May, 2014

New song added:
•Do Not Retreat / Komputer Kontroller
Track previews now available.
• Interface renewal update released.
• ×0.25 interval speed mods added.
• HARD life bar option added. (4 lives)
• EXTRA ATTACK begins.
• New songs available for unlock in EXTRA ATTACK:
> ヤマトなでなで♡かぐや姫 / ロマンチック♡Prim姫
> Elysium / nc ft. NRG Factory
Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd is now available to preorder from Amazon.
The game will be updated from GITADORA to GITADORA OverDrive on May 13th.
Update will be released on May 12th.
Phase 1 of the Start Dash campaign begins today.
Tsugidoka characters and a kors k pack featuring a Des-ROW collaboration coming soon.
A new Premium Encore joining HaKU's think about you on Gitadora OverDrive on 5/14
Out now for iOS! Android coming soon.
"DIV pack" released.
New pack released: "pop'n Wafu pack 2"
311 DLC pack now available:
• Amber
• Down
• Beautiful Disaster
More Touhou songs will be playable on Sound Voltex II at Reitaisai on 5/11.
"Start Dash Campaign" starts on May 9th.
23rd WEEKLY RANKING track is: MAGIC & LOVE / DJ Genki feat. yukacco
Harmonix opens Kickstarter page for PS3/PS4 Amplitude.
Two new songs have been added to the location tests:
• Sakura Mirage / Ryu☆
• アヴァロンの丘 / 猫叉Master
New songs added:
• Turn Around / Rundfunk
• How Many Sukkas / Scott Brown
"スティールクロニクル pack" and "Sana pack" released.
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