January, 2015

A new story will be added tomorrow.
BOSS ON PARADE event announced. PDF link: http://www.konami.jp/am/ac_ope/pdf/20150121_03.pdf
Go↓Go↑Girls&Boys! / 松下 feat.Sota&wac has been added to DDR, pop'n, REFLEC BEAT and SOUND VOLTEX.
Second album and calendar set announced for release on March 25th.
Track listings and previews updated.
Track list updated and box design revealed.
Partial track list revealed.
Released today!
• 15th WEEKLY RANKING song is: Sweet Radar / DJ Genki feat. Yukacco
• SOUND HOLIC songs added.
• 皆伝 course added to CLASS mode.
2015-01-20 · Coca-Cola×BEMANI
Event to end on the 22nd.
Track listing finalized, crossfades now available.
Track listing finalized, crossfades now available.
Track listing updated.
Three songs will be added tomorrow:
• 突撃!ガラスのニーソ姫! / 山本椛 (monotone)
• キャトられ♥恋はモ~モク / ギュ~っとしたい♥Prim
• 即席!脳直★ミュージックシステム / MOSAIC.WAV
DVD contents revealed.
New PREMIUM ENCORE song added: 九尾狐夜行 / 天狐
• Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
• 14th WEEKLY RANKING song is: Amnolys / onoken
2015-01-12 · Rock Band 3
New DLC to be released tomorrow.
• R U Mine? / Arctic Monkeys
• Shepherd Of Fire / Avenged Sevenfold
• Something From Nothing / Foo Fighters
Announced for March 18th release.
More track previews available.
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