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754 Pacific Avenue
Washington, 98402
Tel: (253) 627-4156
Website: Click Here

Music Game
Guitar Hero Arcade US$0.50 for 1 song

Altered Beast US$0.25
Arkanoid - Revenge of DOH US$0.25
BurgerTime US$0.25
Buster Bros. US$0.25
Centipede US$0.25
Circus US$0.25
Dig Dug US$0.25
Frogger US$0.25
Gauntlet Dark Legacy US$0.25
Jungle Hunt US$0.25
Omega Race US$0.25
Rampage World Tour US$0.25
Tempest US$0.25
The Real Ghostbusters US$0.25
Toobin' US$0.25
Tron US$0.25
Zoo Keeper US$0.25

Beat 'em up
Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja US$0.25
Spider-Man: The Video Game US$0.25
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time US$0.25
The Simpsons Arcade Game US$0.25
X-Men US$0.25

Dragon Ball Z 2: Super Battle US$0.50
Karate Champ US$0.25
Killer Instinct US$0.25
Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes US$0.25
Mortal Kombat US$0.25
Mortal Kombat II US$0.25
Punch-Out! US$0.25
Street Fighter II: Champion Edition US$0.25
Super Street Fighter II Turbo US$0.25
Tekken 5 Version 5.1 US$0.25 / US$0.25 to continue
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 US$0.25

Horizontal Shooter
Defender US$0.25

Ms. Pac-Man US$0.25
Pac-Man US$0.25
Pac-Man Battle Royale US$0.25

Multi-directional Shooters
Asteroids US$0.25
Robotron: 2084 US$0.25

Combat US$0.25
Liberator US$0.25

AC/DC (Pro) US$0.50
Black Rose US$0.25
Comet US$0.25
Cue Ball Wizard US$0.50
Cyclone US$0.25
Demolition Man US$0.25
Elvira: Scared Stiff US$0.50
Evel Knievel US$0.25
Frank Thomas' Big Hurt US$0.25
Genesis US$0.25
Guns N Roses (Data East) US$0.50
Hook US$0.25
Indiana Jones (Stern) US$0.50
Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure US$0.25
Metallica US$0.50
Pirates of the Caribbean (Stern) US$0.50
South Park US$0.25
Star Trek: The Next Generation US$0.25
Star Wars (Data East) US$0.50
Taxi US$0.25
Terminator 2: Judgment Day US$0.25
The Addams Family US$0.50
The Avengers (Pro) US$0.50
The Getaway: High Speed II US$0.25
The Lord of the Rings US$0.50
The Machine: Bride of Pinbot US$0.25
The Shadow US$0.50
The Simpsons Pinball Party US$0.50
The Sopranos US$0.50
The Twilight Zone US$0.50
The Wizard of Oz US$0.75
Theater of Magic US$0.50
Time Machine US$0.25
Transformers (Pro) US$0.50
TRON Legacy US$0.50
Whirlwind US$0.25
Whitewater US$0.25
World Cup Soccer US$0.50
X-Men (Pro) US$0.50
X-Men (Pro) US$0.50

Bubble Bobble US$0.25
Donkey Kong US$0.25
Donkey Kong US$0.25
Donkey Kong Jr. US$0.25
Joust US$0.25
Mario Bros US$0.25
Popeye US$0.25

Q*bert US$0.25
Qix US$0.25

Championship Sprint US$0.25
Daytona USA (2P) US$0.50
Indy 500 US$0.25
Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road US$0.25
Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road: Track Pak US$0.25
OutRun US$0.25
Pole Position US$0.25

Rail Shooter
Area 51 US$0.25
Lethal Enforcers US$0.25
Revolution X US$0.25 / US$0.25 to continue
The House of the Dead US$0.25
Time Crisis 3 US$0.50

Fruit Ninja FX US$0.50

Shoot 'em up
Galaga US$0.25
Galaxian US$0.25
Gorf US$0.25
Moon Patrol US$0.25
Raiden US$0.25
Space Invaders US$0.25
Space Invaders Deluxe US$0.25
Space Invaders Frenzy US$1.00
Spy Hunter US$0.25
Xevious US$0.25

Battlezone US$0.25
Lunar Lander US$0.25

720° US$0.25 / US$0.25 to continue
Arm Champs II US$0.25
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition US$0.25
Track & Field US$0.25