November, 2015

" パ→ピ→プ→Yeah!" and "8000000" are now available on EXTRA ATTACK.
"Sakura Mirage" and "天空の華" are now available on EXTRA ATTACK.
• 1st EXTRA ATTACK×BEMANI SUMMER DIARY 2015 starts tomorrow at 10:00 JST.
• All apart from two U.M.U.×BEMANI songs will be removed on 27th November 05:00 JST.

October, 2015

Available on EXTRA ATTACK: Electronic or Treat! / PON
neko*neko will be getting a CHALLENGE chart tomorrow.

September, 2015

New song to be added tomorrow: neko*neko / 日向美ビタースイーツ♪
New song to be added tomorrow: TSUBASA / 柊木りお featured by TAG

August, 2015

Replicant D-ignition songs will be available in EXTRA ATTACK from tomorrow onwards.

July, 2015

• BEMANI Ruins unlocks will be unlockable via EXTRA ATTACK starting tomorrow.
• New EXTRA ATTACK song to be added: Summer fantasy (Darwin remix) / Lazy U1 ft. Fraz & Chalk E
All EXTRA ATTACK CHALLENGE charts will be available to unlock again tomorrow.
Conditions for BOSS ON PARADE and Replicant D-ignition events will be eased tomorrow.
• Less medals are required for BOSS songs to appear for BOSS ON PARADE.
• Orbs can be obtained on any difficulty for Replicant D-ignition.

June, 2015

The following DDR X2 licenses will be removed on July 3rd:
• Be your wings
• Everytime We Touch
• Hide-away
• Time After Time

April, 2015

New song added:
• AWAKE / 柊木りお featured by TAG
Starting tomorrow at 10 AM JST, Replicant D-ignition conditions will be made easier. Orbs can be collected by playing on Standard as well as Heavy.

March, 2015

Starlight Fantasia (Endorphins Mix) / U1 overground feat.TAG will be available on EXTRA ATTACK again via the Yuniver hills project by reaching a population of 1,000,000 people from April 1st 10am JST.
New ENCORE EXTRA STAGE song available after clearing MAX.(period) on CHALLENGE:
• Over The "Period" / TAG underground overlay
Difficulty is forced on DIFFICULT, and must be cleared with a PERFECT FULL COMBO.
New Replicant D-ignition phase starts tomorrow at 10am JST.
"Starlight Fantasia (Endorphins Mix) / U1 overground feat. TAG" will be available for unlock via EXTRA ATTACK only from 3/25 7:00 JST to 3/26 5:00 JST, for TAG's birthday event.
New event for TAG's birthday will begin tomorrow at 10am JST. Two new songs will appear on EXTRA ATTACK:
• PRANA+REVOLUTIONARY ADDICT (U1 DJ Mix) / underground & overground
• HEART BEAT FORMULA (Vinyl Mix) / TAG (Realtime Remix by U1)

An additional secret song will be available only from 3/25 7:00 JST to 3/26 5:00 JST.
ENCORE EXTRA STAGE song revealed for Replicant D-ignition...
MAX.(period) / 2MB
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