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Badger Sports Park

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2012-06-20 11:10 1 year ago
by roothorick

2012-06-20 10:49 1 year ago
by roothorick


Card system. They have a time play option.

Typical all-ages family center. Very noisy unless they're not all that busy.

Contact Number





3600 E Evergreen Drive
Wisconsin, 54913

Opening Times



Music GamePriceCondition
Pump It Up NX (International)
Location: inside wall near the giant Connect 4 game
Comment: This machine is downright cherry. It's beautiful. Fairly loud too.
$0.50 for 3 songs / $0.50 to continue
18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker (International)
Location: Back of the smaller area near lasertag
Comment: Wheel doesn't recenter and doesn't have any markings on it to indicate where the center would be. Good luck actually playing.
The Fast and the Furious: Drift (4P) (International)
Location: On the opposite side of the skee-ball wall
Rail ShooterPriceCondition
Aliens: Extermination (International)
Location: Back wall by the bathrooms
Comment: Deluxe cabinet.
$0.50 / $0.50 to continue
Big Buck Hunter Pro (North America)
Location: behind the card kiosks, right in front
Comment: Original dedicated SD cabinet
Star Trek: Voyager (International)
Location: Back corner of the far room, by lasertag
Comment: Deluxe cockpit cabinet. Monitor is a bit dim and causes hit registration issues sometimes.
Time Crisis 4 (International)
Location: Back wall by the bathrooms
Comment: SD cabinet. Guns have some force feedback issues.
$0.75 / $0.75 to continue
Colorama II (International)
Location: Right next to the redemption counter (idiots!)
Cyclone (International)
Location: Main gameroom, near the Connect 4 machine
Comment: x2. Jackpots routinely go above 1000.
Deal or No Deal (International)
Location: Back of the main gameroom, plainly visible from the dining area
Hoop Fever (International)
Location: In the front corner near skeeball
Comment: x2. No tickets given / time play eligible. Balls are usually a bit flat.
Jumpin' Jackpot (International)
Location: main gameroom, same island as DoND
Comment: Usually stupidly easy to win because incompetent kids are obsessed with it.
Spin To Win (International)
Location: Seriously? It's the tallest machine in the room.
Comment: 12ft version
Spin To Win (International)
Location: By the skeeballs, near the back
Comment: Smaller version (7ft?) Wheel values are set lower to match the lower price.
Hockey Table (International)
Location: In front of lasertag. Can't miss it.
Comment: ICE/SAM FastTrack. Very high quality table but very beat.



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roothorick1 year agoroothorick
Hockey Table (International) added.
roothorick1 year agoroothorick
Big Buck Hunter Pro (North America) added.
roothorick1 year agoroothorick
Spin To Win (International) added.
roothorick1 year agoroothorick
Spin To Win (International) added.
roothorick1 year agoroothorick
Jumpin' Jackpot (International) added.
roothorick1 year agoroothorick
Hoop Fever (International) added.
roothorick1 year agoroothorick
Deal or No Deal (International) added.
roothorick1 year agoroothorick
Cyclone (International) added.
roothorick1 year agoroothorick
Colorama II (International) added.
roothorick1 year agoroothorick
Star Trek: Voyager (International) added.
roothorick1 year agoroothorick
Time Crisis 4 (International) added.
roothorick1 year agoroothorick
Aliens: Extermination (International) added.
roothorick1 year agoroothorick
The Fast and the Furious: Drift (4P) (International) added.
roothorick1 year agoroothorick
18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker (International) added.
roothorick1 year agoroothorick
Pump It Up NX (International) added.
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