April, 2014

"Qprogue DX" event will begin on April 30th.
Seven location tests announced.
New pack released: "beatmaniaIIDXパック1"
4 songs will be added on May 1st 10AM JST:
• 人魚と若者の物語』メドレー / 「ときめきメモリアル Girl's Side 2nd Season」より
• 朧 / HHH×MM×ST
• 量子の海のリントヴルム / 黒猫ダンジョン
2014-04-23 · jubeat × HaKU
Music video posted.
The unlock event will end on May 14th 7AM JST.
2014-04-23 · Lincle LINK
The unlock event will end on May 14th 7AM JST.
"HaKU pack" released.
New song added: think about you / HaKU
New song added: dye it white / HaKU
ひなビタ♪ songs added, all tracks by 日向美ビタースイーツ♪:
• とってもとってもありがとう
• ホーンテッド★メイドランチ
• 走れメロンパン
• 滅びに至るエランプシス
31st song update now live adding:
• Innocent Tempest / Diceros Bicornis
• 侵蝕コード:666 -今日ちょっと指(略- / かぼちゃ「黒幕はあやつぐ」と供述しており
• ボルテ体操第一 / Kaoru feat.FG75
• Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
• PASELI features for normal play added.
North American announcement trailer!
Ongoing DanceEvolution Arcade events (胃ノ熊大作戦 and TAG Birthday Festival) are ending today.
Starting from tomorrow, "Conduction" and "Side Menu" unlock methods will be available.
Course Mode now playable with coins with today's update.
"EXIT TUNES PACK vol.6" released.
"EXIT TUNES pack vol.5" released.
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