Question About Upgrading a DDR Cabinet from Python 2 to Bemani PC

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Post #1 · Posted at 2019-03-19 11:04:01pm 8.8 months ago

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Last updated: 2019-03-19 11:31pm
Now I don't know if the cabinet was originally on a System 573-based machine before but I know it currently runs SuperNOVA 2 which is Python 2. The cabinet also has an HDTV mounted inside the screen as well so I'm thinking this is possible to upgrade to a Bemani PC-based A20 mix when it's available but I'd like to double check to see if upgrading is indeed an option.

EDIT: Just went to a bemanistyle Discord to ask the same thing and it seems anything DDR X3 and beyond use eAmuse making them difficult to upgrade from a old cab. I suppose only way is to have a dedicab?

Post #2 · Posted at 2019-03-20 12:09:04am 8.8 months ago

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If you're trying to turn a public arcade's cab into an A20, then the answer is no. You're not gonna be able to play it in the US outside of a Dave and Busters or Round 1.

Private cab? I mean.....there are ways. You can only go up to Ace for the time being though.
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Post #3 · Posted at 2019-03-30 03:59:22am 8.4 months ago

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Hasn't the current DDR hardware been in use since DDR X? I doubt hardware upgrade kits are available any more. X2 was the last US released DDR before A, but X3 can still be run offline.

As far as I can tell, US DDR A is not available in upgrade form. When Konami was the distributor, they wouldn't ship orders less than 50 at once. However, Uniana has since taken over the distribution, and I don't believe they have the same limitation, given that Round1 started getting more cabs after the distribution change occurred. I think the only reason DDR A was exclusive to D&B and R1 is because they were the only ones willing to make an order that size (and R1 piggybacked D&B's order). But the cabinets are still extremely pricey (the thread talking about the EU version was throwing around prices of 12,000+). I feel like keeping new US DDR exclusive to two arcades wouldn't make much business sense, unless there's some sort of hefty deal involved.

I don't believe the US version of DDR A requires eAmusement to function. Mainly because the EU cabs use the same version of the game (version code is identical, whereas different region versions normally the first letter after MDX), and they don't have eAmusement access at all right now. I've also seen comments that the US cabinets are outright purchased, not leased like the Asian ones are.

Using a pre-X cab for DDR A has its own disadvantages anyway. A removed the plain Sudden and Hidden options (leaving only the + versions, which weren't available on the older cabs before), and the level of the + cannot be adjusted on pre-X cabs, since they do not have up and down arrows on the cab itself.

And let's not forget the fact that A20 is currently exclusive to the gold cabs, and those haven't been released outside of Japan as of yet.

Most of this was dug up with various Google searches about purchasing DDR A. Said searches did not produce a result about how to actually procure a cabinet, though.
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