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Also, everyone is here to post their opinions, but notice that I'm not going overboard with what I say. I respect you for trying to make your own voice heard, but I don't really think that this site is the best place to make it heard.

MAN I love zenius.
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Just don't read the thread if philosophy makes you that angry.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with this thread, apart from the derailment, anyway, on topic please.

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Last updated: 2011-08-17 12:32am
Quote: -Viper-
we can only discuss bemani and lady gaga so much before the site gets stale. I think we could use more intellectual-ish threads like this one.
Couldn't agree more, we do need some variety on this site. Smile Also it's good to get us thinking; we as human beings will never progress until we set aside our differences and work together. A bit of discussion now and then is a step forward in that positive direction. Wink

OT: I would feel cheated if my life was that easy and so would only try it once at most. As much as I loathe my existence right now living in a dream would eventually become stale; there's a reason why yin and yang exists. That said, I wouldn't mind being a professional freerunner/action hero, even if it didn't happen technically. :3

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I'm up for more general threads like this to be honest.

Anyway on-topic, How do you know your not already plunged in? Maybe we are all just fragments of someone imagination. Confused
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Last updated: 2011-08-17 12:53am
In philosophy we talked about Descartes and how he came to believe that absolutely nothing can be known for certain, except for the existence of your own mind. He talked about how for all you know, you could be a mind floating in a void with ideas being fed to you by some evil demon (this idea was the grounds for the Matrix movies). In addition he was of the belief that if you couldn't prove something beyond all shadow of a doubt, you should not believe it. He had an existential crisis and and went somewhat mad, never believing anything he experienced.

Hopefully we don't go down that road. Smile

Post #47 · Posted at 2011-08-17 01:16:58am 6.4 years ago

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I completely lost track of what i was going to post.

I'm just going to tl;dr this and just say this:

We walk everyday knowing that what we see through our very eyes is what we perceive as our reality. Anything that we read, view, or play is a fiction from a fantasy world or from a true story that has been kept in records for us to gather knowledge from it's lesson. In my honest opinion, living THIS reality would be a little bit better than being plugged into a fantasy world, no matter how much they can make it as real as possible, to me it just wouldn't seem as an excitement in my life. Besides, what's not to say that the fake reality can be twisted to be THIS reality? What if WE are actually in some sort of machine that makes living this life so accurate we have been blinded and brainwashed to live through this fake reality when in the "real" world we are strapped to a machine that either we chose to live in or we were dragged into through excessive force by an outside entity.

But i can see why someone would take the plunge to dwelve in another reality, it would be something that would be out of the ordinary for someone who thinks that their life is stale or is just not getting as much excitement as they thought they would in the "real" world, and would much rather have more excitement through the means of a machine. Everyone is poised to choose whether to live in their reality or to create a new one that is much better than their reality, but all in all, it's the person's mindset that determines whether they want to do it or if they want to back away from that option. I personally wouldn't do it, unless i have TRULY lived my life to it's fullest and have done things that i've always wanted to do before i kick the bucket. Even then, it would still be hard for me to decide since the experience isn't "real" to the extent that it's only a computer simulated program running on my fantasies and dreams and takes it to a level of indistinguishable realism.

I swear Aegis you must have seen that one/couple Twilight Zone episodes that revolve around this topic Roll Eyes

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I have yet to even take Philosophy class.

It's just a really interesting topic that has your mind think about two sides to a coin.
I haven't had the chance to explore it, but I feel it would great to go through it now than never.

With your responses, I get more carried to more choices and decisions - more thought.

Post #49 · Posted at 2011-08-17 04:48:35am 6.4 years ago

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Quote: Rwr4539
That hurt my feelings.

But that's my PRESONAL opinion. It's how I feel PRESONALLY, ain't that right Oni?
You TOTAL vagina.
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Quote: xRGTMx
this thread is stupid

don't hate because you can't wrap your mind around the hypothetical situation

Post #51 · Posted at 2011-08-18 11:20:13am 6.4 years ago

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No, I wouldn't because... well...

It's like when I wake up from a dream. I wake up and I think to myself "that wasn't real. That really sucks." That's how I'd probably feel with what you described. However, if it was 100% authentic what happened, then I would. For example, pretend that I was playing DDR. It better be the same as it is in real life, like the pads and the song list.

Post #52 · Posted at 2011-08-18 06:53:35pm 6.4 years ago

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"|| -You're all silly- ||"
What if your dream world is actually reality and you had these "more realistic, dull daily lives" as dreams?

Post #53 · Posted at 2011-08-20 10:22:10am 6.4 years ago

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Although it pains me to say it, I would probably plug into the machine. I've always wanted to experience the thrill of living in another world, and this machine seems like it would offer me the ability to do so; something outside of the normal routine.

Having just moved into college, this belief stands more than ever. Annoyed
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