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Last Activity6.2 years ago (2012-04-05 06:51am)
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Single BeginnerDone - Level 2Double BeginnerNone
Single BasicDone - Level 4Double BasicNone
Single DifficultDone - Level 7Double DifficultNone
Single ExpertDone - Level 9Double ExpertNone
Single ChallengeNoneDouble ChallengeDone - Level 10
Single EditNoneDouble EditNone
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评论You may have noticed I don't really make normal simfiles.

This is not a normal simfile. (The same file has been extensively compatibility tested across the distributions of stepmania)

You will NOT understand on the first play. You might even fail.

I assure you the "gimmick" is synced to the beat.

Custom zip because... well... yeah...

Background by Azn_punk_07
thanks man Smile

EDIT: minor sync fixes.
EDIT: ADDED DOUBLE Challenge 11 (final, tried and tested offset is -0.222)
last edit: re-add the warp...


Spoilers ahead.

Technical Mumbo Jumbo:

The beatmaps were drawn in macromedia flash - the source file is within the custom zip.
There are three versions of the animation's script in there.

The BGAnimation.ini for stepmania 3.9/3.9+.
This was a pain to get working, as there is no way to call the current difficulty that returns a
comparable value. But what you CAN do, is take the return value and put it into the StepsMeter()
function to return the number.
So I ended up having to say "if you're playing the 9" rather than "if you're playing hard".
This took FIVE HOURS to figure out.
There are other random nuances in the 3.9 format, such as the inability to concatenate to filenames within the ini -
so I had to make a different layer and conditional for EVERY part of every chart, for both players.
And another problem it took a while to figure out - Player 1 is (1) in 3.9, but (0) in all newer versions of SM.
Why doesn't the ini format support simple math either? And where are the screen size variables?
It's just beyond inconvenience.

The Default.xml for stepmania 3.95/4/OpenITG.
Finally, something I actually know how to fucking use rofl.
Because filenames can be concatenated, I only had to use one set of chart parts per player.
File="@'chart'..GAMESTATE:GetCurrentSteps(PLAYER_1):GetDifficulty()..' 1'"
will load "section one" of the appropriate chart for your difficulty (since they're named like "chart3 1.png")
I also used a lot of numeric soft-coding like "SCREEN_WIDTH" instead of "640", to cater to both widescreen
and 4:3 players. The widescreen fixes carried over to sm5's lua files too.

The Default.lua for stepmania 5 previews 3 and 4.
This was another fun one, but I did get a little stumped with the fact that
returns a string like "Difficulty_Medium" instead of a number like "2",
so at the top of the file I used dummy variables "steps" and "steps2" to capture the difficulties
both players are playing on and turn them into numbers, to be concatenated to the filename smart-loaders.
I'm aware I could have used a for loop to write out most of this code, but by this time I had been up
for 10 hours working on this file and didn't think of it, instead opting to directly port the xml file.
(Didn't take too long in notepad++)
Since SM5 themes can't seem to agree on where they put their lifebars, I ended up making a different file
with the top section cut off to be loaded by the lua file alone.

This file will NOT work in sm-ssc before the version sm5 preview 3, since foreground changes weren't at all implemented.
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TaroNuke Avatar

TaroNuke Avatar
TaroNuke Oh. It's like halfway through the song, doi Tongue
6.6 years ago · Comment #7

Arrows&Beats Avatar
Arrows&Beats This is what I'm seeing: http://i.imgur.com/SsnUc.png
Edit: Whoops, I'll be more patient, then!
Edit 2: Yeah, I got it this time. Cool!

6.6 years ago · Comment #6

TaroNuke Avatar
TaroNuke I suggest trying it in an older version then, it worked just fine in previews 3 and 4 - maybe you have backgrounds turned off?

6.6 years ago · Comment #5

Arrows&Beats Avatar
Arrows&Beats Nah, it doesn't even appear.
6.6 years ago · Comment #4

TaroNuke Avatar
TaroNuke Arrows&Beats, what's wrong with it? It works just fine for me.
It's supposed to be a DJ Max Technika overlay - maybe you're just having trouble reading it?

6.6 years ago · Comment #3

Arrows&Beats Avatar
Arrows&Beats It doesn't work in Stepmania 5 preview 4 either... Sad
6.6 years ago · Comment #2

Telperion Avatar
Telperion You misspelled "Bamboo on Babmboo"
6.6 years ago · Comment #1

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