What's the Best Web Site Hoster?

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I've heard of Web site hosters like DreamHost, PowWeb, etc. Do any of you have an opinion as to which is the best one?

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A friend of mine uses freewebs so add that to your list of which to choose from.

I've never managed a freewebs site, but it seems to be rather easy. The only thing is that you'll have a bar of advertising at the very top and it seems like you can't move that around.

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I have a freewebs site:


This site is actually my club's site, take a look around, i did ALL of what you see, and it didn't really take me a while, all i advise is to go through the tutorial.

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I personally like 1&1, really cheap rates and worked flawlessly when I ran Stepmaniafreak. (www.1and1.com)

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I think Site40 (site40.net, but 000webhost.com will get you there also) is pretty good.
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Definatly not Dreamhost.

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Hmm, it seems a bit easier to just get a xanga or myspace (not facebook) and have several hotlinkfiles accounts. Just manage stuff that way.

But I would highly reccomend Freewebs. Very easy to use. But if you want a more advanced domain, you're better off starting a private community.

You might also considering getting your own Wiki page.
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I think Site40 (site40.net, but 000webhost.com will get you there also) is pretty good.

I'd totally recommend this one. I use this.

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Well, I just use 4realhost..
000webhost is also good..

4realhost disk space is 300MB (10GB Bandwidth)
000webhost is space is 250MB

They all have Fantastico installer (Install web applications like Joomla, Wordpress, or the others on the fly so you don't need to upload the file)

(Pardon me for the bump~)

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