Zenius -I- vision Song Contest 2021

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Post #21 · Posted at 2021-10-13 07:19:56pm 1.5 weeks ago

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Same here- I polished up my entry a bit (mostly mixing), and modified the Heavy chart (and, very slightly, the Challenge chart) to account for the changes. The old Heavy chart resides as an edit chart.
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If I spend an hour or so to make a [..] beautiful standard chart and a fun light chart and it's required for the comp, play it, or at least look it over other wise I don't see the point anymore[.]
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Post #22 · Posted at 2021-10-17 03:22:48pm 6.7 days ago

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Last updated: 2021-10-17 03:23pm
Oh wow, I just realized I forgot to post the ZIP that will make all our lives a little easier here. Well here you go. Also, for those who downloaded stuff from here before, appearently *tastes like rainbow...*'s file names were not Windows friendly, so in both the simfile category and the ZIP I changed that.


[UPDATE 10/17] I did song feedback! In case anyone's interested

Chart feedback coming soon

Zenius -I- vision Qualifiers - Song Reviews by Karl with a K

Gonna try and see what I have to say about these songs. Ironically enough, I am not that great at critiquing songs, so bear with me. These are done before playing the charts btw, so anything related to the chart will not be factored into this feedback.

Chart reviews will be a separate thing.

Chances are true (SM-MEGAtive)
Love the rhythmic complexity! It's cool that there's something different in each section, even when you are bringing back some previous ideas (especially at the end where you got that vocal sample coming in). Okay, nitpicks time. Everything felt, idk, a little bit much in the same sound world? Kinda wished that each of those sections contrasted each other more. Also, and possibly on a related note, the dynamics felt a little squashed to me? Like there were some sounds that I hoped would pop out a little more. All that said, lots of great ideas, and the arrangement is solid; it just could use a bit more polishing on the production side of things.

Fallen Angel (DJ Excuses Hardcore Bootleg) (TIX remixed by DJ Excuses aka Telperion)
A Eurovision remix, interesting. Love what you did with the drums and b a s s, very bouncy! Vocals incorporated nicely (also the glitchiness right after the bridge is very cool). The synth hook also SLAPS; that is something I especially feel was elevated in the remix compared to the original. And production stuff aside, I love the songwriting, especially how the words go with the melody. Overall, very fun to listen to!

I Don't Wanna Wait (Clyde F. aka Nezemarth)
Ooooh funky piano in the intro! And those South Park samples lmao they are...actually integrated quite surprisingly well?! Why does this work? Especially 0:51-0:54; that sounded way less out of place than I would have expected it would; stuck out a little but not too much. I can actually imagine a parallel universe where I would not have suspected a thing if I a) did not know the context and b) the vocals did not sound so Cartman-y lol. That said, I definitely vibe with the vocals either way. Very interesting combinations of sounds overall, quite nice to listen to.

nuWaves (about:blank)
The combination of those vocals, that kick, and whatever synth that was that I almost somehow confused for jazzy horns lol. Yeah that combination works so well. Maybe the kick was slightly overpowering, especially when that synth bass that I am really digging comes in at around 1:03, but that's nitpicking, not even close to a major flaw that ruins the vibe. That shaker-like sound that comes in a little later could have also been pulled back, but again, still perfectly fine. Love when that funky percussion comes in at 0:40 btw; really makes me want to bounce in my seat Smile. Also the way that you ended it, I liked it don't get me wrong, but it could have been extended to include the whole four bar bass loop; as is, it sounded a little like it was cut off. Still works fine though, and especially considering that this is your first original, this came out very nicely!

Oort Cloud (vocative underground aka darkanine)
Okay joking aside, very energetic! Really love how the intro builds up, every new sound came in at a great time. Then when the hook comes in, and the sense of "Toto, I don't think we're in 4/4 anymore" kicks in, it's like WOA-HO, what is happening, hard to tell at first glance but I am loving it." Helps that the kick even avoids straight 4th notes to really establish that this is not your average Hard Trance beat. Really can't wait to try the ESP 17 now Smile

That vibe I seem to percieve as signature djVERTICAI funkiness (it's probably those things that sound like funky pianos), right from the get go. Love those high pitched vocals; they're nostalgic but I for some reason can't seem to figure out how or why; my guess is because Camellia not feat. nanahira uses that sound quite frequently, as does quite a number of IIDX songs, but honestly, might need to get back to you on that. Also looking forward to playing the rhythms at 1:06 and 1:39 in the charts. One thing that really stood out to me in a good way was the use of stuttering effects, especially in the last 40ish seconds. Great way to introduce a sense of rhythmic complexity. Also that kind of stuttering...sounds somewhat like a bongo player adding some extra flourishes here and there in a way? Interesting. Let's not forget to mention the CHORD CHOICES...they are just so satisfying. *gets into music theorist with perfect pitch mode* That D7/C chord at 1:30ish was quite interesting. Also that thing we classical music theory nerds call a Neapolitan 6th (i.e. that chord at 1:48ish) ohohohohoHO. And the ending: can't go wrong with samba whistle and some of those slidey sounds in the bass Smile.

skyrmion (Daniel Van Eden)
Knowing your submission from XXCC...yep, definitely a VanEden banger alright. One thing you always seem to have going for you is, you are just soooo good at coming up with great melodies. Like I can imagine myself singing along, even though there are no lyrics lol. And then the way you write music around them really makes them shine. Also the wub-wub bass part SLAPS and contrasts extremely well with the other melodic stuff going on. Definitely sounds like something that belongs in DDR A20(+) for all the right reasons.

*tastes like rainbow...* (Karl with a K)

void + lumina (saiiko2 aka aidan9030)
Ooooh, floaty intro. I am in space.
Okay, joking aside, the synth melody coming in a little later feels strangely grand despite the timbre. Then the drum and bass which felt so right. Overall, masterfully written piano lines, going from playing some slow emotional melodies to some fast graceful runs. I also loved those glitchy-ish percussion sounds at 1:16ish. And interesting ending, especially that square wave dadadadat at the end. Seriously, how are you not composing music for ARCAEA already?

This is Karl with a K. As soon as I can figure out how to change my username that will be more obvious

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Post #23 · Posted at 2021-10-22 03:44:50am 2.2 days ago

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Last updated: 2021-10-22 03:44am
Oh yeah, I forgot that because of the extension, people had less time to vote, so I am adjusting the deadlines accordingly.

Voting Deadline: Monday, October 25th

Final Round
Submission Deadline: Monday, November 22
Voting Deadline: Monday, December 6th

So you still have over a week to submit your votes! Voting is not required, but even if you are not participating, I encourage you to vote to show your support to whichever artist you think did the best!

Bump: There are less that 4 days to submit your votes! Votes can be sent in to me via PM, and I encourage you all to vote to show your support and help decide who moves on to the final round! Good luck everyone Green Grin

Post #24 · Posted at 2021-10-23 08:20:14pm 13.8 hours ago

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I don't know anything about music production so best I can do is this.
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Post #25 · Posted at 2021-10-23 09:10:06pm 12.9 hours ago

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Right, I also have chart feedback:

This is Karl with a K. As soon as I can figure out how to change my username that will be more obvious

Also check out my music: https://open.spotify.com/artist/472f2Uez6l3cC6DPI7vnzi?si=1JFTvEHRQbqIG-S6DzkvyA&nd=1
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