July, 2014

"the brilliant green PACK" released.
"the brilliant green pack" released.
Large software update is now live adding EXPERT OPTION.
2014-07-23 · POLICY BREAK
POLICY BREAK events #1 and #3 are taking place again.
2014-07-23 · FLOOR INFECTION
FLOOR INFECTION events #1 and #3 are taking place again.
• 34th WEEKLY RANKING song is: rainbow guitar weeps / dj TAKA
2014 update goes live across Asia.
Version 3.5.7 will be released late July to early August changing the pre-installed songs.

Current pre-installed songs:
• Sweet Rain
• Snow Goose
• ウイリアム・テル序曲

New pre-installed songs:
• Energy
• Little Flipper
• ウイリアム・テル序曲

"Sweet Rain" and "Snow Goose" will be available in a new music pack after the update. Ratings and best scores will not be affected for these songs.
New packs released: "BEMANI Stadium 1" and "BEMANI Stadium 2"
"MUSIC PACK 48" released.
"pop'n music pack 3" released.
11 new songs have been added.
Released today!
• Site updated. MUSIC & CHARACTERS section updated.
• New song to be added on July 18th: ふなふなふなっしー♪~ふなっしー公式テーマソング~
BEMANI-wide event teaser page revealed. The event starts on July 24th.
• New songs to be added to "saucer macchiato" on July 30th.
• Daily Milk ×3 Campaign starts tomorrow.
• Large software update coming soon.
9 songs and more INFINITE charts will be added on Friday.
• Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
• 33rd WEEKLY RANKING song is: INSOMNIA / ジャカルタファンクブラザーズ
Habibe(Antuh muhleke) / Wendy Parr to be added to EXTRA ATTACK on Friday.
11 new songs will be added from July 17th, 10AM JST onwards.
• 恋はどう?モロ◎波動OK☆方程式!! / あべにゅうぷろじぇくと feat.佐倉紗織 produced by ave;new
• Windy Fairy / DJ TOTTO
• Diamond Dust / TAG
• Chinese Snowy Dance / Mutsuhiko Izumi
• True Blue / dj TAKA feat.AiMEE
• New Decade / Sota F.
• Din Don Dan / Ryu☆ feat.Mayumi Morinaga
• Mermaid girl / Cream Puff
• heron / S-C-U
• REBORN MAGIC / seiya-murai meets "eimy"
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