July, 2011

2011-07-16 · SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH (AC) (Japan)
New BEMANI series testing in Akiba, Tokyo.
Eight more songs to unlock for beatmaniaIIDX18 Resort Anthem and REFLEC BEAT from today.

beatmaniaIIDX18 Resort Anthem
中華急行 / Ryu☆
Thunderbolt / 雷龍
Broken / dj TAKA feat.AiMEE
Sakura Reflection / Ryu☆
Wuv U / kors k
Survival Games / VENUS

Thunderbolt / 雷龍
中華急行 / Ryu☆
reunion / Tatsh
Bad Maniacs / kors k as teranoid
Turii ~Panta rhei~ / Zektbach
Anisakis -somatic mutation type "Forza"- / 朱雀
Second Heaven / Ryu☆
Why did you go away / jun with TAHIRIH
Ver. 1.5 update now live.
Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
Released today!
Location test starts today, please check BEMANIwiki for the latest song list.
Ver 1.5 update coming in mid-July with lots of new songs including unlocks!
Officially announced. Product page open. Questionnaire was available for people to fill in earlier but has been temporarily taken offline for some fixes. Some screenshots and more details have emerged on famitsu.com.
Site updated. "Music & Characters" section updated.
2011-07-05 · pop'n music portable 2 (PSP) (Japan)
According to げーむにゃーす1,0, the game is listed in a magazine with no price or release date yet. Stated to have TRAINING MODE and downloadable songs.
Another location test added.
Location test announced! Runs from July 7th to July 10th.

June, 2011

Eight more songs to unlock for beatmaniaIIDX18 Resort Anthem and REFLEC BEAT from the middle of July.
July wallpaper published.
Taiko no Tatsujin "Donder! Japan Tournament 2011"

Arcade entries taking place from July 15th to August 7th.
Area tournaments taking place from August 20th to September 4th.
Final tournament taking place at September 17th.
Five songs to be added from July 7th.

・Black Rose Apostle
・Doom Noiz 
Product page published. This game will be out this winter.
2011-06-30 · DanceDanceRevolution New Moves (PS3) (Europe)
"DDR KONAMIX Greatest Hits" song pack now available from the PlayStation Store.
Out today!
Out today!
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