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Last Activity5.6 months ago (2017-12-31 10:46am)
Last Updated Byusaminseijin
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BannerBanner (45.63KB) 9.3 months ago
JacketJacket (117.66KB) 9.3 months ago
BackgroundBackground (544.84KB) 11.2 months ago
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Single BeginnerDone - Level 9Double BeginnerNone
Single BasicDone - Level 13Double BasicDone - Level 13
Single DifficultDone - Level 15Double DifficultDone - Level 15
Single ExpertDone - Level 18Double ExpertDone - Level 18
Single ChallengeDone - Level 19Double ChallengeDone - Level 19
Single EditNoneDouble EditNone
MP3 QualityPerfect (High Quality)
Banner QualityCustom Made
Background QualityCustom Made
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CommentsUpload Log:

2017-12-31, 10:44: D-Challenge, all charts and audio from arcade data (razorblade), video (tacoface)
2017-10-11, 00:42: updated audio (Damox)
2017-10-02, 09:07: re-added #CDTITLE (usaminseijin)
2017-10-01, 07:39: completed S-Challenge (Quincy Martin)
2017-09-24, 09:17: updated S-Challenge (mf32892) *to almost the jump section
2017-09-17, 18:35: updated S-Challenge (mf32892) (to just after the triplets section)
2017-09-12, 10:00: updated jacket (from DDR A comment page) and banner (retkyy)
2017-09-06, 16:05: D-Challenge fully updated to 880 BPM section, filled in with CUT 1, beyond that (mf32892)
2017-09-01, 20:40: S-Challenge filled in CUT 1 from current knowledge to end of song, fixed 12th note in S-Heavy (mf32892)
2017-08-28, 01:02: S-Challenge filled in CUT 1 from current knowledge to end of song (mf32892), Apologies: the autosave file had the chart but not the .sm for some reason.
2017-08-22, 08:03: D-Challenge (filled in CUT 1 until end of 880 BPM section) (mf32892)
2017-08-18, 08:40: D-Challenge (up to 260 combo) (mf32892)
2017-08-17, 22:10: began D-Challenge up to about 230 notes, with a certain section being on CUT1, no Jumps, no Freezes (mf32892)
2017-08-10, 06:43: added #CDTITLE (usaminseijin)
2017-08-09, 02:02:.updated S-Challenge to about 750k (mf32892)
2017-07-27, 16:58: updated S-Challenge (mf32892) (verbal intel from fungah)
2017-07-23, 13:30: fixed errors in D-Light, updated S-Challenge (mf32892)
2017-07-22, 14:42: updated audio (less announcer and screaming) (daichiikamuzu)
2017-07-22, 14:14: D-Heavy completed, partial S-Challenge (mf32892)
2017-07-17, 09:57: D-Standard, partial D-Heavy (mf32892)
2017-07-16, 04:41: bg (VR0)
2017-07-14. 14:40: banner (ZyeonLucio)
2017-07-14, 12:05: D-Light (mf32892)
2017-07-14, 09:55: completed S-Light (mf32892)
2017-07-14, 12:27: Generic bg (VR0)
2017-07-14, 00:27: updated quantization of ending on S-Heavy (mf32892)
2017-07-13, 23:50: updated S-Light, completed S-Heavy (mf32892) *do note that there is some room for error as the reference video used "rainbow" instead of "Note", updated audio (razorblade), jacket
2017-07-13, 09:46: S-BeginnerStandard, partial S-LightHeavy (mf32892)
Rating8.5★ (Based on 4 ratings)
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faraon573 Avatar
faraon573 CDP COMPLETE???
5.6 months ago · Comment #26

VR0 Avatar
VR0 @tacoface, Are you extract from the euro version?
5.6 months ago · Comment #25

faraon573 Avatar
faraon573 CDP COMPLETE???
5.6 months ago · Comment #24

Zowayix Avatar
Zowayix CDP simfile error: Right before the multiple slowdowns (I, J, K), the steps should be RRRUUURRR-LLUR0-RD-L (where - is a pad transition and 0 is a 4th note gap with no step). One of the P1 Ups is missing and there's an extra gap that shouldn't be there.
8 months ago · Comment #23

faraon573 Avatar
faraon573 como se hace para subir canciones??
8.3 months ago · Comment #22

alphakidz Avatar
alphakidz Endymion CSP full chart revealed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCsub0WgnC8
8.6 months ago · Comment #21

VR0 Avatar
VR0 I need Locked BG (in my beta BG showned, uses the locked jacket)
9.2 months ago · Comment #20

mf32892 Avatar
mf32892 Thank you Dr. D!
9.5 months ago · Comment #19

Dr.D Avatar
Dr.D CDP Cut 1 has complete video and almost 40% of regular chart has been revealed. Video on my channel.
9.5 months ago · Comment #18

mf32892 Avatar
mf32892 Thank you for notifying me of the mistake. It will be fixed shortly @rparty89
9.6 months ago · Comment #17

rparty89 Avatar
rparty89 a 12th note in hard is off.

located at 101.500 sec.

should be 101.545

9.7 months ago · Comment #16

Emdyion Avatar
Emdyion Endymion CSP CUT1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chQ5S_1A7T8
9.8 months ago · Comment #15

daichiikamuzu Avatar
daichiikamuzu Wow! I didn't think the audio file I made would be the one used. Hahaha. I feel proud. Maybe I'll make ones for the other lineouts as well Smile
10 months ago · Comment #14

darkanine Avatar
darkanine Just an opinion, but I definitely think that retkyy's banner is higher quality, better oriented and just looks very cohesive. No offense to ZyeonLucio, but I think it should be the banner used instead.
10.4 months ago · Comment #13

notchristopher Avatar
notchristopher I've done some tests with Audacity, and the announcer can be completely removed with minimal damage to the song (however, the cheering crowd still won't go away). I'm gathering all of FEFEMZ's stream line outs and looking for the cleanest one.
11 months ago · Comment #12

ZyeonLucio Avatar
ZyeonLucio Endymion EDP Full chart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFNw6yDxXt8
(41 minutes in)

11 months ago · Comment #11

pcboy Avatar
pcboy @VR0 Yup, there is no confirmed background right now. I don't think DDRA even has one at this point! Just the dancers! Tongue
11.1 months ago · Comment #10

VR0 Avatar
VR0 Beta BG:

11.2 months ago · Comment #9

retkyy Avatar
retkyy Dang, I literally just made a custom banner for this.


11.3 months ago · Comment #8

BlueSupernova22 Avatar
BlueSupernova22 @ZyeonLucio Yeah Yours is better than my lazy one lol
11.3 months ago · Comment #7

ZyeonLucio Avatar
ZyeonLucio Actually, funnily enough, I had just made a custom banner from the jacket.

11.3 months ago · Comment #6

Dgraham13 Avatar
Dgraham13 I can't wait until we finally get to see what that bg video is supposed to be

11.3 months ago · Comment #5

mf32892 Avatar
mf32892 Already done it, give me a little bit to actually upload it
11.3 months ago · Comment #4

_|/-\43D Avatar
_|/-\43D Here's the full Basic Single chart: https://twitter.com/takblinker/status/885774756598890497
11.3 months ago · Comment #3

mf32892 Avatar
mf32892 Thank you, I'll update it when all the charts are up to date
11.3 months ago · Comment #2

Vexerion Avatar
Vexerion Jacket's available on Remywiki.


11.3 months ago · Comment #1

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