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(Edited for some clarification on a rule, forgot to mention submissions can be remixes of songs from any Dancemania entry, not just the main series)
So, today Dynamite Grizzly of the XX team and I had an idea for an album: a non-stop megamix of remixes from Dancemania/songs remixed in a Dancemania style. We talked about it and we're both down for it, so without further ado, I present to you:
ReMania: The Dancemania Tribute Series
Here's the plan: We get the composers on here and offsite together and get some Dancemania remixes/Dancemania-inspired remixes together, then, in addition to having a folder of the unmixed tracks, someone (me for the first album I guess!) makes a Non-Stop Megamix out of them and release it on dropbox or Mega (please let me know what you all would prefer!) This first one will be a bit modest with somewhere between 11-14 tracks (in comparison to say, Happy Paradise 2's 27 tracks.) Then, if this takes off past one album we'll gradually increase the amount of tracks with future installments. So, if you all are interested, here's some submission info!
SUBMISSION EMAIL: middone.hunteman@gmail.com (Or, PM me the link on here, which I'd prefer since it won't get buried with other emails that way or be detected as spam for whatever reason.) PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE SUBMITTING! CUTOFF DATE: 7/2/19
1. SUBMISSIONS MUST BE EITHER REMIXES OF SONGS FEATURED IN DANCEMANIA AND ANY OF IT'S SUBSERIES (Fantasia, GIANTS Mania, etc) OR REMIXES DONE IN A DANCEMANIA SUB-SERIES STYLE (e.g, a "minimal" remix of Koda Kumi's "Real Emotion" is unlikely to get picked, but if you remixed it in a style where it could fit in say, Dancemania Trancemania, it'd have a greater chance of being accepted.)
1a. If the song you're remixing is itself, a remix, you can use the original song's stems, if available.
1b. Dancemania Remixes don't necessarily need their vocals if they have any, but they should be recognizable.
1c. You may also use newly recorded vocals, just be sure to credit the vocalist unless they'd rather remain anonymous.
1d. If, by any chance, you've remixed the same song in more than one different way, feel free to send them, just don't expect them all to be included.
2. While you may submit multiple songs, We'd like to feature songs from a variety of artists, so not every song you submit may make it in. (Setting the limit at two per artist, a third may be accepted if it's a collaboration) If you've already had a couple of songs picked but one of your other submissions is good, we'll keep it in mind for a future entry.
3. Submissions should be between 2:00 and 6:30 in length. Please note that it may get edited some for the megamixing.
4. Please state the BPM of your submission(s). This will make it easier to megamix them.
5. Please state what you'd like to be credited as for the track listing.
5b. Please also state the original name of the song, the original artist, and what album it came from.
6. Submissions must be rendered at 320kpbs. If you've lost the original files and can't re-render it, please note this in your submission.
7. Songs that you've made prior to this post or have featured in your own albums are allowed.
8. If possible, please include some samples used if any (or better yet, stems) for your song. This will make it easier to mix your track into the megamix.
I look forward to seeing everyone's submissions! If you know anyone that would be interested in this, please share this post around!

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