problem for creating my own steps was that I never used to understand the best approach or how to get the Gap to sync it perfectly. These areas have improved, especially recently, although they are definitely not up to the level of many members on here and other simfile communities such as DDRExtreme.co.uk and NewDDROrder, but I try.

When playing around with songs and files I notice certain errors Konami have made on their own licences: poor sync, bad fadeouts, ugly graphics, etc and wonder if I could do better. I am a big licence lover so my files tend to focus solely on well known songs and fitting them into DDR. I like to create a complete experience rather than conjure up some Expert steps and upload them onto Bemanistyle. *coughcough*

Anyway I'll use this thread to post ideas, and files that I may be working on. I'll use my Youtube account EuroMIX2 to post as much as I can to give a more visual idea till everything is finalised.
Finally, I ADORE constructive criticism. Please do tell me if something seems off, I've done something wrong, or if you have concerns about something I've done with a file. I'm always learning so there are likely many things I'll do wrong, but I will try my best to make good quality simfiles.

Because my simfile organization is a mess I'll be updating this thread later with information of the files I'm working on and try to find a good format to show it in. Apologies if there isn't much here right now.

Life Got Cold
Girls Aloud

A slow licence by the girls I'm currently playing around with. It has a nice video and some great lyrics.


A saucy little number which I believe would have been one of the better choices as a Sugababes song for inclusion in Dancing Stage SuperNOVA PS2. It has a good beat and some fun lyrics, and the cut was simple and very effective in my eyes. One I've been working on for a while.

No Good Advice
Girls Aloud

This would be my personal choice as a Girls Aloud song to include in Dancing Stage SuperNOVA2. Currently working on a lot of it.

Solaris Phase 2
Tomoya Ohtani

Video displaying the steps on Basic

Otherwise know as the instrumental version of the song His World from videogame Sonic The Hedgehog on the 360 and PS3. The first song I've done with excessive BPM changes throughout and a bit of a learning experience for me.

Don't Stop Me Now
Studio 54

Video of the mp3 cut

Cover of a Queen song and sounds very like Dancemania to me. Just playing around with this one currently and the banner is a place-holder.

I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
Deja Vu featuring Tasmin

The original Aerosmith version might be my potential wedding song but the Planet Lution Mix from DDR Solo is just plain awesome. This appears to be the original Deja Vu cover and it's just as dancy and lovely to listen to. Banner is still a bit of a place-holder as I play around with ideas but this is one I'd love to get done sometime.

Updates and more on the way!
Thanks to Lord Toon for the user banner.
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