Rank the DDR Games from worst to best (in your opinion)

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Post #21 · Posted at 2019-04-01 04:04:15am 1.2 years ago

Offline AnonyWolf
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Last updated: 2019-04-01 04:06am
US PS2 titles:
2. SuperNOVA
3. MAX2
5. X
6. MAX
7. X2
8. Disney Channel Edition
9. SuperNOVA2

JP PS2 titles:
2. SuperNOVA2
3. MAX2
6. SuperNOVA
7. MAX
8. X
9. Party Collection

edit: didn't see the "from worst to best" bit WHOOPS

Post #22 · Posted at 2019-04-01 11:21:52am 1.2 years ago

Offline lmaosamsddr
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This was pretty hard for me because my opinion changes all the time but here is my list.

EU AC titles
Dancing Stage
EuroMIX 2

EU CS PS2/PS1 titles
Party Edition
SuperNOVA 2

EU Wii titles
Hottest Party
Hottest Party 2
Hottest Party 4
Hottest Party 3
Hottest Party 5

Main AC versions
3rd Mix
2nd Mix
4th Mix
5th Mix
1st Mix
Max 2
SuperNOVA 2
MAX 300

Post #23 · Posted at 2019-04-01 04:37:47pm 1.2 years ago

Offline Yamil
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US Titles From Best to Worst {Never played games of the Xbox Series):

1. SuperNova (loved the "Story Mode" exploring each planets, and completing each mission)
2. Extreme2 (Most overall balanced song list)
3. Max2 (could be a Nostalgia thing, but I like around 80% of the SongList)
4. DanceDanceRevolution II Wii (The most DDRX2 near experience for Console, also a plus for those long ver. chart)
5. DDR Disney Mix PS1 (Casually, it has a good song list)
6. DDR X (due having most of the best songs from SuperNova 2 JP and X)
7. Max1 (Only loved around 50% of the Songslist)
8. DDR and Konamix (each song is a blast)
9. SuperNova2 (a complete letdown from his predecesor, even repeating boss songs...)
10. Extreme (Hated the Roulette of the Select Screen)
11. DDR X2 (Complete trash)
12. All Wii HP and DDR I (There are a couple of good songs, but not worth the price due the lack of content, good songs and horrendous quality)
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Post #24 · Posted at 2019-04-07 06:04:24pm 1.2 years ago

Offline DDR_Oshawott
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I'll do the Xbox games because no one has and it's one of my favorite DDR console games.
(Best to Worse)

Universe 3: The characters are great ( My favorite is Valencia) and it's got tons of songs that would later be in the AC games plus some songs that could've been on the AC games only down sides though is that the licenses are pretty weak unlike the other Xbox games and there's not much A Different Drum music ( Mainly because of DDR X having them.) (Did I mention that some of the characters have similarities between Ultramix 4. Valencia and Guy are like Honey and B' if they were DJs even though They were DDR characters before Honey and B', Silvia and Rico are like Charmy and Astro but they cosplay as Anime characters than people from the Future, Miki looks like Yuni.)

Ultramix 3: This is basically the DDR Supernova songs we never got. Except Rainbow Flyer (also appeared on SN2 US), Chikara (We never got it), Moonster (DDR X2 CS (worst CS title), and Soul Crash (DDR X US), it added stuff like Quest Mode and Freestyle and the backgrounds were an upgrade from the Ultramix 2 backgrounds, The KOs and Licenses were epic that it would be good for some KOs to be on an AC release, I am waiting for that Dracula Medley Konami.

Ultramix 2: Oh look another upgrade of its predecessor, this was a major upgrade from Ultramix 1, more characters, (plus 2 DLC) more songs, it uses different Backgrounds other than the ones in Ultramix the songlist was pretty good (Life is a game, Play my game, Burn for you was epic.) only reason why this is not higher is because The backgrounds aren't as good and the bug with the jumps.

Ultramix 4: The songlist was so surreal in this like where would you find Shpongle or Juno Reactor, the backgrounds were even better than Ultramix 3 and this was like if SN 2 CS US and Universe 3 put together, Universe 3 because of the Quest mode and new cast, US CS Supernova 2 because of the songlist revivals. not to mention the ability to edit video sequences like in Stepmania before SM 5. The timing is a bit weird though, and the only epic songs are the compressed artist songs and some KOs sound like licenses and the licenses sound like KOs that I can't tell their difference.

