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Post #1 · Posted at 2018-12-12 03:05:39am 1.2 months ago

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"Hello :>"

Last updated: 2018-12-12 03:08am
Hey! Welcome to this little thread.

My name is forcednature, and what I enjoy doing is creating alternative resteps to DDR songs that I feel were given steps that do not reflect the song good enough, or generally do not do justice to the song in any other form. As most people know, there are more than enough songs that this has happened to. x)

I do not go out of my way to reinvent DDR -- I would even say that, on average, my steps are mostly very simple compared to the great simfiles other people create.
This is what I have fun doing.
This is not going to be a project with huge plans or a complex release schedule, just the steps that I create.

Every song has a full set of steps -- both Singles and Doubles. This makes a simfile "complete" in my opinion, and I very much enjoy creating lower difficulties that are creative and still enjoyable for players that are not that experienced or fit enough to play hard stuff, just like I happen to be.

I will update this probably every month to share my steps -- maybe some of you might enjoy them.

Click here to visit the simfile category!

If you want to take a look before you want to download anything, here is a playlist to showcase the steps in video form.

Every song in the category also has it's video embedded in case you want to take a quick look.

This maybe goes without saying, but any feedback is greatly appreciated! I am not a "great" simfile creator, and I am completely clueless when it comes to graphics, but anything helps. (:

DEC 12 2018 UPDATE:

I have three new simfiles to present:

Stompin at the Gotham - WaveGroup feat. Scott D. [DDR ULTRAMIX4]
Download | Simfile page

Singles: Beginner 5 / Light 10 / Standard 12 / Heavy 14 / Challenge 15
Doubles: Light 10 / Standard 12 / Heavy 13 / Challenge 16

diving money - QUADRA [DDR 2ndMIX CLUB VERSiON 2]
Download | Simfile page

Singles: Beginner 2 / Light 5 / Standard 7 / Heavy 10 / Challenge 11
Doubles: Light 3 / Standard 8 / Heavy 9 / Challenge 12

Miracle Moon ~L.E.D.LIGHT STYLE MIX~ - Togo Project featuring Sana [DDR EXTREME]
Download | Simfile page

Singles: Beginner 2 / Light 5 / Standard 7 / Heavy 10 / Challenge 12
Doubles: Light 4 / Standard 8 / Heavy 11 / Challenge 12

Any feedback is appreciated and welcomed! (:

forcednature's files | YouTube | Recent simfiles:
https://zenius-i-vanisher.com/simfiles/Z-I-v%20Simfile%20Tycoon%20%2719/%5BRound%20E%5D%20-%20rohga/%5BRound%20E%5D%20-%20rohga-jacket.png https://zenius-i-vanisher.com/simfiles/Z-I-v%20Simfile%20Tycoon%20%2719/%5BRound%20D%5D%20-%20Seek%20Bromance%20%28Avicii%27s%20Vocal%20Edit%29/%5BRound%20D%5D%20-%20Seek%20Bromance%20%28Avicii%27s%20Vocal%20Edit%29-jacket.png https://zenius-i-vanisher.com/simfiles/FoRCeDNaTuRe%27S%20FiLeS/Stompin%20at%20the%20Gotham/Stompin%20at%20the%20Gotham-jacket.png https://zenius-i-vanisher.com/simfiles/FoRCeDNaTuRe%27S%20FiLeS/diving%20money/diving%20money-jacket.png https://zenius-i-vanisher.com/simfiles/FoRCeDNaTuRe%27S%20FiLeS/Miracle%20Moon%20~L.E.D.LIGHT%20STYLE%20MIX~/Miracle%20Moon%20~L.E.D.LIGHT%20STYLE%20MIX~-jacket.png https://zenius-i-vanisher.com/simfiles/Z-I-v%20Simfile%20Tycoon%20%2719/%5BRound%20C%5D%20-%20%D0%A2%D0%B0%D0%BA%D0%BE%D0%B3%D0%BE%20%D0%BA%D0%B0%D0%BA%20%D0%9F%D1%83%D1%82%D0%B8%D0%BD%20%28A%20Man%20Like%20Putin%29/%5BRound%20C%5D%20-%20%D0%A2%D0%B0%D0%BA%D0%BE%D0%B3%D0%BE%20%D0%BA%D0%B0%D0%BA%20%D0%9F%D1%83%D1%82%D0%B8%D0%BD%20%28A%20Man%20Like%20Putin%29-jacket.png
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