MissingUTAH's X-Scale Conversions

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Post #1 · Posted at 2022-07-21 01:14:26am 1.9 years ago

Offline MissingUTAH
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Last updated: 2022-07-26 07:43pm
The Category
In this pack I'm converting songs from the old scale to the X-Scale.

Cause I like it, but also a lot of old important packs are getting forgotten. Who here doesn't know about DWI Extreme for example? Converting them to the current scale so they're not a pain to use sounds like a good way to preserve them.

"But what if the original downloads are still up? You can't steal people's simfiles!". True. So for those I'll be uploading the .sm files only. Download the original pack, download my conversions, then drag and drop them. This works best if you download from MEGA (see below) so you don't have to unzip each file, just copy all the folders into the original pack and my simfiles will replace the originals.

What packs have you done?
Check the category or scroll down to the individual downloads. I've done those.

Will you do X pack?
There are literally thousands of songs I could do so I like requests to keep me focused. They tell me what people are interested in. But they won't guarantee anything. I have to analyze sometimes hundreds of charts per pack (not counting Beginner/Basic there are about 200 charts in ITG 1, for example), that's too much work to take every request. It could be ages before I get to the pack.

Why didn't you do X pack/why'd you leave X pack unfinished?
I get burned out doing the same thing for too long and I've learned if I try to force myself to stick to one hobby, that just makes things worse. So if I start a pack and move on to another one without finishing that's why. I'll probably come back to it. For the same reason don't be surprised if I leave for a while. I don't love this part of me either but I'm the best I've got.

Also the packs I care about aren't always the ones everyone else does.

You rated this wrong! You fool!
Comment on the file (if I got multiple files wrong comment on one of them and say them all). Explain why I'm wrong so I know what to look for. Again, there's hundreds of charts per pack and no one bats a thousand. Also remember (a) some charts are borderline and (b) some charts are significantly different from anything in DDR.

What if I only want one pack?
Use the individual MEGA downloads down below. If a pack's in progress they may not be perfectly updated.

Why no videos?
You ever download a pack off Zenius and your internet glitches four hours in? Screw that.

Individual Packs
Full Download
In The Groove 1
Audio/SM only (download original for the rest)
DWI Extreme I (original)

Post #2 · Posted at 2022-12-24 07:19:47am 1.4 years ago

Offline KitGamer
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Last updated: 2022-12-24 07:34am
Some ones that would be cool to see done would be;
ITG 2, 3, Rebirth, Rebirth +, Rebirth 2
Tsunamix III & other Fraxtil Packs
Gpop's Original Simfiles 1, 2, and 3
Skittles Selection 4 - 8
Animal Crossover
The Xguys1pack collection (3guys, 5guys, 7guys)
Notice Me Benpai 1 & 2
Club Fantastic Seasons 1 & 2
dimocracy & dimocracy 2021 - second term
Blue Arrow Project 1 - 3

Post #3 · Posted at 2023-05-08 10:00:41am 1.1 years ago

Offline SomberShroud
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Eyyy, a fellow re-rater, I too have gone through the strenuous task of re-rating all songs pre-DDR X and songs that never came to arcade to 20F. Best of luck to ya.Heavy
Stay Positive
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