Universe: The first 2 Universe games were pretty weak but Universe was more strong than Universe 2, The backgrounds were cool but they were at the same quality of Ultramix 4 the songs were a bit of a downgrade and not many boss songs but hey it introduced us to Diskowarp and the upgrade of graphics were good. I would just like to say this game was pretty average. but the UI was pretty bland. (Fun fact, the UI was originally gonna be for 4thmix.)

Ultramix: This was the game that started it all so why is it not higher, well the UI is a bit lazy as it's just a background from DDRMax and we only got two characters (Lady and Afro) and the backgrounds are just from DDRMax. Wish we could know the names of the other characters other than Star and Rider. (if there was an answer from the Online Community then that info is gone forever due to it shutting down.) If this was a basic mix then what's keeping it from the worse.

Universe 2: You know how I called the first Universe games week well there aren't that many Oni charts and it's just a reskin of Universe, the songlist is really weak, the Online Community shut down so all info on Angel is lost forever or if Jason Enos can buy the Domain and reopen the site then any outside game info such as the info on the Universe 3 characters can be rediscovered. I'm still wondering if Yuni and Miki are related. It did introduced avatars but that doesn't matter because even the quest mode is from Universe without the U.S. map and just a bunch of islands.

I would put 2010 in here but it came for the PS3 first.

Post #25 · Posted at 2019-04-07 09:08:19pm 1.2 years ago

Offline Burtzman
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Last updated: 2019-04-07 09:08pm
I have the most experience with the US PS2 titles, so starting with the worst:

8. X2
What a baffling mix this is. It seemed very obvious when this game was coming out that it was going to be the last PS2 mix, so instead of a grand send off to a series that had it strongest titles on the PS2, where they could've revived a bunch of greatest hits a la Extreme JP, they simply loaded the disc with the fewest amount of songs of any PS2 mix. Revival choices were baffling, and there were some songs omitted that really shouldn't have been (L'amour et la Liberte is included but not the remix?). The difficulty is screwed. Every single license is a snooze, and then there's 18s including the groove radar specials. There's no 16s in this game at all. (Where is PARANOiA -Respect-?) and some of the optional content asks you to obtain multiple MFCs. The theme is one of my favorites, however.

7. Extreme
This game is so ugly. God, I hate the the song wheel graphics, and the lack of groove radar, and the background videos reused from MAX and MAX 2. There's way too many revivals of songs I didn't like the first time around, and I don't really like any of the covers. All of the new songs check out, though. I don't really spend much time on this when I go back to it.

6. SuperNOVA 2
My first DDR. I didn't realize how much better the other games got. The licenses are strong in this one, and I mostly play only those when I boot up this game again. Most of the Konami originals list is populated by songs that should have appeared in earlier mixes. The lack of any challenge charts except for boss songs is disappointing, and the 1-10 scale is infamously unbalanced here. I do still appreciate this game for introducing me to the series.

5. MAX
I can't think of a lot to say about MAX. It's just there. Lots of good songs, very few songs I don't like. But I also don't go back and play it a whole lot, either.

4. X
This one's a grower. It doesn't have a lot of outstanding songs, but it does have a lot of good songs that just take some time for you to appreciate. It's also very accurate to the arcade mix, more so than any other CS mix, except maybe SuperNOVA. The theme is ugly as sin, the story mode was kind of embarrassing to play through in my college dorm, and the announcer is laughable. But I think the good outweighs the bad in this one.

3. MAX 2
Love the theme, love the licenses, love the originals. Love everything about this, really.

2. Extreme 2
Everybody knows this is a strong mix. The difference between Extreme 2 and my #1 pick just comes down to a few song choices and not much else.

1. SuperNOVA
I adore this mix and probably spent more time on this than any other, buying this shortly after SuperNOVA 2 and then playing all the games in mostly backwards order. I love the theme, the mission mode, the character models that are no longer hideous (playing the older games after this surprised me with how the characters look ripped from a DS game) and most importantly, the music. I love nearly every song in this mix. I love that there's more challenge charts, and no revivals at all. This beats out Extreme 2 by a very small margin for my favorite game in the series.
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