support more modern video containers

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Post #1 · Posted at 2020-11-24 07:19:27am 3.2 years ago

Offline rattkin
rattkin Avatar Member
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avi format is very old.

Stepmania 5 supports .mkv and .mp4 very well.
I am not aware of other programs besides Stepmania, maybe they upgraded as well.

Is it possible to allow other formats?

Post #2 · Posted at 2020-11-24 07:42:25am 3.2 years ago

Offline Sigrev2
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nothing is stopping you from uploading a custom zip with your video format of choice within

Post #3 · Posted at 2020-11-24 04:42:20pm 3.2 years ago

Offline SomethingRandom
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u can upload mp4s for the simfile, it'll just automatically convert to AVI for you so

Post #4 · Posted at 2020-11-24 08:44:44pm 3.2 years ago

Offline aidan9030
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i'm probably the only proponent of the OP's post, but i'd support more video format compatibility for stepmania

(I have at least 1,000 .m4v bgas from the DDR Universe games (courtesy of 500MASTER) that I can't exactly quickly convert)
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Post #5 · Posted at 2020-11-24 10:33:18pm 3.2 years ago

Offline VR0
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Last updated: 2020-11-24 10:35pm
Newer arcade IIDX games use WMV, and all arcade DDR games (via BEMANI PC) use M2V (both extentions are unsupported by StepMania)

I understand that AVI format is an old extension, but can be reduce space by adding XviD, MPEG-4, MJPEG or, only for SM 5+, H.264 codecs.
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Post #6 · Posted at 2020-11-28 10:09:30pm 3.2 years ago

Offline rattkin
rattkin Avatar Member
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The idea was to support h.265 codec or the new AV1
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