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Post #1 · Posted at 2023-04-02 12:32:05am 1.1 years ago

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"era {nostril mix}"

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Cross-posting this as LongMiku doesn't have a Zenius account, please no misconceptions that me and her are the same.

3 Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf / Jools TV
Anathema / Asaki
Angel / Big Bad Bosses
BA KKWO (SilvaGunner ver.) / LEE JUNG HYUN x PSY
Baboons / Baboons
Bad Bitch On Jeopardy / Wuki & Kayla Nicole
Bamboo on Bamboo / Sampling Masters MEGA
Between You & Me / Clementine Werchola
Bluey Theme Tune / Bluey
BLVCK MVGIC / Kill The Noise
BPM=RT / t+pazolite
Busy (BAYLI Remix) / Nina Las Vegas
Buttholes Are Nothing To Be Laughed At / Laura Clery
Cars With The Boom / L.Trimm
Chair, Your Favorite Streamer! / Tanuki Dan
chug jug with you / suzie ft. Hatsune Miku
Cold Pizza / m1dy
D Se Dab / Nick India
Eco Ji / Y&Co.
Electric Chair / TORA_V4 ft. Hatsune Miku
f**k it / GHOST ft. Hatsune Miku
Face Off / FWLR
Fee Fi Fo Fum / Candy Girls ft. Sweet Pussy Pauling
Honey in Herre / Triple-Q
Hooked on a Feeling / Blue Swede ft. David Hasselhoff
Horse / Salvatore Ganacci
Hullemaal Kapot / Snollebollekes
Hymn / Music Instructor
I Look Good / O.T. Genasis
i ordered the cafe cursed happy meal at 3am / XephitE
Introvert / Value Select
Jag orkar inte mer / Markoolio
Jam (Turn It Up) (Hyperpop Remix) / Kim Kardashian ft. Eliminate & Walter
Jordan Stole The Precious Slam / Quad City DJ's vs IOSYS by ZVARRI
Kolorowe Sny / Just 5
Livin La Vida Loca / JAKAZiD ft. the vocalist from American Idol GBA
London Underground / Amateur Transplants
Macho Man Slim Jim (Remix) / The Remix Bros
Mannequin / DECO*87 ft. Hatsune Miku
MERP / Tytolis
My Neck, My New York Back Raise / Unimagine Dragons
Never Gonna Give You Up / Radioclub
Oops, I Farted Again / Bob Rivers
PARANOiA / 180
Park Your Car On My Face / Louis Cole
Party Dog / Tom Cardy ft. Ernie the Corgi
Peanut Butter / RuPaul ft. Big Freedia
Pokecito / Sandy Rojas ft. Eric H
Renai=seido x ninshikiryoku / Rissyuu vs L.E.D.-G feat.Choko & Nanahira
Return of the Realistic Party / Value Select
Sexting / Bo Burnham
Shit On My Ass (Eliminate Remix) [v1] / Brian Robert Jones
Shit On My Ass (Eliminate Remix) [v2] / Brian Robert Jones
Shota Shota Island / Gobou-P ft. Kagamine Len & Utatane Piko
So Much More! / Haruka Sawamura
Sokuuseki! Nouchoku music system / MOSAIC.WAV
Sparkle Mountain / Andrew Huang
Spoonie Pillow Commercial / Joman
Still Think About My Roof / Bishu
Strokin' (It's More Than A Feeling) / Bill McClintock ft.Clarence Carter & Boston
Surfin' USA / Stepping Selection Sound Team
Take Those Pills / Pogo
Tell Me Your Name Again (Again) / Value Select
Tempestissimo (CupcakKe Remix) / t+pazolite remixed by Vietto
Tuberu (Earth Apple Mix) / The Scaritones vs Gnocchi Maeda
U=Me=Us / 2gether
U.N. Owen Was Her (Short Version) / SilvaGunner
Waving My Dick In The Wind / Ween
WHA / Camellia involving Nanahira
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (Dance Mix) / David Yazbek and Sean Altman
Whoomp! (There It Is) / Kidz Bop



Hewwo again~! ( ノ ^o^)ノ

Our Cafe Cursed event last year generated enough buzz that I've been able to refurbish the place! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
But the cost of our new franchise deal completely drained my account.. AND there's a new staff on the payroll.. ༼ ༎ຶ ᆺ ༎ຶ༽


You'll help us out again.. won't you?! (*^ ‿ <*)♡

Cafe Cursed 2 begins March 1st, at the SMRequests Discord!
Link to join the channel is below; make sure to grab the Cafe Cursed 2 role!



