November, 2010

INTERNET RANKING #2 ends. INTERNET RANKING #3 courses unlocked: TAG, greatfull REMIXER, Pluto Story, dj TAKA's Lounge and VS REPLICANT. The following songs are revealed:

going up / colors
Melody Life / Noria
冥 / Amuro vs Killer
Pluto The First / WHITE WALL
Kanako Hoshino's album "Articulation" will be released on January 27th, 2011 featuring music from beatmaniaIIDX18 Resort Anthem and ROOTS26S[suite] audio CDs.

October, 2010

The North American pop'n music is now location testing in Japan now. The location test is running from October 29th to the 31st at ラウンドワン横浜店 (Yokohama's Round One). News from purotora.com.
Site updated. "About the Game" and "Music" sections published.
Site updated. Image section updated.
Announced. Will be released on January 26th, 2011.
2010-10-28 · DanceDanceRevolution X2 (AC) (Europe)
Another DDR X2 location test has been spotted at Mr T's Amusements in Blackpool, UK.
November wallpaper published.
2010-10-27 · NAOKI First Album
NAOKI has announced his first album on Facebook with an expected release date of around January or February 2011.
Released today!
Product page published.
2010-10-27 · BEMANI Live Broadcast
New BEMANI Live Broadcast to be held on November 2nd at 8PM JST.
2010-10-27 · DanceDanceRevolution X2 (AC) (North America)
Hitting the US this December according to Betson. You can read the press release here.
Two new packs released. kors k Pack and Mega Mix 6 Pack.
A nonstop mix by DJ HICO will be released on December 22nd consisting of new songs from beatmaniaIIDX18 Resort Anthem and a new remix from Sota Fujimori.
10 DVDs consisting of 260 music videos from beatmaniaIIDX will be released on December 22nd.
Page is now up.
Site updated. "Musiclist" and "Howto" sections updated.
Site updated! Four sections opened.
am-net.jp has pinned the release date for REFLEC BEAT to November.
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