May, 2012

A new quest has been added to "Soreyuke! pop'n quest", the following songs can be unlocked:

魔界!痛快!ヘルダンス / manzo
永遠という名の媚薬 ~Pyramid Power・Death Match ver. ~ / THE NEXT FILE remixed by Dp.Honda
Little prayer / 土岐 麻子
"MUSIC PACK 16" released.
According to @hoshino_kanako, a Kanako Hoshino pack will be released on the 28th.
According to this PDF, there will be songs unlocked for a limited time soon.
"Miley Cyrus pack" released.
"copious pack 07" released.
Partial track listing revealed.
"みんなのうた PACK" released.
Taiwan location tests announced.
Taiwan location tests announced.
"氣志團 pack" released.
INTERNET RANKING #4 has started.
Site updated. "MUSIC & CHARACTERS" section updated.
"MUSIC PACK 15" released.
"BEMANI" course unlocked. INTERNET RANKING #4 takes place from May 9th to May 27th for the "RECOMMEND" and "BEMANI" courses.
"KONAMI music pack 14" released.
Site updated. "MUSIC & CHARACTERS" section updated.
Site launched.
"Toto pack" released.

"Chalkline / Strike Anywhere" has been corrected to "S.S.T. / Strike Anywhere", delete the song and download again.
"スティールクロニクル pack" released.
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