太鼓の達人+ (iOS) (Japan)

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Not at all news, but I haven't seen this mentioned here.

The app itself is free, and additional song packs are ¥600 each.

Default songlist:
カルメン 組曲一番終曲 (Carmen Prelude) - 3/5/5/7
ディープ・クレンジング (Deep Cleansing) - 5/5/6/7
ボレロ (Bolero) - 2/5/4/7
行進曲「くるみ割り人形」から (The Nutcracker Suite) - 3/5/6 with forked paths/7
ナムコットメドレー (Namcot Medley) - 4/5/5/7
さいたま2000 (Saitama 2000) - 5/7/7/9 with forked paths
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