List of the incorrect 1/12th notes in DDR

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Post #21 · Posted at 2008-04-29 04:59:07pm 15.8 years ago

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I'm VERY interested in you pointing out even one measure where this happens, honestly. It would be extremely strange from a composer's point of view to have everything in triples except for one spot and only with one instrument.

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Play through Dragon Blade Heavy. Near the end, the steps follow a 6th rhythm, instead of the 4th/8th the rest of the song has. I can't remember the exact measure, but it's obvious where it happens if you play through it.
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Very poor for Healing-D-Vision. I like that song so much but it stepchart has incorrect 1/12 note. Hope on next DDR Healing-D-Vision will remaked and gived 1/12 note stepchart. Imagine if Healing-D-Vision appear in Guitar Freaks & DrumMania V6, maybe Basic = around 40, Advanced = around 60, Extreme = 99.Roll Eyes

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I agree that HDV was poorly stepped, but the way I see it, if they didn't think 16ths were appropriate, they would have used 12ths instead.

Post #25 · Posted at 2008-04-30 05:00:06am 15.8 years ago

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TSUGARU. Instead of playing 12th notes, they play 16th & 32nd notes instead.
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