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Post #1 · Posted at 2023-12-06 08:43:11am 6.4 months ago

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Hey all, it's 03:43 in the morning where I'm at, and I can't sleep. I have this idea stuck in my head that I'm going to share with you all.

Alternate reality 2005. That one GameSpot interview wasn't misheard, and Konami really is going to release a mainstream-focused Beatmania game in the US called "Beatmania To The X". Here's what I think it would be like.

I think Konami would totally have gone the G4 X-Play route and made a Guitar Hero ripoff. Picture this: You're a n00b DJ, and you're starting out making simple trap beats in your bedroom, while using a custom built deck gifted to you from your parents to help you peruse your dreams of becoming a famous DJ. The deck looks like a IIDX controller.

Anyway, stupid storyline ensues. Your goal is to one day be able to play at "The X" which is a huge music festival in the big city. You probably already can guess where this is going. You have different venues as you progress through the story: garage, school dance, small club, etc...until you make it to "The X".

Similar to Guitar Hero (and Beatmania) you would have certain songs that would be available on certain stages. Konami could even take a page out of the 5key handbook and and stylize the music selection screen after something like 2ndMIX where you see the genre, and then the song titles on the load screens.

As far as the music goes, I would expect it to loosely be the same as what we would end up getting in US IIDX. Same kinda licenses, same kinda Konami originals... As far as 5key inclusions, I have no idea. Maybe some kind of beginner mode, before your ready for 7key?

Visually, I'm picturing the game to be essentially a mishmash of elements from Guitar Hero I and II and Beatmania IIDX. It would take the art design for the characters and venues from Guitar Hero while retaining the Beatmania UI and gameplay. It would probably look terrible. Actually, while we're borrowing so much from Guitar Hero, why not just 86 the BGAs and fill that space with pre-rendered footage of you playing at the different venues. (à la early Rock Band?)

Anyway, game would release in 2006, fans would go apeshit, we would all whine about how Konami hates America, and then we'd get ready to do it all over again three years later when we get a half-assed Pop'n Music game on Wii. (The only good thing about that game is that you can play Motörhead and Ramones songs in a POP'N game.)

I need sleep.
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