June, 2013

Site open! Released today!
"ハイテンションジブリ pack", "ハイテンションジブリ pack 2", "Che'Nelle pack" and "Che'Nelle pack 2" released.
Future events detailed in a PDF released here: http://www.konami.jp/am/ac_ope/pdf/20130604_01.pdf

June 5th onwards - MUSIC SELECT BGM Campaign.
June 12th onwards - OMEGA ATTACK Angel Cards appears.
June 26th onwards - "Our Space War" event returns.
"MUSIC PACK 34" released.
Event starts today!
"ソナーポケット PACK" released.
"ソナーポケット pack" released.

May, 2013

Third round will start on June 12th.
Track listing updated.
Track listing updated with long versions.
Track listing updated.
More songs have been revealed.
"ニューウェイヴ・カヴァーズ feat. ボカロ pack" released.
Artist pack "Wynter Gordon" released. Pack no longer available.
jubeat saucer × pop'n music Sunny Park event announced for June 3rd!
Site updated. "Beautiful Dream" and "Bombay Bomb" added to "MUSIC" section.
New track added: "「善悪の彼岸」" by "小南泰葉"
29th WEEKLY RANKING track is "天空の夜明け".
"小南泰葉 キメラ PACK" released.
"小南泰葉 キメラ pack" released.
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