October, 2014

"カメレオ pack" released.
"コナミ伝説 music pack 3" released.
"We're So Happy / Ryu☆ pack" released.
Version 3.5.8 released.
Version 3.5.8 released.
"CHEMISTRY pack" released.
"KONAMI music pack 43" released.

September, 2014

"米津玄師 pack" released.
"saucer fulfill pack 2" released.
"→Pia-no-jaC←『暁』 pack" released.
"機巧少女は傷つかない / 歌組雪月花 pack" released.
"CTS pack" released.

August, 2014

"KONAMI music pack 42" released.
"saucer fulfill pack 1" released.
• New song added: 温故知新でいこっ! / 日向美ビタースイーツ♪
• New course added: HARDモードじゃないから、絶対、大丈夫だよっ!
• New course added: こんなHARDモード、滅べばいい…
8 new songs added.
"ドラコレ pack" released.
"家入レオ pack 3" released.

July, 2014

• New licenses added.
• New Konami Originals now unlockable via saucer macchiato.
Version 3.5.7 released. Music Search functionality added, default songs changed and bug fixes.
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