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The DDR Research Master Threadtravelsonic 652,659
1.3 weeks ago
Metal DDR Pads In 2015Zander490 13278
1.4 weeks ago
祭deフィーバー!! (Medal)al2k4 0150
1.5 weeks ago
RAM 3rd Album 「N.N.N」ledgam3r1279 1262
1.8 weeks ago
Playing DDR in an apartment?Zowayix 8337
2.2 weeks ago
DDR/Stepmania for AndroidKakao 164,180
2.5 weeks ago
Interesting Little Things in DDRTyTigeriku 2,108162,746
2.6 weeks ago
DDR AC vs. CS Timing Windows?Storm_x8 361,002
2.8 weeks ago
Advice on sharpening timing?CYSYS8993 13415
2.8 weeks ago
What program do BEMANI artists use?CYSYS8993 10377
3.1 weeks ago
Why did some BEMANI crossovers in the older generations of DDR (X to below) are shorter?SokDion 5199
3.2 weeks ago
DDR Extreme Arcade power unit issues McFly 7409
3.2 weeks ago
DDR 2ndMIX OST Bonus DVD subs?NicholasNRG 1132
3.4 weeks ago
Best DDR cab to buy/mod in the UKflunk09 17268
3.5 weeks ago
Bamani PC questionscpubuilder 0125
3.7 weeks ago
Most responsive DDR cabinet?NicholasNRG 31625
1 month ago
Revival songs/remove songsSomethingRandom 691,865
1 month ago
Beatmania IIdx which machines work without E.Amuseburntbreadman 361,591
1.1 months ago
How do I use the bar correctly?thoraway 18560
1.1 months ago
Beatmania Note ChartsNapakane 2159
1.3 months ago
"DDR songs are offsync"PaperSak 281,204
1.4 months ago
The DDR homepad building and softpad modding thread! (HUGE TOPIC)8ftmetalhead 199147,248
1.5 months ago
Are DDR machines starting to disappear?Beaverboys 853,619
1.6 months ago
What licenses would you like to see revived in DDR?hooky 21675
1.7 months ago
Gamecube converter for WiiU that supports dance pads? Ben Speirs 3260
1.9 months ago

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