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2014-10-19 21:17 5 months ago
by ScottP

Not recorded.


Pump It Up Fiesta = 3 songs for 5.8 (5.2 Gold) chips
Guitar Hero Arcade = 1 song per credit
There are two Guitar Hero Arcade machines at this location.

Update 07-15-2010: Thanks to a very awesome DnB personnel who shall remain nameless...Hi K :) ... the machine has been upgraded to Fiesta. However it's still the same machine... not really complaining since the DX machines are still great. Worst part, 1P side can't handle perfect attacks as well. 2P side has a major issue with top left panel. Overall, this is good news.

Update 09-01-2010: It's located in the back, against the wall, next to the air hockey tables. The red arrows were fixed this week and work awesomely! I couldn't pass will-o'-the-wisp D13 two days ago, but now that I can hit all the arrows, I've FC'd it.


Contact Number



Arundel Mills Mall
7000 Arundel Mills Circle
Maryland, 21076

Opening Times

Monday10:00 - 00:00
Tuesday10:00 - 00:00
Wednesday10:00 - 00:00
Thursday10:00 - 00:00
Friday10:00 - 02:00
Saturday10:00 - 02:00
Sunday11:00 - 19:00


Music GamePriceCondition
Guitar Hero Arcade (International)$1.00 for 1 songPerfect
Guitar Hero Arcade (International)$1.00 for 1 songPerfect
Pump It Up Fiesta (International)
Comment: As of October 2014, the first player pads aren't the best. I reccomend playing on the second pad.
$1.70 for 3 songsGreat
Pac-Man Battle Royale (International)$1.50Perfect
Daytona USA (2P) (International)$1.25Great
Rail ShooterPriceCondition
Deadstorm Pirates (International)$1.25Perfect
Ghost Squad (International)
Comment: Two machines
Rambo (International)
Comment: Two machines
The House of the Dead 4 (North America)
Comment: Two machines.
Time Crisis 4 (International)$1.00Great
Fruit Ninja FX (International)
Comment: Three machines


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ScottP5 months agoScottP
Pump It Up Fiesta (International) updated.
• Comment changed to "As of October 2014, the first player pads aren't the best. I reccomend playing on the second pad.".
foxxy-mito2 years agofoxxy-mito
Location name, address and geolocation were updated.
foxxy-mito2 years agofoxxy-mito
Deadstorm Pirates (International) added.
foxxy-mito2 years agofoxxy-mito
Rambo (International) updated.
• Condition changed to Perfect
foxxy-mito2 years agofoxxy-mito
Ghost Squad (International) added.
foxxy-mito2 years agofoxxy-mito
Rambo (International) added.
foxxy-mito2 years agofoxxy-mito
Daytona USA (2P) (International) added.
foxxy-mito3 years agofoxxy-mito
The House of the Dead 4 (North America) added.
foxxy-mito3 years agofoxxy-mito
Fruit Ninja FX (International) added.
foxxy-mito3 years agofoxxy-mito
Time Crisis 4 (International) added.
foxxy-mito3 years agofoxxy-mito
Pac-Man Battle Royale (International) added.
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