You walk into your favorite donut shop, ready to start your morning with a fresh coffee and pastry. Oh, but the music playing today is kinda... off-sounding? And Long Miku, since when did you start working here??
You have now entered Cafe Cursed 2~!

Cafe Cursed 2 is the return of everyone’s favorite April Fool’s Day pack, now under the SMRequests community name! This pack will be comprised of simfiles consisting of the following:

A theme of "guilty pleasure" songs; meme/comedy songs; "music that annoys you" but still fun to play!

Please check out last year’s songlist for examples! If you’re unsure if your song fits the theme please DM one of the mods and they will let you know!

Compared to our previous FEARMIX event, this pack is not part of a competition; it's a collaboration! However, there will be a Twitch broadcast with fun shenanigans for chat, so stay tuned ( ノ ^o^)ノ

PLEASE NOTE: We can't disappoint Long Miku, so please don't make things "shit on purpose”. Despite the name, this pack still aims to present a high quality, accessible experience for all players to enjoy!

Limit of 3 files per author; collabs do not count towards a single author’s file count.
Have fun with your simfiles, but please be light on gimmicks and mods that severely impact gameplay; save it for FEARMIX! If you do include any attacks, mods or Lua shenanigans, please title your song ending with [MODS] for the song wheel!
We will be having a Twitch broadcast on Saturday, April 1st (not an April Fools’ Day joke!) to reveal the whole pack!

Entries must be unreleased, completely new simfiles; once the pack is released, participants are of course free to add their entries to any solo projects, etc.
No songs that contain graphic lyrics or visuals of sex or contain hate speech of any kind. If we can't play it on Twitch due to TOS violations, don't submit it!
Songs should ideally be under 2:30. If your song cut is longer than this, please contact a moderator before you start work as we will need to approve it first!
All charts must be pad charts, no keyboard charts.
Use DDR X-Scale rating (1-20) and sync to a null offset.
You can submit files with just one chart, but we encourage full difficulties where possible!
If your file contains any attacks, mods, or Lua, please add [MODS] to the end of your song title.
Ensure your file has a full graphics set: banner image, background image and jacket image, as well as #CREDITS tag. If submitting a file with a video banner, please also include a still image version of that banner in the song folder.
Every file within your song folder should be [Song Folder]-bg.png, [Song Folder].avi and so on. Files will be renamed before uploading to Zenius, but please minimize our work!

To create the best pack possible, all simfiles submitted will be pre-tested by our Cafe Cursed Team. If your simfile fails to meet our quality expectations (eg. containing blatant charting errors, song/BGA sync issues), you will be contacted to discuss any changes we would like to see before accepting it into the pack. Please note that changes will only be requested where absolutely necessary to improve the pack's overall gameplay experience!

If your entry fails to meet any of these criteria or is considered poor quality even after revisions, we reserve the right to not include your song in the finished pack. This is the last thing we want, so we will work with you where necessary! If you're pressed for time or need assistance, you can also use the #cafe-help-desk channel to ask the community for help.

If you have any questions, reach out in the SMRequests server or contact one of the CC2 mods: LongMiku, LongLuka, BennoOwO, Kikoia, NowhereDanceClub, MrTwinkles

DEADLINE: Tuesday, March 28th
PREMIERE STREAM: Saturday, April 1st




Thank you for everyone who contributed and tuned in to the stream!!
A video of the stream will be available soon too!

See ya next year~

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Bo burnham Laughing Out Loud
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