January, 2014

"KONAMI MUSIC PACK 15" released.
The information page for the February 14-15th expo is now up. Current BEMANI games listed are as follows:

• jubeat saucer
• REFLEC BEAT colette All Seasons
• SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection-
PDF of 「わいわいポップン動物園」 event's finale has been put up. The source URL goes to the PDF.
Partial track list revealed.
New Qprogue map information page now up.
Location testing held today at three Club SEGA buildings.

Ikebukuro Gigo SEGA
Club Sega Akihabara new wing
Club Sega Shinjuku West Exit
A part of the Player Card Set that comes with the soundtrack has been revealed.
New unlockable song added: Daily Lunch Special / Lucky Vacuum
New unlockable song added: Evans / DJ YOSHITAKA
Bobby over at Zen Studios hooked us up with some Steam codes for KickBeat!

New song added: METROPOLIS / →Pia-no-jaC←
• Mysterious new song coming to BEMANI Stadium on February 6th.
• "Daily Lunch Special" to be added to DDR tomorrow.
• "Evans" to be added to RB colette tomorrow.
New Qprogue map getting added on February 5th.
2014-01-30 · Pre-orders @ play-asia.com
The following are now available on play-asia for pre-order:

ひなビタ♪ 「Bitter Sweet Girls!」 Full Album
熱闘!BEMANIスタジアム ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK & pop'n music Sunny Park original soundtrack vol.2
pop'n music Sunny Park original soundtrack vol.2
Mutsuhiko Izumi 「Third」 Album
GITADORA Original Soundtrack 3rd season
jubeat saucer ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK - Gourzaemon -

All soundtracks are the konamistyle.jp editions.
Location test announced for Jan 31st to Feb 2nd at Round One, Yokohama Station West Exit store.
Partial track list revealed.
"→Pia-no-jaC← 「Re:EARTH」 pack" released.
"→Pia-no-jaC←「Re:EARTH」 pack" released.
2014-01-29 · GITADORA (AC) (Japan)
• New event "Final Live" will start on February 5th.
• Weekly song additions ends at the end of January. Songs not yet unlocked will remain unlockable until March 4th.
New unlockable song added: 8 -eight- / Tom-H@ck feat.Nadia
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