March, 2015

Qpronicle Chord phase 3 starts tomorrow.

February, 2015

"Rhodanthe* pack" released.
"Rhodanthe* PACK" released.
"KONAMI music pack 48" released.
"KONAMI MUSIC PACK 26" released.
• Site updated. MUSIC & CHARACTERS section updated.
• New Main Story added.
TOMOSUKE's secret song for BEMANI MUSIC FOCUS has been revealed.
• Gamelan de Couple / TOMOSUKE
Full track listing now available.
New BEMANI MUSIC FOCUS starts tomorrow, with songs picked by TOMOSUKE.
• I'M GONNA GET YOU! / Kelly Cosmo
• the keel / Akino
• LOVE IS ORANGE / Orange Lounge
• ??? / ???
Two anime songs to be added tomorrow:
• Synchrongazer / 水樹奈々
• センチメンタルラブ / みみめめMIMI
Track previews now available.
• Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
• 20th WEEKLY RANKING song is: Beat Radiance / iNO
Check out its Kickstarter page and play the demo to support the project!
"saucer fulfill pack 6" released.
"MUSIC PACK 55" released.
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