April, 2015

Announced for release on July 1st.
Pre-orders now taken at play-asia: http://goo.gl/jZ2Oka
"saucer fulfill pack 8" released.
"KONAMI music pack 50" released.
Official site launched.
"KONAMI MUSIC PACK 28" released.
"あさきの世界 PACK" released.
New area あさきの世界 will be available in PASTEL WONDER QUEST from April 16th to April 30th.
Announced for release on April 21st.
CHALLENGE6 added: Reaching for the Stars / serena
Songs now added to DDR, jubeat, REFLEC BEAT and SOUND VOLTEX:
• 女言葉の消失 / Sota Fujimori
• M. A. Y. U. / Ryu☆ feat.MAYU
• 朝色の紙飛行機 / かめりあ
• New song added: TA・DA☆YO・SHI / Y&Co.
• 27th WEEKLY RANKING song is: On My Wings(Hardstyle IIDX) / kors k
Announced by Activision, release planned for Autumn 2015.
Due for release on July 9th.
SECRET "Yossy" COURSE will be added tomorrow. EXPERT VOTE system will be available from Apr 17th where players can vote for songs to appear on the NEKOMATA course that will be available from Apr 29th.
"THE LEGEND OF KONAMI music pack 4" released.
"コナミ伝説 MUSIC PACK 4" released.
"コナミ伝説 music pack 4" released.
New song to be added this week:
• Nostalgia Is Lost / U1 overground
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