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Post #41 · Posted at 2007-09-27 04:51:54pm 9.5 years ago

Offline DotC01
DotC01 Avatar Badge Member
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United States
Reg. 2007-09-27
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hi im DotC01 and new to the forums but ive been on here alot of times for simfiles and i like the new 3rd style (i started coming here when it was 2nd style) i just joined about eh..2 min ago and i am on ALOT of things.....so yea lolGreen Grin
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Post #42 · Posted at 2007-11-28 11:47:21pm 9.4 years ago

Offline Yabuki
Yabuki Avatar Badge Member
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Reg. 2007-10-17
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Hello, i'm Yabuki ! I'm french et i am a ddr addict. Excuse me for my english....
I play DDR since 2 years. We have a DDR machine in the city where i live in the east of France. It's a SuperNova.

I like to play video games et i'm a big fan of mangas.

See you.

Post #43 · Posted at 2007-12-02 06:41:14am 9.3 years ago

Offline ojitsack
ojitsack Avatar Badge Member
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Reg. 2007-08-26
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Hola a todos, ¿cómo están? (Hello everybody, how are you?).

Mi nombre completo es Tulio Alfonso Castillo Villarreal (My full name is Tulio Alfonso Castillo Villarreal).

Soy de la ciudad de Maracay, Estado Aragua, Venezuela (I'm from Maracay city, Aragua state, Venezuela).

Como lo leen fuera del paréntesis, mi primer idioma es el español (As you are reading outside the parenthesis, mi first language is the spanish).

Mi fecha de nacimiento es el 29 de Septiembre de 1984 (My birthday is September 29, 1984).

Soy actualmente estudiante de informática (I'm actually informatics student).

Y mucho más... si quieren decirme algo envíenme un MP (And much more... if you want to say something into me, send me a PM).

GOD BLESS YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"In normal and paceful times, mind and body trains with modest spirit. In conflictive times, one must dedicate to justice and look for the peace. This is the true sense of the real life."

Post #44 · Posted at 2007-12-15 08:13:04am 9.3 years ago

Offline JanoDx
JanoDx Avatar Badge Member
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Reg. 2007-12-15
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Finnaly im here...

My name is José, im 17 years old, Im chilean, I like very much the DDR series, I like to hear all type of rock, I play videogames...

And thats all ^^---

Post #45 · Posted at 2007-12-20 01:35:24pm 9.3 years ago

Offline Rmix
Rmix Avatar Badge Member
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Puerto Rico
Reg. 2007-12-18
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Well I'm Rmix, I'm from Puerto Rico. 16 Year Old.

Playing DDR since 2000, Seriusly Started in 2003 and stop at 2005 came back at 2007.
Also I played a little PUI, but the machine broke down and there only like two in Puerto Rico.


Post #46 · Posted at 2007-12-22 06:05:15am 9.3 years ago

Offline Spirit of Nightmare
Spirit of Nightmare Avatar Badge Member
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Reg. 2007-12-19
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Greetings, Zenius-I-Vanisher,

I'm Shadow Man, as you might know.

I'm born 4th of august year 1993. Thus I'm 14 years old.

Oh, and you might not know, but I'm actually from the Swedish Monarchy.

Why did I join this? Because, There is a swedish forum called musikspel.se, that I used to hang on to, and talk with some friends.
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Post #47 · Posted at 2008-02-26 06:40:47am 9.1 years ago

Offline Kyzentun
Kyzentun Avatar Badge Member
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United States
Reg. 2008-02-20
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Is this thing on?
Uh, well, I'm Kyzentun. If you know a Kyzentun anywhere else on the internet, it's probably me. I've done google searches, and only come up with stuff by me, so I know I've hit on a unique name.
I've been leeching a few sims here and there for a few weeks, so I thought I'd join and help out with the HP sims. How much help I'll actually be is unknown, since I prefer dancing until my feet are sore to making simfiles. If my feet don't hurt, and it's not 10 (apartment, can't irritate neighbors), I'm not done dancing for the night.

Sorry for the necromancy, but I figure it's okay, given the nature of this thread, and the fact that it's been brought back from the dead before.

