jubeat knit (AC) (Japan)

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Post #21 · Posted at 2010-09-23 03:40:36am 4.5 years ago

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They still adopt Engrish.
Thanks to Lord Toon !

Post #22 · Posted at 2010-09-23 03:42:56am 4.5 years ago

Offline hooky
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Post #23 · Posted at 2010-09-23 03:44:48am 4.5 years ago

Online xRGTMx
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How can they fuck up their own company name? Honestly!
I'm the other half of the ZIv Mod Squad, so it seems.

Post #24 · Posted at 2010-09-23 04:01:31am 4.5 years ago

Offline Arctic Wolves
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I wonder if it's a PEVIEW of exciting new typos to come. They truly are GXPERTs.

Post #25 · Posted at 2010-09-23 04:07:17am 4.5 years ago

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Quote: xRGTMx
How can they fuck up their own company name? Honestly!
ZIv Mod Squad
Your guess as to who is who.

Post #26 · Posted at 2010-09-23 10:39:59am 4.5 years ago

Offline seishinbyou
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"Wow, 4 types of corn!"
Okay, but this isn't the first time Konami couldn't spell its own name right


The soundtrack is an all right listen, I guess. I basically use these soundtracks to help with doing better at the songs in the arcade, though.

Post #27 · Posted at 2010-09-27 11:58:03pm 4.5 years ago

Offline al2k4
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jubeat knit APPEND due in Spring 2011 according to am-net.
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