December, 2012

Announced for release on February 27th!
Announced for release on February 27th, 2013!
Site updated. "Hit Chart" section available.

Online update released, CD promotion campaign has started with the following two songs available for unlock:

• "532nm" by "Ryu☆"
• "天庭" by "あさき"

Six more songs are available for unlock in "colette山脈第二" (collete Mountains #2)

1. "In Heaven" by "Sota Fujimori" from beatmaniaIIDX20 tricoro.
2. "純白レジエンド-冬-" by "Des-NOW"
3. "Fantasia" by "TЁЯRA" from pop'n music 17 THE MOVIE.
4. "Wizard" by "Tatsh".
5. "London EVOLVED" by "TAG underground" from DDR II.
6. "December Breeze" by "dj silverberg".
"家入レオ PACK" released.
"家入レオ pack 2" released.
Site updated. "ΕΛΠΙΣ" and "rumrum triplets" added to "NEW SONG" section. 6th Weekly Ranking song is "I know You know".
On December 26th, crossover songs will be added.
BEMANI Linked Song Selection Battle "Tsugidoka!" has started today.

The following songs have been added to REFLEC BEAT colette, DanceDanceRevolution X3 VS 2ndMIX, pop'n music Sunny Park and GuitarFreaksXG3&DrumManiaXG3:

• "snow prism" by "Qrispy Joybox"
• "Cosmic Hurricane" by "TAG"
• "紅焔" by "PON"
• "恋閃繚乱" by "2B-Waves"
"Zig+Zag PACK" released.
"STARLIT DUST/スティルに捧ぐ" by "Des-ROW + ANT" available for unlock until 24th December.
More details have been revealed on the mobile game that was announced last year.
"KONAMI music pack 21" released.
21st song update live.
"saucer pack 04" released.
Full track listing revealed.
2012-12-13 · REFLEC BEAT + (iOS) (International)
"KONAMI MUSIC PACK 03" released.
Officially released. Two songs have been added:

"attack in the minor key" by "Mr.T"
"spring pony" by "S-C-U"
The following songs are available for unlock until December 19th:

• "spring pony" by "S-C-U"
• "attack in the minor key" by "Mr.T"
Site updated. "Ω-ATTACK" event details revealed. "S!ck" and "CONCEPTUAL" added to "NEW SONG" section. 5th Weekly Ranking song is "YELLOW FROG from Steel Chronicle".
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