Edit: I'm 22 if it matters to anyone.
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Post #48 · Posted at 2008-02-26 07:51:15am 9.1 years ago

Offline prince_je07
prince_je07 Avatar Badge Member
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Reg. 2007-03-11
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Just fixed my broken PC hehehe

I'm Prince_je07..preferably JE for short...I'm 20 years of age from the Philippines..I've been playing DDR for a decade now..but don't expect me to be a very good player on combo (but sometimes I do)..I go for freestyle..Roll Eyes

I also play Pump It UP and wishes to be in the World Pump Fest in the future to represent our country. I'm fond of playing Pokemon RPG games (and I forgot to mention I am a fan of everything about Pokemon)..Stepmania is also one of my fave, just like everyone else. I create simfiles but not for now because I'm busy preparing myself to graduate in college ;D
A decade of pure dancing..not only on the pad but the centerstage itself

http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f358/prince_je07/Stepmania%20Stuff/ThePrincesDancefloor.png http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f358/prince_je07/The%20Prince%20Dancefloor%202nd%20Groove/ThePrincesDancefloor2ndGroove.png

Post #49 · Posted at 2008-02-29 09:04:55am 9.1 years ago

Offline mugentatsuya
mugentatsuya Avatar Badge Member
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United States
Reg. 2007-09-18
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I didn't know this thread existed. So I thought I'd give my short intro.

I'm Mugen, in my early 20s, and I live in the San Jose area in CA. I'm a stepfiler of some degree, and I like arranging music samples together to create terrible music.

I'm also trying my had at AMV's and that's also failing.

I've been playing didder for 7 years, IIDX for 3, and DM for also 3.
So in my brief return, I am going to slowly but surely work on a new simfile mix called TEMPEST. Still workin' on it. Preview -->
I Need You (Inside Out Door Mix) -- R&B #5 The Sims 2 == WHO BORROWED FROM WHO

Post #50 · Posted at 2008-02-29 10:51:46am 9.1 years ago

Offline UB725
UB725 Avatar Badge Member
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Reg. 2007-12-16
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Hey people, Im UB! (I used UB as the 2 syllabus in a DDR song that I though was going to be hard and fast but it turned out to be an 8 footer. Un-Born Smile 725 is the speed I intended it to be.. crazy eh? Im crazy Smile

I'm not revealing my age because well yah, I dont like to Tongue

I have been playing ddr for about 5 years not (started when I was 9 ) and I am working my way up on harder 9 footers. I'll get up to 10's someday Smile and I know I just revealed my age lol Tongue

I enjoy all music games except singing ones since my voice isnt correct to be in those games Smile

I especially enjoy DDR and ITG, I hate pump, I love Guitar Freaks (But they only have version one at the arcade I go to) I have never played Drummania but I plan to same with Beatmania too.

I think My fave ddr song of all time is.. probubly hard to decide. Right now I have Always stuck in my head by Amon Tobin from U2 and I think I Like That Sound from ITG.

I consider DDR life and it comes right after religon, It's a big thing to me and I consider it my stress releiver. I may not be that well at it.. but still I love it Smile and I always will.

Current stautus: DDR withdrawl, Stupid Xbox got Three red rings of death, Cant play Universe 2 for 10 more days! Sad

Post #51 · Posted at 2008-03-04 04:34:40am 9.1 years ago

Offline hooky
hooky Avatar Badge Member
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United States
Reg. 2007-07-28
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I'm Nick.

I live in USA Midwest.
Latest Simfiles


Post #52 · Posted at 2008-03-04 06:51:08am 9.1 years ago

Offline deliriousXD
deliriousXD Avatar Badge Member+
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United States
Reg. 2006-08-08
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Quote: hooky
I'm Nick.

I live in USA Midwest.

Midwest huh? What state?
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Post #53 · Posted at 2008-04-10 08:59:47am 9 years ago

Offline DMAxel
DMAxel Avatar Badge Member
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I guess it's never late to introduce itself... anyways:
My name's Axel, and I'm from Chile (South America).

Nice to meet you all!

Post #54 · Posted at 2008-04-16 03:47:43am 9 years ago

Offline Midori_Fairy
Midori_Fairy Avatar Badge Member
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United States
Reg. 2007-09-03
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Hey, I'm Midori. I came from Bemanistyle as Lady_eternal.

I'm from AZ (United States), and I've been playing DDR for about 8 years (since I was 12). As for IIDX, I'm not so great at that. But I love to play DM!

