July, 2012

Out now!
Site updated. "MUSIC & CHARACTERS" section updated. "NAVIGATE MODE" unlocked.
Pleasure Box Volume 7 starts today.
Site updated. Image updated to say "Preparing!".
"WHITE ASH pack" released.
"雅-MIYAVI- pack" released.
"KONAMI music pack 16" released.
Site updated. "MUSIC" section updated.
"Brian the Sun pack" released.
Soundtrack now available from the Japan iTunes Store.
Collaboration event between GuitarFreaks&DrumMania and jubeat is set to begin on August 1st.
Site updated. "MUSIC & CHARACTERS" section updated.

"Twinkle Wonderland" and "FLOWER" can be unlocked by playing specific songs to fill up their album jackets.
"ゆるゆり さくひま PACK" released!
"ゆるゆり pack" released!
INTERNET RANKING #5 starts. "EVOLVED" and "Revolution" courses unlocked!
The Japanese version is now available for pre-order from play-asia.com.

Release date is stated to be September 27th.

DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE (play-asia.com)
DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE Limited Edition (play-asia.com)
e-AMUSEMENT GATE site redesigned. "Set List" mode available and "SECRET LIVE" event starts. "RANKING" section opened.
"SUPER SAMURAI" and "Brilliant 2U" are now fully unlocked.
"UNBELIEVABLE (Sparky remix)" is now fully unlocked. "NEPHILIM DELTA" has been downgraded to EXTRA STAGE.
Track preview mix published.
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