beatmania IIDX 31 EPOLIS (AC)

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Post #61 · Posted at 2023-12-08 01:48:46am 4.6 months ago

Offline A-zu-ra
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Last updated: 2023-12-08 02:13am
Going through pictures and videos of people playing this event the first time, and this is what I got about how My Polis Designer works:

Every play, based on your performance and town development, you are given some tiles and some METRON to build up your town.

METRON is the main currency that you use to purchase song and chart unlocks in every area.

The tiles you get can be used to build and develop one of four different types of areas for that town, which are:
- Pink Tourism Areas (観光エリア) which grant more METRON based on your DJ LEVEL which is useful for people who consistently score high
- Blue Office Areas (オフィスエリア) which grant more METRON based on your CLEAR TYPE which is useful if you challenge yourself often with HARD/EX HARD gauges or aim for FULL COMBOs
- Green Downtown Areas (繁華街エリア) which grant more METRON every play in general which is useful for those who play IIDX often
- Yellow Bank Areas (銀行エリア) which allows you to bank more METRON when you're not playing which is useful for those who don't play IIDX often

This event allows you to accumulate METRON even when you're not playing the game, up to one week. All of the different areas you can build up are pretty nice and flexible to different play styles and play circumstances, so even if you play every day or if you only play every once in a while, you can still make some progress Surprised

Post #62 · Posted at 2023-12-20 04:25:11am 4.2 months ago

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Last updated: 2023-12-20 04:25am
Round 1 of MY POLIS DESIGNER unlocks:
[TRANCE CORE] INHERITANCE / Zekk / 180 BPM / -/6/9/11/- -/6/9/11/-
[FREEFORM ARTCORE] Out of Control / CANVAS feat. Quimär / 185 BPM / -/6/10/12/- -/6/10/12/-
[EURODANCE SPEED] winkle 2 winkle / Ryu☆ ft.NU-KO / 171 BPM / -/6/9/11/- -/6/9/11/-
[COLD BEAT] ZEROIN ON THE LIGHT / SOUND HOLIC Vs. ZYTOKINE feat. Nana Takahashi / 162 BPM / -/5/8/10/- -/5/8/10/-
Boss song: [GOTHIC PIANO TRANCE] Vermilion Carol / OSTER project / 175 BPM / -/7/10/12/- -/7/10/12/-

Also, you can now link your ULTIMATE MOBILE account to EPOLIS to unlock:
[PSYCHEDELIC] Psychedelic Intelligence / BST "Sota Fujimori" / 150 BPM / -/6/9/11/- -/6/9/11/- (brand new DP charts)

BUMP 12/20/2023: Arena Mode is back! This round of unlocks is the revival of Logic Board from 9th Style and [L] charts for 表裏一体!?怪盗いいんちょの悩み♥.

Yes, this IS first time we're seeing a more recent dj nagureo song come back since the majority of his music was scrapped from beatmania. Hopefully this means we'll get more of his stuff back...

Post #63 · Posted at 2024-02-14 01:05:02pm 2.3 months ago

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Last updated: 2024-02-14 01:11pm


2nd Triple Tribe collab song revealed:
Ambivalent Vermilia // BEMANI Sound Team "二代目朱雀 feat.朱雀"

第2回 BEMANI PRO LEAGUE -SEASON 3- Triple Tribe will run from Feb 15th to April 21st, 2024.
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Post #64 · Posted at 2024-04-02 07:09:23am 3.1 weeks ago

Offline midnightclubx
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[Secret event announcement]
“EPOLIS SINGULARITY” starts on Thursday, April 4th!
Something strange has happened to the near-future city "EPOLIS"...? The key seems to be to use the "normal" method or the "mirror copying" method to enter the singularity that causes it...
Achieve the hidden conditions and enter the singularity to uncover the mysteries hidden in EPOLIS!

Cardinal Gate 2.0?

Post #65 · Posted at 2024-04-04 12:25:08am 2.9 weeks ago

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Last updated: 2024-04-04 01:21pm
Doesn't seem to be Cardinal Gate, just a regular ES/OMES pair.

Extra Stage: [CINEMATIC BREAKCORE] Demon March / Nhato / 174 BPM
One More Extra Stage: [PROLOGUE] 惑星鉄道 / Snail's House / 10-166 BPM

EDIT: found a video of someone actually clearing 惑星鉄道
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