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Last updated: 2022-09-21 04:53pm

A category in which I upload random and sometimes not-so-random stuff I create.

Introducing Kex's Sim Collection! While I don't exactly have a lot of files in the collection as of now, I plan on adding more to the category as time goes on (that is, when I feel like actually being somewhat productive lol). To start off, though, why not rerelease the files from Battle Royale 2020 with some added tweaks?

5 files from the BR return:

(Red numbers indicate rerates, bold numbers are new charts)

SP: Beginner 4/Light 7/Standard 11/Heavy 13/Challenge 16
DP: Light 7/Standard 11/Heavy 14/Challenge 16

SP: Beginner 5/Light 9/Standard 14/Heavy 17/Challenge 18
DP: Light 9/Standard 14/Heavy 17/Challenge 18

SP: Beginner 2/Light 5/Standard 9/Heavy 10/Challenge 13
DP: Light 5/Standard 8/Heavy 10/Challenge 14

SP: Beginner 3/Light 6/Standard 11/Heavy 14
DP: Light 6/Standard 11/Heavy 15

SP: Beginner 5/Light 9/Standard 13/Heavy 15/Challenge 17
DP Light 9/Standard 14/Heavy 16/Challenge 17

These marathon files are also available:

SP: Heavy 18
DP: Heavy 18

SP: Standard 17/Heavy 18/Challenge 18/EDIT 17

SP: Standard 16/Heavy 18/Challenge 19/EDIT 18

That's all I have for now, but I'll be sure to update this thread as I add more files to the category. Considering that the Summer Contest is coming to a close soon, that might be pretty soon.

Z-I-v Summer Contest 2020 File Update

My files from Z-I-v Summer Contest 2020 make their grand return! What changes could be in store for these files, hmm?

9 files from the SC return:

Summer Contest File Changelog

ZIP File

(Red numbers indicate rerates, bold numbers are new charts)

SP: Beginner 3/Light 5/Standard 8/Heavy 12/Challenge 14
DP: Light 5/Standard 9/Heavy 12/Challenge 14

SP: Beginner 7/Light 10/Standard 14/Heavy 16/Challenge 18
DP: Light 10/Standard 14/Heavy 16/Challenge 18

SP: Beginner 2/Light 5/Standard 8/Heavy 12/Challenge 14
DP: Light 5/Standard 8/Heavy 12/Challenge 14

SP: Beginner 5/Light 8/Standard 11/Heavy 13/Challenge 16
DP: Light 7/Standard 11/Heavy 13/Challenge 16

SP: Beginner 9/Light 12/Standard 15/Heavy 17/Challenge 19
DP: Light 12/Standard 15/Heavy 17/Challenge 19

SP: Beginner 2/Light 5/Standard 9/Heavy 11/Challenge 14
DP: Light 4/Standard 9/Heavy 11/Challenge 14

SP: Beginner 5/Light 9/Standard 13/Heavy 16
DP: Light 10/Standard 14/Heavy 16

SP: Beginner 9/Light 11/Standard 14/Heavy 17/Challenge 18
DP: Light 11/Standard 15/Heavy 17/Challenge 18

SP: Beginner 9/Light 13/Standard 15/Heavy 18/Challenge 19
DP: Light 13/Standard 15/Heavy 18/Challenge 19

How about... an extra bonus file as well?

SP: Beginner 1/Light 4/Standard 7/Heavy 11
DP: Light 4/Standard 7/Heavy 11

Yep, a BTS song. What can I say? It's pretty good.

Anyway, sorry for the super high average difficulty in this one, I promise to tone it down in the next update, which should hopefully contain more exclusive stuff. Welp, that's all I have for now. Until next time!

EDIT: A display BPM fix was applied to Nisemono Chuuihou. It's not a big deal, but if you care about that sort of thing, consider redownloading that file.

File Update 3

It's alive, holy hell! Anyway, I thought I'd finally update this category with some revised contest files! More exclusive files will be coming at a later date!

(Red numbers indicated uprates, blue numbers indicate downrates, bold numbers are new charts)

1 file from Tower of Eight Panels returns:

SP: Beginner 5/Light 9/Standard 12/Heavy 15
DP: Light 9/Standard 12/Heavy 15

2 files from Battle Royale 2021 return:

SP: Beginner 3/Light 6/Standard 10/Heavy 14
DP: Light 6/Standard 10/Heavy 14

SP: Beginner 3/Light 7/Standard 11/Heavy 14
DP: Light 7/Standard 11/Heavy 14

6 files from Summer Contest 2021 return:

SP: Beginner 3/Light 6/Standard 10/Heavy 13/Challenge 15
DP: Light 6/Standard 10/Heavy 13/Challenge 15

SP: Beginner 3/Light 6/Standard 11/Heavy 14
DP: Light 6/Standard 11/Heavy 15

SP: Beginner 9/Light 13/Standard 16/Heavy 18/Challenge 19
DP: Light 13/Standard 15/Heavy 18/Challenge 19

SP: Beginner 3/Light 6/Standard 9/Heavy 13/Challenge 15
DP: Light 6/Standard 9/Heavy 13/Challenge 15

SP: Beginner 4/Light 7/Standard 11/Heavy 15/Challenge 17
DP: Light 7/Standard 12/Heavy 15/Challenge 18

SP: Beginner 4/Light 9/Standard 12/Heavy 14/Challenge 15
DP: Light 10/Standard 12/Heavy 15/Challenge 16

1 file from Curse of Lost Eyes returns:

SP: Beginner 6/Light 9/Standard 12/Heavy 14
DP: Light 9/Standard 12/Heavy 14

Changes were also made to the following files:
GALAXY HidE and SeeK
Square Missile
Lost Lullaby
after school NAVIGATORS
Seimei no wa wo tsumuide
Someday of my life
Nisemono Chuuihou

That's it for this 3rd update! Next update should bring over more contest files plus add some more exclusives! Stay tuned!

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