My interests lie in rhythm games and writing. It's about all I can think of at the moment. ^^

Post #55 · Posted at 2008-04-16 03:51:38am 9 years ago

Offline Oni-91
Oni-91 Avatar Badge Moderator+
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United Kingdom
Reg. 2006-10-20
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Post #56 · Posted at 2008-06-08 09:48:44am 8.8 years ago

Offline DialBM
DialBM Avatar Badge Member
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Reg. 2008-06-08
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Hi people

I'm Diego, from Peru and I had subscribed because I think this page is cool and updated

I can just play IIDX with a PS2 controller in Normal mode, I play DDR too (with dance pad) but I'm not so good

I'm still practicing my english, so don't expect a good english from me, excuse me if you have a problem with that

Gusto en conocerlos Big Grin

Post #57 · Posted at 2008-06-08 12:15:08pm 8.8 years ago

Offline AceJay
AceJay Avatar Badge Member+
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Reg. 2006-12-04
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Oh it seems I never posted here, lol.

Here's my old DDRFreak Bio:

Name: Paul
Tag on EX: ACEJ
Tag on SuperNOVA: ACEJAY?!
Tag on ITG: AceJay
State: New Jersey
Town: Princeton
Age: 19
Appearance: Overweight white guy with blue shorts and a Gray Westminster Choir College shirt. Semi-thin glasses and tied-back dark brown hair.
Height: 6'5"
How long have you been playing: Since October 2002
Where do you play DDR: Nowhere lol
Current skill level: 95% I think I like that sound Expert, AA Sakura Heavy, A Across the nightmare Oni, AA MAX300 Standard lol, A'd on Heavy. Oh, and 2 Greats on My Summer Love
Type of player: Mainly for fun and some exercise, but I guess I'm a Perfect attacker.
Other hobbies/interests: Food, computers, BEMANI, fixing electronics and computers.
Other DDR/Bemani websites you go to: BemaniStyle, Z-I-V

But yeah I don't play anymore because no where near me is any good and really not worth going to.

A decent amount of my free time is now spent on IIDX at home. JPKOC with USKOC keys ftw.
I can now pass most 9's and a handful of 10's ;D

I made simfiles a loooooong time ago, but they're not that good.

lolsup guys?

Post #58 · Posted at 2008-06-08 12:32:28pm 8.8 years ago

Offline Exor
Exor Avatar Badge Member
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United States
Reg. 2008-05-29
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Didn't know there was an intro thread...

In my mid-20s, played DDR since about April 2001 (5th mix), stopped for about 2-3 years due to unrelated injury, working my way back up to my old skill level (8 footer max), still trying to improve my timing and gain more stamina. I mainly play for fun & exercise. You'd usually find me in either one of two arcades in NYC, or (rarely) Toys R Us Times Square. Would like to learn IIDX on an AC cab, if there were any IIDX machines in NYC to begin withAnnoyed.

My other hobbies are watching anime, fixing computers, and, as strange as it seems, learning other languages (I speak English and Spanish, can understand a little French, learning Japanese, and can read Russian)

In case anyone's trying to figure out the origin of my username, it's the name of the giant sword that crashed into Bowser's castle in "Super Mario RPG".

Post #59 · Posted at 2008-06-26 05:57:35am 8.8 years ago

Offline NatsumiTheLucario
NatsumiTheLucario Avatar Badge Member
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United States
Reg. 2008-06-24
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I'm still 13 but I play DDR a lot, about when I was 6 or so. I sometimes get bored and grab a song and just step it on SM, but I don't post it. I also go on other sites to pass time, and I just go on the comp all day cause it's like a hobby to me. I live in hawaii right now and my username just kinda came up to me, or was it a picture, I don't know.
A guy who cant even pass Healing-D-Vision with his feet

Post #60 · Posted at 2008-06-27 04:34:17am 8.8 years ago

Offline ~XTREME~
~XTREME~ Avatar Badge Member
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United States
Reg. 2008-06-27
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Names javian. I ate living in Detroit cause arcades are rare. I love ddr of course. I plan on making some challinging and fun simfiles so be on the look out for them.
http://zenius-i-vanisher.com/simfiles/~XTREME%27s~%20eXtreme%20Steps/~XTREME%27s~%20eXtreme%20Steps.png?1235840512 <-My Simfiles
!!!XTR3ME DANCING!!! My Simfile Discussion

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