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Site Rules

1. Important Rules

1a. In no circumstances should a user post any offensive or disruptive content in any threads or posts.

1b. If you are not a staff member, you cannot assume the role of a staff member and therefore assume the power of a staff member for yourself. Staff members will take care of the situation once they are notified.

2. Additional Rules

2a. Please use appropriate avatars and signatures; they should not be offensive or distracting to other users.

2b. Signatures should be kept to a height of no more than 100 pixels. If you have a signature that's over this; you will be told to change it to something smaller otherwise a staff member will do it for you.

2c. Before committing a post, please check your spelling and grammar; there's nothing worse than other users having to figure out what you are trying to say due to bad spelling and grammar.

2d. Also before committing a post, ask yourself the following question: Is the post I am about to submit relevant and adds to the current state of the discussion? If the answer to that question is a No then please reconsider whether to make that post or not otherwise it will be considered as spam and may be deleted.

2e. Be polite to other users, you should not threaten or flame other users. If you have a personal dispute with another user. Please sort it out using private messaging or some other method such as instant messaging.

2f. Please make use of the "Preview Now!" button to ensure the post you are about to make is what you would expect. It is also useful to check whether your BBCode syntax is valid or not.

2g. Please do not post posts only constituting of one word or emoticon, please add to the discussion if you can!

2h. Posting in very old threads is generally not looked upon favourably as any discussions in the threads are likely to have died off. Don't do it.

2i. Please don't state the obvious if it's already dead obvious in the discussion; this clutters up the discussion currently going on.

2j. Please type as you would formally, please use capital i when referring to yourself, use full punctuation and capitals when starting a sentence. Presentation of your posts will contribute to who you are in the forums and will help other users read your posts.

2k. Creating unnecessary drama in the forums or chat for attention seeking and for no other productive reason is strictly prohibited. Doing so will result in a strike to your account. After three strikes your account will be banned.

Users posting posts that do not follow the forum manners to some extent will risk their user rating being docked by other members. Going under -100pts in your user rating can get you banned without warning.

Users may also get banned immediately if their offence is considered to be extremely serious.

The staff member's decision is final.

Site Guide


As you can see, when you have logged in, you will see some various site controls there for you to use.

Log Out: Click this to clear your browser cookie so you will not be remembered as "logged in" next time you visit the site.
Edit User Options: Click this to set your User Options, more on this later.
Friends List: Click to add friends to your PM Friends List so that it appears in the drop down list when you have to send PMs. You must type in the username correctly otherwise the forum cannot find the friend you want to add.
PMs (# New): Click this to go to your Private Messages Panel, # denotes how many new private messages you have got.
My Favourite Forums: Click this to go to your custom made forum index, more on this later.

User Options

Here you can set your personal information and preferences.

User ID: Your unique identification number for this forum.
Username: The username you selected when you signed up.
Password: Leave blank if you do not wish to change your password; otherwise type in the password you would like to set it to twice.
User Level: Your current status in the forums.

First Name: Set your first name.
Last Name: Set your surname.
Hide Name: Check this box if you do not wish for other members to see your real name.
Location: Set your location in the World.

DDR Level: Your DDR level.
Dancer Name: Set your dancer name.
Signature Option: Set which difficulties you want your DDR signature to display.
DDR Signature: Your current live signature.
Generate PNG Image: Use this to generate a PNG version of the DDR signature. (For forums that do not allow dynamic signatures.)
Default DDR Modifiers: Set your default DDR modifiers. (Only utilised in the DDR Score Tracker.)

Single Play Class Rank: Set your SP class rank.
Double Play Class Rank: Set your DP class rank.
DJ Name: Set your DJ name.
IIDX Signature: Your current live signature.
Generate PNG Image: Use this to generate a PNG version of the IIDX signature. (For forums that do not allow dynamic signatures.)

Avatar: Displays your current avatar. This forum requires that you upload your avatar to check whether it is an acceptable size. Click "Upload Avatar" to upload one, locate your image file and then upload the avatar. Your avatar will now be displayed under your name in posts.
Upload Avatar: Upload an avatar from your computer. (JPG/GIF/PNG, 100x100 maximum only.)
Signature: Set your signature to be used in all your posts in the forums.
Homepage: Set your homepage.
Theme: Set your theme.
My Favourite Forums As Default: When set to Yes, My Favourite Forums is shown by default when accessing the forums. When set to No, the full list of forums is shown by default.

E-mail Address: Set your e-mail address.
Hide E-mail Address: Check this box if you do not wish for other members to see your e-mail address.
MSN Instant Messenger: Type in your MSN IM address if you have one.
Yahoo Instant Messenger: Type in your Yahoo IM screen name if you have one.
AOL Instant Messenger: Type in your AIM screen name if you have one.

Edit User Options: Click this button to commit your changes to the database.
View User Details: Click this to view your profile. Your changes will NOT be saved.

Forum Index View

In this view, you can see all categories and all forums in one page. Click a forum name to access that forum. Or click the thread name on the rightmost part to access the latest updated thread. The number of unread posts and threads are indicated by red numbers surrounded with red parenthesis, i.e. (2).

You will find a Mark All Forums As Read link. Use this to mark all the posts as read, ultimately removing all the red text/icons indicating new posts that you have not read yet.

At the bottom of the index, you will find forum statistics as well as users that are currently online. Click on the number of users to go into User Listings.

Forum View

In this view, you can see the 25 latest threads in one page, to access older threads click on the page numbers at the bottom. Click the names of the threads to see the posts.

New Thread: Click this to create a new thread in this forum.
Add To My Favourite Forums: Click this to add this forum to your custom forum index.

If there are new posts in a thread, click the red button to go to the first unread post in that thread.

Thread View

In this view, you can see 25 posts in a thread you have selected from the forum view.
Post New Reply: Click this to add a reply to the thread.
Edit Post/Edit Thread: Click this to edit your post or thread.

Creating New Replies or Threads

In this view, if you are creating a thread, you need to enter a thread name and your content. And as for replies you will need to enter your content.

The emoticons on the left you can use by either typing in their codes (you can see their corresponding code by hovering over one) where you want them to be in your post. If you click one, it will append one to the end of your cursor.

Editing Posts or Threads

In this view, if you are editing your thread, you can change your thread name and thread content. And as for posts you can only change your content.

Private Messages

In here, you have two options: View PM, Send PM.

View PM: Click to view all the PMs you have received. Click on the PM subject to read the contents, the username to view user details, and the other two links to reply to the PM or delete the PM.
Send PM: Click to send PMs to other users. You need to type the recipient username into the top box or select a friend from the drop down list, type in your PM subject and your contents. When you want to send it, just click Send PM.

My Favourite Forums

This is your custom made forum index. This is exactly the same as the forum index except it displays your selected forums only. You add and remove forums from here via the buttons you find when you are in Forum View.
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