March, 2014

Announced for Western release this fall!
DJMAX TECHNIKA Q has been released!
New songs added:
• アルストロメリア / TAG
• ÆTHER / TAG underground
New songs added:
• Do The Evolution / TAG feat. ERi
• Romancing Layer / TAG
• EXTRA STAGE: esrev:eR / TAG meets "eimy"
• EXTRA STAGE: ÆTHER / TAG underground
• EXTRA STAGE: SABER WING (satellite silhouette remix) / TAG
New song added:
New songs added:
• アルストロメリア / TAG
•『サクラソウの思い出』メドレー / 「ときめきメモリアル Girl's Side 3rd Story」より
• メモリー・オブ・シューティング / コナミ矩形波倶楽部
Three TAG birthday courses added.
New song added:
Bringing a little bit of something to each BEMANI title today.
FutureTomTom getting a song from Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3 and a Konami shmup music medley today.
Interactive discovery realm, The Hollow has been revealed.
• "『サクラソウの思い出』メドレー" and "メモリー・オブ・シューティング" added.
• "FLOWER", "凛として咲く花の如く", "梅雪夜", "恋する☆宇宙戦争っ!!", "I'm so Happy", "smooooch・∀・" can now be played without an eAMUSEMENT card.
"Cyntia PACK" released.
"Cyntia pack" released.
Introduction video volume 1 has been released.
Software updates:
• 12 new songs since our last location test!!
• Online updates
• Roaming difficulty score bug fixed (would cause a song's difficulty number to fluctuate)
• Roll notes priority bug fixed (would cause missed notes when near roll notes)
• Can now set attract volume
Bundle includes:
• Symphony
• Sequence
• Audiosurf
• Beat Hazard Ultra
• Retro/Grade
SUPER STAR 満-MITSURU- event will take place on March 26th.
BEMANI-scale event will take place on March 25th.

beatmaniaIIDX21 SPADA
• Recommended songs for the day will be the following: "esrev:eR", "Lighting Shower" and "Re:GENERATION".
• アルストロメリア and ÆTHER will be added.

• "Romancing Layer" and "Do The Evolution" will be added.

DanceEvolution ARCADE
• Playing "Do The Evolution" will give you a big bonus for the Inokuma Battle event.

• In folders, a campaign will take place for a week from March 25th.
• "UNLIMITED FIRE" will be added.

jubeat saucer fulfill
• TAG course will be added. The GOLD STONE criteria will be set to TAG's average score.

pop'n music Sunny Park
• Playing TAG songs will give you double TAISEN EP.
• Play with TAG in NET TAISEN on March 25th.

• Recommended songs will include TAG songs.
• "REVOLUTIONARY ADDICT" will be added.

SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection-
• A TAG Birthday Festival appeal card will be added from March 25th to 31st.
• Get PACKET DROP BONUS when playing the following songs: "Diamond Dust Black Diamond Dust", "UNLIMITED FIRE(DJ Amane Remix)" and "アルストロメリア KURO-HACO Remix".

ミライダガッキ FutureTomTom ver.2
• Four TAG songs will be added: "アルストロメリア", "Chronos", "Riot of Color" and "Do The Evolution"
Track listings released.
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