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Jack's Pizza Cafe

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2013-11-01 10:59 5 months ago
by Gabe

2012-03-01 13:00 2 years ago
by Gabe


Still no music games, and this is another pizza parlor with arcade machines. A changer that turns cash into quarters (accepted by the games) appears.

As of March 22, 2013, this Pizza Hut location had already closed down.
As of September 23, 2013, Pizza Hut (in Modesto) moved to a different location somewhere around Yosemite Lanes. Pizza Hut's old location now became Jack's Pizza Cafe.
As of October 31, 2013, X-Men vs. Street Fighter gets moved into the (previously) empty wall near the back of the restaurant. Time Crisis and Virtua Cop 2 (the two only polygon 3D games) have been added.

Removed Games:
Blazing Star
Metal Slug 3

Current Games:
Strikers 1945 II
The Simpsons
X-Men vs. Street Fighter (Hispanic version)*
Time Crisis
Virtua Cop 2

FUNWORKS! Family Fun Factory in Modesto used to have this game long time ago, and it's now back in Jack's Pizza Café.

Contact Number

(209) 888-0888




2001 McHenry Ave Ste A
California, 95350

Opening Times

Monday10:00 ~ 22:00
Tuesday10:00 ~ 22:00
Wednesday10:00 ~ 22:00
Thursday10:00 ~ 22:00
Friday10:00 ~ 23:00
Saturday10:00 ~ 23:00
Sunday10:00 ~ 22:00


Run and GunPriceCondition
Metal Slug 3 (International)
Location: See Blazing Star.
Comment: See Blazing Star.
$0.25 / $0.25 to continue
Shoot 'em upPriceCondition
Blazing star (International)
Location: Game Room, the next wall right of the mirror and horse model
Comment: Replacing Cruis'n USA and California Speed, the MVS contains two games (including this one). Memory card slot and earphone jacks removed manually and game can only be selected when coin is inserted. Game begins if the timer runs out or a start button is pressed.
$0.25 / $0.25 to continue





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Gabe5 months agoGabe
Location name and location information were updated.
Gabe6 months agoGabe
Location name and contact number were updated.
Gabe6 months agoGabe
Location name, geolocation, opening times and website were updated.
Gabe6 months agoGabe
Location name, opening times, location information and website were updated.
Gabe1 year agoGabe
Location name was updated.
Gabe1 year agoGabe
Opening times was updated.
Gabe1 year agoGabe
Opening times and location information were updated.
Gabe2 years agoGabe
Opening times was updated.
Gabe2 years agoGabe
Metal Slug 3 (International) added.
Gabe2 years agoGabe
Blazing star (International) added.
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